Sonos App doesn't find existing system.

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There’s not enough data to give you any other than the same advice I’ve given in literally hundreds of other threads. Assign reserved IP addresses to your speakers, and refresh your network. And if that doesn’t work, submit a diagnostic and contact Sonos support. 

Cautiously optimistic but I just tried your solution and my Sonos app connected right away. Thanks! 🍻

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I had switched from my Sonos Conner G2 to my Heos Link G1, and after a couple of weeks of working just fine, it now doesn’t show up on my WiFi’s network just like my Sonos. After searching my NETGEAR nighthawk AX80 router under the WiFi setting I noticed that it was set to the smart option—it automatically selects whichever network has the highest bandwidth not the strongest connection, which selected the 5 rather than the 2.4. So, I’ve changed the settings to where the 2.4 and 5 bands are separate. We will see if this solves the issues. 

SONOS does not work well using WiFi that is constantly changing channels.

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I’m so fed up with this system as well. I’m having the same problem as the original poster.

Submit a diagnostics within 10 minutes of the event and call Sonos support.

On top of what found here - I had this issue (system visible from iPad but not from iPhone app) after switching to a new router. What resolved it is was to disable the router broadcast channel “auto” setting and select a fixed one. Hope this helps.

Since upgrading to the latest version of the Sonos App (and some hardware), my iphone cannot find my system all of the time. Some times it does but most of the time it doesnt. The Sonos App on my laptop (Mac) finds the system all of the time. I have tried everything that has been suggested on this thread with no positive results.


It may be helpful to provide some explanation about why having one device temporarily hardwired to a router might magically ‘fix’ some issues that cannot be fixed via a Wifi connection.


When a wired connection is available, all of the SONOS units except ROAM and MOVE will switch to a private wireless mesh network called SonosNet. SonosNet is designed to provide robust wireless audio support. As you have discovered WiFi can be problematic. Yes, I know that WiFi can usually support phones, pads, TV’s, etc., but these are simple connections. Usually the device simply needs to get out to the Internet. SONOS, on the other hand is very complex because all of the players need to be able to talk to each other and the controlling pad/phone/computer. Network issues will impact SONOS before the other, simpler devices.

In your case there would be some WiFi interference near BEAM.

Anyway, if you can establish a connection using SonosNet, you can update the WiFi SSID and Password without having an actual WiFi connection to the SONOS system. Once the WiFi credentials have been corrected, assuming that the WiFi network is healthy enough, SONOS will switch over to WiFi after all of the wired connections are removed. Give the system a couple minutes to work through the details before and after terminating the wired connection.

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Hi @Konstantin79.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I would like to suggest the following option to possibly get Sonos running on your Google Mesh system.Try calling the manufacturer to seek assistance in getting your Google mesh running on bridge mode/access point mode. This configuration disables the Google Mesh system from Generating their own IP-address individually. Instead, the main router where the main Google Mesh is connected to will be the only networking device to generate and distribute the IP-address. This allows both local communication between devices and internet connectivity. This topic which was created by one of our members here in the community explains in a more in-depth description of situations with morethan 1 router which also includes mesh systems.

I hope this helps.

Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help.


So, what did Sonos support say when you called them?

Echo above frustrations; cannot connect, early adopter of sonos products, 15+ installed base,  I have no sound in the house.  Tried hardwired suggestion it worked for that one sonos product, and that would cut in and out. Using TP Link Deco mesh network.  All other smart house non-Sonos items working.

15 speakers, Sonos boost, Sonos Port…. the Sonos system decided one day to no longer connect. Silence.  
:( including from Sonos support…. it’s my fault (aka my network) while every other device in the house has it figured out….hmmmmm

I made the mistake of deleting my network from the app (not that it would matter, since I upgraded my router and the password changed). I didn’t realize that would disconnect my play ones from my router, and now the S2 app will not “Find System”, the page only refreshes without result only have to click it over and over again.

I pulled one down and hooked it up to ethernet and the app automatically connected to all my play 1’s. Stranger still is that I can stream through the other play 1s elsewhere in the house even though they are NOT connected to my router or ethernet except for the one; How is that possible?

Soon as I disconnect the ethernet, the app locks up back to “Fix it” which uses the same broken tool “Find System”

It’s worked flawlessly for years and now, I have a bunch of paperweights.

Having the exact same problem, tried everything that was suggested, no help, no solution. A horrible experience.

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I'm on Deco S4's in "Router Mode".

Your best bet is to connect Sonos via the Deco WiFi (NOT wired SonosNet).

Once all Sonos Speakers are connected to the Deco SSID make sure your Phones, controllers ONLY connect to same SSID.

I think trying to wire in a Bridge to the Deco is just doomed to failure personally.

I didn't just want Access Point Mesh, I wanted the S4's to take over running our network.

Took a bit of faffing to get Sonos onto the Deco wifi network but once on it's been as stable as SonosNet ever was imho.

Overall I was very weary of introducing a Mesh system into our house but the Deco S4's have been brilliant.

I think trying to wire in a Bridge to the Deco is just doomed to failure personally.

