Is there any way to put a password on your sonos system?

  • 13 February 2013
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Trying to stop everyone logging in and switching the play list, wondering if there is any way to put a password on the system so only those with the code can access the system

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108 replies

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Sonos need to change this so one master controller has main access and can stop others logging on....please do an update so this is an option
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I now put Sonos 1, 3, 5 and connect in most of our house but since most friends know we have sonos, they constantly change music. People are requesting an option to protect their sonos since more than 3 years. Will you finally do something or will you just watch people leaving Sonos for something that has access control? This should have been on your priority list since a long time
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It is an easy fix and people are, simply are, requesting it. Of course the world would be awesome with butterflies everywhere and people respecting your network, but on parties, people drink and won't act as in a perfect world. I totally blame sonos for something nowadays even coffee machines have as  feature. Again, we have guests staying and in the guestroom it's the same network, so even if by inadvertence they play their Pantera in my room at 2 AM, it wouldn't happen if the sonos network would have such a simple and basic feature.
Unfortunately the silence from Sonos is deafening. Not even their technical people have replied to the idea.

The suggestion that I might want to invest in a seven or eight zone system is rapidly disappearing over the horizon. Some open-ness on Sonos's part would go a long way to allaying fears that it is simply another betamax!

I'm sorry but that's just a stupid comment, Sonos is the BIGGEST player in this market (by quite some margin as well), it occupies most of the top ten on Amazon's wireless speaker sales chart, to suggest it's "another Betamax" simply because it doesn't offer password protection is a ridiculous thing to say.

If you don't want Sonos, go and buy a 7 or 8 zone system from a competitor that DOES offer password protection. Good luck with that. The point of these systems is that they are as simple to setup and operate as possible, sticking passwords or PIN codes at every stage does not qualify on that front. I can already imagine the number of "Why does Sonos keep asking me for a password?" threads that would appear on here if they did implement something like this.
Granted this would be a great feature but are you really going to punish sonos for something that you can easily control? If i had friends that were doing that to me i would tell them to stop changing channels or i will lock them out of my network. With no access they have no control, it really is that simple. If they want to go find an empty network jack then i would tell them if they continue they will no longer be allowed over. If you have friends that will not respect your wishes then they really are not friends.
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I have a related question. I have 7 Sonos devices in 3 homes. When I go back and forth between houses I am constantly resetting the controller. Support has told me this is for my own protection, but I do not buy that as others are saying in this thread. There needs to be some form authentication. I would like to be able to select "which Sonos" I want to connect to and then enter a PIN if I am changing from one to another. It would also be nice to be able to have the Sonos Favorites list in you cloud or in the controller so that it can be the same for multiple devices, if desired. Many people who can afford Sonos also have more than one home and what I am suggesting is really needed.
Hello, There isn't a way to set a password or limit accessibility of the Sonos system. If someone has an iOS or Android device and is able to connect to your main network and gone through the setup process with the Sonos application they will have access to the system.
That's a HUGE downside and doesn't make any sense: friends and kids have access to your network and if they find a Sonos device they could get access to this. This is really bad! Why not beeing able to set a password, maybe a general, maybe one for each Sonos item. And if you don't like that idea then just don't set a password.
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For some reason, Sonos does not seem to think this is important. I sure do.
So John suggests that "many" Sonos owners have more than one home? Delusional at best. Play:1 in UK costs 169 pounds, hardly pricing it out of the mass market. Complete and utter garbage spouted in the pursuit of selfish ends. Let the developers work on things that appear to be needed by a large number of people. (Although if your friends think it's funny to override your system, you need to sort them out)
That doens't mean this feature should be forgotten? "Yea, it's not really a hot item on the list, so let's put it on the buttom" No it's a security feature which every other sound system company already has, accept SONOS.
If you don't like this feature, please leave this threat and go find your own issues and post your opinion in them..
Anthony - sell the kid, not the equipment. How come you people can't impose appropriate discipline? Unbelievable. Spoilt brats eh?
If you had read the post correctly, you would see that the initiator in all of this was in fact not my daughter but her boyfriend, so calling my disciplinary skills into account is not the issue here. That would be a discussion for a different time and place, preferably face to face.

