Resolved - Pandora Unable to Browse or asking for Authorization Code

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Pandora decided to stop working today. It finally said it needed to be “reauthorized”. I hit the button and brought me to a page that asks for an activation code. But I don’t have an activation code… when I hit “forgot code” or “where to find code”, I get this... 


I forgot my code

If you have forgotten your code, you can retrieve it from the product you are trying to set up. Simply select the Pandora option on your product, and it will give you a code to use on this page.


But no matter where I look on the Sonos app, I don’t see an activation code.  When I hit the authorize button it pulls me through a screen or two within the app but no code found there.  

I also tried to remove the service and re add. And have the same issue… I know this was much easier when I did it forever ago...


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Same here.  All of a sudden.

Same same. Just started having issues tonight. So frustrating

Wait until Pandora fixes the issue. Once the issue is fixed by them, you’ll be able to use Pandora as normal. 

Having the same issue here as well just after I had to update the app.  Sonos is going to hell and I’m ready to chuck my Sonos equipment in the trash.

I'm very confident the issue is Pandora.

They're known more for not caring about repercussions to users than Sonos.

I'll listen to Sirius till Sonos gets Pandora to remove their head from their ass.



Hit me up if you want to sell your Gen1 stuff.

Same here. Just started today, and now Pandora is borked on Sonos. And during quarantine no less! I hope Sonos issues some guidance on this soon.

Pandora has separate servers for Sonos users, so it’s entirely possible that one is down while the other isn’t. 

Same here. I can stream from Pandora to Sonos, by clicking on the bottom right from the Pandora app just like AirPlay, not great but at least it works for the moment. 

This issue just cropped up for me as well. Unbelievable. I found an activation code in the URL, it appears to be passing to Pandora, but Pandora says “activation code not valid”. It doesn’t matter whether resetting anything, trying from my iPhone or computer, or other computers. Way to ruin a Saturday night in quarantine!!

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I’m unable to play Pandora from my Sonos trying using either my iPhone or computer.

Keeps asking for reauthorization, but neither device displays an authcode I can input.  I can log in and play Pandora fine other places including the devices I use to control Sonos.

Same here.  It was working for about an hour and a half, then stopped again.  Now it’s asking for reauthorization same as yours.  No authorization code is available for me either.  Frustrating.


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Thanks to everyone for chiming in on this. I thought I had done something wrong. Honestly both Sonos and Pandora seem to care very little about their user community. Although I have thousands invested in Sonos I would switch in a minute if something better came along. Over the last few years I have been moving my music to Spotify, this may be the time to cut bait with Pandora forever. 

Yep, same here.  Glad I’m not alone.  I don’t like using airplay from Pandora but there it is.  I hope there is an update soon.  Bad timing. Grrrrrrr…...

Just started for me also.  Might be the last straw in the push to Spotify

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Same issue here😡 with Pandora auth code.We also have Apple Music & at least that is working 

So wild - same here! Came here hoping the issue would be resolved. Clearly music is needed when we are all stuck at home - pandora has been funky for the past few weeks w/Sonos 

Same here, very frustrating

If Pandora is working normally on my iPhone direct on the pandora app but won’t connect to sonos app or my sonos speakers how is it a Pandora outage ?

So wild - same here! Came here hoping the issue would be resolved. Clearly music is needed when we are all stuck at home - pandora has been funky for the past few weeks w/Sonos 

Agreed - constantly skipping songs out of no where

OK - I am also having this problem trying to access Pandora from my iPhone Sonos app. Very frustrating.

Amazon Music is just as good.


Note: Pandora uses different servers to feed the Sonos speakers than they do to serve their own application. 

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Just again,  Pandora on Sonos is down. Per real time service status, once it’s back up, it will activate.


Happened to me too. Not sure if it is a Sonos or Pandora issue. Might be the last straw for me with Pandora. 

The issue seems to have struck every SONOS user who has tried to use Pandora.

I just tried to cross-posted in the Pandora Community:


Yep - I’m done with Pandora.  I’ve had more problems integrating it into Sonos than any other service.  I don’t get issues like this with Amazon or Google music.  Good job Pandora.