Not a Bridge (obviously, since that’s S1 only), but why exactly is wiring to a LAN port on the primary node doomed to failure?

Such a shame that you waited 25+ years (sic) to join the forum, and then chose to try to resurrect the S1/S2 issue, and litter your post with misinformation. It's really not worth the effort - you might as well leave that to the trolls.

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It doesn't work satisfactorily (for me anyway) but others may have better luck.

Have you got a Deco 4s Mesh?.

I'm only speaking from personal experience.

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Having same issue with my Sonos Connect. I am able to installed everything, and it connects to my network just fine. Then it randomly decides to “Unable to connect to Sonos. Lets fix it!” Today, I started playing music by using the app just fine, and about 15 minutes later I was attempting to change the station, and I got the “Unable to connect to Sonos. Lets Fix it!" message. 

I ended up disconnecting my Sonos connect and put a different media player back on my network, and it didn’t have any issues.

I hope Sonos figures out how to fix this soon.

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Hi @SonosIsGarbage2.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us. 

 Are you having the same issue with the original poster? We also need to know what type of Sonos system and network component that you’re currently using. The reason I ask is because my reply was solely addressed to the original poster based on his Sonos system and network. I would like to know what seems to be the issue? What Sonos devices do you have and what issue/ concern you have that I may help you with.

Please let me know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help out.


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Hi @Konstantin79.

Thanks for the update and immediate response.

I would like to ask and confirm, does everything work now on both Sonos controllers (mobile devices)? I would be morethan happy to send this to our engineering team to take a look into.

Please let me know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help out.


The Deco contains a router, unless switched to bridge mode. A router would divide the local network into two IP subnets. Sonos players and controllers need to be on the same subnet.

EITHER: Put the Deco into bridge (AP) mode

OR: Ensure the Boost is wired to the Deco primary node, and that the phone is always on the Deco WiFi. (As insurance, disable the main router’s WiFi.)

1st; Thank You for the quick reply.

2nd; Observation, the interest & amount of likes & replies, would suggest Sonos needs to deploy a more robust solution.

3rd; After all below gyrations, one iPhone11 can now control Sonos.  No other iPads, iPhones, Sonos desktop app. 




When you connect at least one device to your router with an Ethernet cable, they all are supposed to switch over to SonosNet, at least those that can. 

At that point, you can go in to the controller and enter the new SSID and password for your network, so that all the connected speakers will reconnect to your network now that you’ve changed everything. Once that’s done, removing the Ethernet cable will have everything switch back to your WiFi. 

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My Sonos Connect G2 has been connected to for at least 24 hours since separating the 2.4 and 5.0 bands. I’ve got it connected to the 2.4 band. The only issue I have found with separating the bands are that I can’t control my IOT devices from my phone since my phone was connected to the 5.0 band, which doesn’t affect controlling my connect. So, I’ve switched my phone to the 2.4 band to prevent all these connectivity issues.


Hi I’ve had 2 Sonos Onesfor a few days and am experiencing issues much as described in this thread which is disappointing as its a few years old. Also the same programmer seems responsible for the forum registration screen as after you enter all you info it then says that user name is in use, deletes it all so you can go through it all again. Anyway...

Few questions

  1. I think my Sonos devices are connected to 2ghz wifi but my phone is on 5ghz. Is that a problem.
  2. Does it help to have fixed IP addresses for the SONOS speakers
  3. if i have an amazon echo (quite old) and a SONOS speaker in the same room and say ‘Alexa play radio 4’ which one will listen, or both , or can i change the wake word on the echo dot without changing it on the SONOS.
  4. what is SONOSNET
  5. is there a way of voice controlling which speakers are playing , if say, I just want the kitchen on can I say ‘ specific speake off’ or can I start on just one speaker with a voice command?
  6. Am I right that SONOS speaker with voice control can’t play BBC Radio 4.

If all this info is in a sticky thread , web page for newbies, or help document somewhere please point me in the right direction 




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Hi @Lalin.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us.

I would suggest trying to go through these guides.

  • Here is a guide on how to fix Rooms missing from the Sonos app.
  • Here is also another guide on how to connect Sonos to a new router.
  • Another guide I would like to suggest is cannot connect to Sonos prompt on the Sonos App.
  • I would also suggest connecting one Sonos device to the router to generate Sonos Wifi and then the rest of the Sonos devices should be wireless.
  • Connect the Sonos device first via ethernet cable to the router then plug it into power.
  • Once the Sonos device that you connected to the router has a solid white light, reboot the rest of the wirelessly connected Sonos device. (unplug them from power and plug them back after 10-15 secs)

Please let me know how it goes. Here in the community, we are always here to help.



What router do you have?


As soon as you wire a Sonos component, it creates Sonosnet. It ignores your wifi and provides a far better wireless network. My advice: step over to Sonosnet.


Sorry, by that you mean hard wire one of the speakers to the router via an ethernet cable? OK I’ll give that a go next time it all disappears. Which will probably be after i’ve fixed the IP addresses.😑