What people are asking Sonos to do is not rocket science, as shown by the fact that as Bjorn says, all their competitors are already implementing it. 
Anthony - sell the kid, not the equipment. How come you people can't impose appropriate discipline? Unbelievable. Spoilt brats eh?
Sonos, do something about this please, as this is not acceptable! I am still in the 60 days period that I can return my equipment for a system which is decently secured. This is 2014!
Once I have found an access to a network i fully intend to access it from outside the house at 3am in the morning and repeatedly play very loud music. Now if I could just find out the house and Wjfi access for the Sonos Managing Director I'm sure we could have this sorted in no time at all 🙂
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Hi everyone,

There's an existing Idea thread, or feature request, for this topic. I'm going to merge this thread over there so that we can keep the discussion all in one place. Anyone following this thread will be following that one as well to get any discussion updates or news.

We don't have a password other way to limit who has access to your Sonos system but it's a good suggestion for something to add for the future. The best way to do this currently simply comes down to denying access to your network to those you don't trust. You can setup a separate or guest network to give people you don't want on your Sonos system if your router allows it. There are other ways to setup network access restrictions for devices which can get more complicated.
The simplest way to protect the playlist would be to exchange device IDs, So, the Sonos app (SA) on the mobile etc sends to the Sonos master device (SMD) (eg PLAY:n etc), its ID, and vice versa, as part of the session protocol. In the initial session setup SA would identify itself as by its own internal device number to SMD. SMD accepts SA's ID if the network is secured. All exchanges of commands would require handshake and identification (not actually very difficult!). All requests to modify the playlist, change volume etc from other than SA would be declined or require interaction with the controls of SMD (or for volume any specific device). SMD would poll SA periodically. Sessions would end on formal log off or lack of response to polling within some pre-determined period. Total cost each end between 10kB and 75kB (in one implementation considerably less) if you know what you are doing. AFAICS SA and SMD are the only devices that actually REQUIRE mods.

Go on Sonos. Do it!
how about guest wifi... even the simplest routers have separate guest access... put sonos on the main network, set up separate guest wifi on a different subnet or whatever... really a router settings issue, not a sonos issue... same issues with all other devices, printer, NAS, etc... they work on the network you put them on... should a printer have user assigned access as well...?

I'd like to see admin assigned controller specific services... this way, I can use my spotify account from my phone and my tablet, and the others can use their spotify (or other) accounts from their controller... The worst is when others get on sonos and start messing with your spotify lists, etc from within sonos enviornment...
has there been any movement on this post..... ie is there an easy way to lock down the system for others on the network?
I'm really hoping that my google-fu is bad and that this is STILL not an open issue. A simple pin code for pairing devices to a sonos net... doesn't even need to be user accounts for Pete's sake. Maybe some zones get an additional pin code when first trying to control (like the bedroom, kid's room, etc.). It doesnt' have to be Fort Knox, just enough to deter mild abuse or accidental control.

With 6 zones I'm a bit invested in SONOS and love it, but it's not perfect, and not without its competition. I selfishly want to see SONOS trump the competition so that I don't end up with 6 BetaMax players 🙂
Set the two zones up as separate households.
I'm really hoping that my google-fu is bad and that this is STILL not an open issue. A simple pin code for pairing devices to a sonos net... doesn't even need to be user accounts for Pete's sake. Maybe some zones get an additional pin code when first trying to control (like the bedroom, kid's room, etc.). It doesnt' have to be Fort Knox, just enough to deter mild abuse or accidental control.

