Sonos App doesn't find existing system.

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Hi there,


I am so fed up with your buggy systems I can't even describe the level of frustration. I am using the latest version of the app on Android as of now and for no apparent reason the app does not recognize the set up system anymore (my wife's phone and app does and works no problem). I tried to reconnect to the system but says it doesn't find any devices on the network (which obviously isn't true - see screenshot)


I am sitting next to a Sonos One and following instructions on how to reconnect pressing button on the back - but no doesn't find the system sitting right next to it.


I don't want to go through the process of reinstalling the app and setting up the whole system again for the x time - it costs half an hour each time and at the price of your products we should be able to expect that you can employee at least one software engineer and one app developer that can create a better experience than a 10 year old hobby programmer with the attention span of a humming bird could.


Rant = off


Do you have any solutions to offer that are not requiring me to reset the system completely?


Moderator note: We updated this article in October 2023 with new information below.

If you are experiencing this issue and your controller won't connect to you existing Sonos System please have a look at this support article and follow the steps.

If your Sonos app still won’t connect after following the steps in the article, please contact Sonos Customer Care for further help.




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What are you talking about Paul? I. Having the same issue. Why should I have to call anyone besides Sonos that has failed its customer by not creating a compatible system? I've had nothing but problems with this bugged filled, complicated software. Every time I get the courage to attempt to use it, I quit in frustration after wasting too much time, caught in an endless cycle that never resolves the problem.  This is the most non user friendly, complicated junk I've ever used.

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Just have to say…I’ve been in love with your products for like 25+ years and an advocate.  But honestly, since you made this move of versions along with killing all support for previous products, your entire system is a total mess.  What worked beautifully without a hitch for years is now a nightmare.

I say this after breaking down and spending ridiculous amounts rebuying ‘new generation products’ even though the old ones worked great.  Ever since, your entire system is totally flaky - period!  
‘The setup is excruciating and took me hours and many retries to get it going. The new systems can’t manage both wired and wireless even though all devices are on the same network!  
So after tons of frustration, I finally got everything connected and working.  Since that point, twice now, the system loses its setup and the app goes into “I can’t find your devices, so LET’S FIX IT”, and the whole nightmare starts all over again.  Your product and Software team needs to take a serious look in the mirror, acknowledge, and fix the mess.  I guarantee you are losing loyal customers every minute and people who once were advocates would now never recommend your products to a friend. Such a shame!

I am happy to correspond with anyone who wants to get the straight scoop.  Oh and by the way, I’m an IT professional with deep technical capabilities!   So if I can’t get it to work, I pity the average consumer!

Unable to connet to Sonos … this is sooooo annoying. Nearly every time I want to watch TV or listen to music same problem. The suggested solutions are really not customer friendly. Every time I should reset the router, unplug the Sonos speakers, search for equipment, etc etc 
I am pretty sure now I will receive a questions about my setup - it is simple, a simple WiFi router, no mesh, no nothing, And reading throught the list of complains, I would believe it is not an issue of the WiFi, but an issue with the Sonos software.
The Sonos app says “Unable to connect” while some (not all!) speakers are still visible in Apple Music. And that is the main issue and the main annoyance and frustration I experience. Totally unpredictable. sometimes it works, then it does not longer, then - without changing anything - all speakers are back again. Software is really terrible! And the suggested solutions are a total failure and not helpful.

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Thanks for the answer even though just a deflection and nothing to do with the problem at hand - the mesh network couldn't be the problem since the overall system is still working via my partners phone (as described). Just the app on my phone lost the system and wouldn't reconnect. I found a solution that worked: I disconnected the TV from the Sonos Beam (which is 1 of 3 Sonos devices in the house and connected by cable). The moment I disconnected the TV the app was able to reaquire the system that was setup already... I tried following the instructions before with both Sonos One and Beam before doing this without success. Maybe you can share that with the intern responsible for your app as a hint for troubleshooting…

Sorry I know you are working the forum and it's not in your control but please share with the product team so they can make some much needed improvements.