With 6 zones I'm a bit invested in SONOS and love it, but it's not perfect, and not without its competition. I selfishly want to see SONOS trump the competition so that I don't end up with 6 BetaMax players :)

I wanted to amend this post with an anecdote of a recent experience. As an IT consultant, I'm in and out of a lot of different environments. Most recently, I was in the home of a CEO of one of my clients setting up a remote workstation. Seems they were having weird issues with their 8 zone SONOS system so I took a moment to look into it. Seems her teenage son and his friends were accessing the SONOS and changing settings, music queues, etc. When she expressed doubt that they could do this, I very effectively demonstrated this shortcoming by taking out my mobile phone, connecting to her SONOS, and piping Country music all over the house. Now, while I needed to be on her WiFi to do this, keep in mind that teenagers in the house are going to be on and know the wifi code, so it follows that their friends will be on the wifi as well. As a partial mitigation to this, I setup a guest wifi in the house with no access to the local subnet, but this still relies on the main wifi password not being used or discovered - a difficult task that anyone with kids can attest to.

So- the need still stands- an integral/optional method to connect to SONOS.
This thread is hilarious. Every concerned message requesting even the most basic form of password, PIN or any other protective feature is countered by answers such as "discipline your children", "get new friends", "hope your job wasn't affected", "get different roommates", "don't share your wifi" and so on.

Sonos is the leader in their field, but providing absolutely zero support for device control protection is just plain crazy. Submitting requests for any such protection is like throwing rocks into a deep pit... satisfying for a bit, but ultimately just a waste of time.

Perhaps someone at Sonos will do a quick web search for "how to add password protection to an application" and things will change. But seeing as this thread is several years old, I'm not going to bet any money on it.

Keep the requests coming, folks! I love reading the responses written in Sonos' defense. 🙂
Anyone connected to your wifi network has full control of your Sonos. Might be ok for some, but the option of password/pin protecting access has been requested many times.

Sonos is a Linux system at heart. In theory it could be used as a vector to attack a local network or be used as a pawn in a botnet. I say in theory - this has not happened - but Sonos and all network appliance makers have to be vigilant. Google 'Brian Krebs ddos' - one of the largest ddos attacks in history was made against him using mostly unsecured internet appliances.

The problem comes when people have the password. that is the real issue, not the security one that was so strongly stated. Security is already blown by giving up the WiFi password, how would it help for Sonos to have one thereafter?
I don't give people my WiFi password in a hurry, and I am personally up to here with passwords and remembering them. I for one would be quite irritated to have one more in my life. My vote therefore is for no change on this count.

That may be fine for you but as you can see from this thread, it is not fine for others. It should most certainly be an option and not forced into the user. If you don't want a password, don't use the feature. Many people share their wifi passwords with friends and family or are in a shared network environment.

Don't confuse the two issues though. The password to access configuration and playlists, and any possible external threat are separate. I'm just requesting some sort of access control to the Sonos. Any possible external security threat should be something that I hope Sonos is mindful of. My point being that if they are unconcerned about access control, they may well be unconcerned with other security issues too.
Do you ever let people on your main network to use a service (maybe printer, file server, TV/movies etc) ? If so are the other devices you password protected or are the other devices etc open to anyone who gains access?

I'm not personally concern or care about Sonos not having authentication, but can accept that some user have legitimate use cases/pov that require password even.

No. No. and No.

There are devices I own that I let people access, like a Fire TV or a tablet, but nobody gets anything but my Guest password for their own devices. There is absolutely no reason for it. And while I can accept that people want a password, I find the vast majority to be either incredibly naïve or incredibly hypocritical if they are worried sick about not trusting someone with the volume on their Sonos, but don't care a whit about them having access to their local LAN. Anyone who can't be trusted to not blast The Barney Song at 2AM is not getting inside my firewall, period.
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Similar problem here, living in a shared house with one joint wifi (owned/controlled by the landlord) so I can't stop my house mates (and their guests) from changing the volume on my music. I think it is very poor from a tech company that after customers have asked for this for years they still don't offer at least an option inside the system for these kind of situations.

Sonos doesn't share their roadmap or pretty much any plans with us (with a couple of exceptions: Apple Music, Spotify integration and Amazon Echo integration, and with all of those, it was pretty much a "when it's done" time frame). They've never been explicit about what will be included in the next software release, or even when it is going to happen, until the point at which they release it, and then tell us what they included. So no, I'm certainly not expecting it in the near future. But who knows, it could be tomorrow.

I'd suggest a baseball bat for your girlfriend's brother. Or change the password on your Wifi, and just don't give it to him.