What is going on?!!! Trying to connect existing system to new Google Mesh/Nest Wifi and will not budge. Will not recognise any devices or system. Have tried all the suggestions and to no avail. Have spent thousands on this gear and is useless. Please help with any advice.

I am having the same issue with Move.  I have had Sonos products since generation 1 and the software has always been finicky.  I recently upgraded to a Move and now I am having a severe problem of not recognizing.   I agree completely with others on this string that my frustration is beyond a breaking point.  I can handle an occasional re-boot or doing the basics like restarting a router, etc.  But this major problem of just completely disappearing and not recognizing despite no changes to my system is tough to handle.  I was going to buy one of the new products that just came out but I refuse to spend another penny on Sonos until their software systems improve.

I made the mistake of deleting my network from the app (not that it would matter, since I upgraded my router and the password changed). I didn’t realize that would disconnect my play ones from my router, and now the S2 app will not “Find System”, the page only refreshes without result only have to click it over and over again.

I pulled one down and hooked it up to ethernet and the app automatically connected to all my play 1’s. Stranger still is that I can stream through the other play 1s elsewhere in the house even though they are NOT connected to my router or ethernet except for the one; How is that possible?

Soon as I disconnect the ethernet, the app locks up back to “Fix it” which uses the same broken tool “Find System”

It’s worked flawlessly for years and now, I have a bunch of paperweights.

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Sonos was founded in 2002 ( so you must have been a pretty early customer. Sonos has not killed all support for previous products - older products are still supplied with safety updates (though to be honest Sonos had to be persuaded by a public outcry to keep doing this). There’s just the early Sonos remote that is unsupported. Missed by some, but for most this is easily replaced by a smart phone.

You just can’t mix’n’match S1 and S2 products, but if you do not want to add old products, stay on S1 and you will be fine for some time.

Since you give no facts on you wifi (mesh, access points?) I cannot comment on you problems. Not sure what you mean by the “new systems can’t manage both wired and wireless”. Can you explain - that is if you want any help?

I’m having the exact same issue. Trying to connect to an existing network (play 1 + symfonisk) with my new macbook air. My iPhone and other computers are/have all connected fine. The new computer can connect to the sonos via the Spotify app but not through the actual Sonos app. Sonos app itself just doesn’t see it at all. Unbelievable. Can’t believe how many issues I’ve had with this system throughout my ownership.

I can assure you, the issue isn’t with the Sonos software. It is indeed an issue with the network you have. However, as you’ve expressed an unwillingness to accept solutions, I won’t offer any. 

I have an Amazon DOT that is barely six feet from a SONOS unit. Usually, Alexa figures out which unit is closest to me and should play.

“Reserving” IP addresses results in a much more stable system.

SONOS has been a wireless mesh (SonosNet) system since inception in 2005. Lately, the consumer router manufacturers have started their own mesh products. At one point the SONOS competition was accusing SONOS of being a liar for calling SONOS a “wireless” system because at least one SONOS unit had to be wired. This was such a marketing headache that SONOS finally enabled WiFi (a cheap trick for SONOS) and took the wind out of the competition’s sail. In my opinion, SonosNet is more reliable than WiFi, but at least no one can now claim that SONOS is not wireless. SONOS will automatically switch to SonosNet when one or more units is wired. ROAM and MOVE are WiFi only.

Yes, you can instruct Alexa to play in a specific Room.

I successfully asked Alexa to play BBC 4.

There’s not enough data to give you any other than the same advice I’ve given in literally hundreds of other threads. Assign reserved IP addresses to your speakers, and refresh your network. And if that doesn’t work, submit a diagnostic and contact Sonos support. 

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I’m so fed up with this system as well. I’m having the same problem as the original poster.

Submit a diagnostics within 10 minutes of the event and call Sonos support.

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So far so good. After changing my routers WiFi setting to separate the 2.4 and 5 bands my HEOS Link G1 has been connected all this time. I will connect my Sonos Connect G2 next and test it out. 

Sell your Sonos stock if you have any, their software sucks.  And there customer support can’t make it work


This excellent Hardware deserves better Software.

The Sonos 2 Android App and Sonos PC App both fail to connect to my one simple Sonos Beam 2 device nearly every time I attempt to use them.  Very occasionally, after many attempts to find and re-establish a wifi connection I am able to launch the S2 App.  Both Beam 2 and Android cell phone are on same 2.4 GHz SSID of my mesh system which includes 5 GHz branches as well.  Alexa works every time I call her name and the TV audio via HDMI ARC seems to work reliably, so the BEAM 2, or at least the Amazon Alexa part of the Beam 2 always seem to be reliably connected to my 2.4 GHz Wifi. The SONOS Beam 2 has a manually assigned ip Address in my router.  My router is physically not near the Beam 2 so a hardwired LAN cable is not something I want to do.

It may be helpful to provide some explanation about why having one device temporarily hardwired to a router might magically ‘fix’ some issues that cannot be fixed via a Wifi connection.

It would be helpful if the S2 App would save and show previously made settings for system devices even if the Device cannot be found in this instance and then highlight whichever setting is ‘causing’ a problem.

This excellent Hardware deserves better Software.


I’m having a similar issue with my wife’s phone. My phone, iPad and computer all work fine but her brand new iPhone cannot connect at all. All it does is just spin and says it cannot find the existing system. She’s removed the app several times and still no luck any advise on what to do with her device as there’s obviously nothing wrong with the existing system. 

The Deco contains a router, unless switched to bridge mode. A router would divide the local network into two IP subnets. Sonos players and controllers need to be on the same subnet.

EITHER: Put the Deco into bridge (AP) mode

OR: Ensure the Boost is wired to the Deco primary node, and that the phone is always on the Deco WiFi. (As insurance, disable the main router’s WiFi.)

It sounds like a flaky network to me. Or perhaps an overly complicated/segmented one, which the ‘average consumer’ wouldn’t have but an ‘IT professional’ might.

And, yes, the first Sonos products shipped in January 2005, not 1997 or before.

Have you got a Deco 4s Mesh?.


The fact is that Sonos has mixed results on WiFI meshes (in WiFi mode), for various reasons, and the standard advice if problems occur is to wire Sonos to the primary mesh node. 

The Deco contains a router, unless switched to bridge mode. A router would divide the local network into two IP subnets. Sonos players and controllers need to be on the same subnet.

EITHER: Put the Deco into bridge (AP) mode

OR: Ensure the Boost is wired to the Deco primary node, and that the phone is always on the Deco WiFi. (As insurance, disable the main router’s WiFi.)

1st; Thank You for the quick reply.

2nd; Observation, the interest & amount of likes & replies, would suggest Sonos needs to deploy a more robust solution.

More robust solution? Sonos makes clear in the system requirements that all devices must be on the same subnet. The problem is that many people deploy a WiFi mesh router without knowing what it’s actually doing to their local network.


3rd; After all below gyrations, one iPhone11 can now control Sonos.  No other iPads, iPhones, Sonos desktop app.

What gyrations? Are you saying devices other than the iPhone 11 can’t access the Sonos system? In that case you’d better explain what you’ve done so far.

Once you’ve decided that the issue cannot be [...] or must be [...] it is likely that you will be blindsided. Play the percentages, For this sort of issue the high percentage case you should investigate first is the network.

I am using an Android phone and have been having issues connecting the Sonos App to my system. App cannot find the system and have tried numerous times to uninstall, re log into existing system etc. I can play music from my Spotify app (sometimes by holding the on/off button on the Playbar to initiate connection) but nothing else on the Sonos App itself. 

Tried to send diagnostics to Sonos and even that fails.

No changes to my router etc. 




UPDATE:   Found the Issue………


I had VPN on my phone on.


Thanks Anyway.

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Does it help to have fixed IP addresses for the SONOS speakers

Most definitely yes.



what is SONOSNET

As soon as you wire a Sonos component, it creates Sonosnet. It ignores your wifi and provides a far better wireless network. My advice: step over to Sonosnet.



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I have similar problem , sometimes the app tells me that system is not found and to go through find my system steps , it then gets stuck on finding the system and never does work. 

when I remove the app couple of times from background then it starts to work , but its nor reliable solution at all...