Sonos App doesn't find existing system.

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Since upgrading to the latest version of the Sonos App (and some hardware), my iphone cannot find my system all of the time. Some times it does but most of the time it doesnt. The Sonos App on my laptop (Mac) finds the system all of the time. I have tried everything that has been suggested on this thread with no positive results.

Same here. I have been using Sonos since 2011 and I have had setups much more complicated than the one I have now.


iPhone with S2 app

Beam gen. 1

Sub gen. 2

Ikea Synfonisk gen. 2 (2)

(setup as 5.1)



I have reinstalled everything from scratch multiple times and it works for a couple days then the problem everyone describes comes back to haunt me. I have noticed that turning on the Roam almost instantly breaks the system. Otherwise it seems to happen randomly.

Do something soon Sonos or I’m selling everything and I’m never coming back!



I suggest that you refrain from Factory Reset without further consult. Factory Reset rarely cures fundamental issues, but it might accidentally work around something for a short while.


I was having the same issue with my wife’s iPhone (my phone works fine). Not sure why this setting on her phone changed - but what resolved the issue was going to setting>privacy>Local Network - and flipping the Sonos to “allow” or “on”. 

No issues logging on or with the app connecting after this (so far today). 

On top of what found here - I had this issue (system visible from iPad but not from iPhone app) after switching to a new router. What resolved it is was to disable the router broadcast channel “auto” setting and select a fixed one. Hope this helps.

All my channels are fixed and always have been and I still have the issue. Do you confirm that this solution still works for your system?

I can assure you, the issue isn’t with the Sonos software. It is indeed an issue with the network you have. However, as you’ve expressed an unwillingness to accept solutions, I won’t offer any. 

If you have anything that could help others, please kindly share. I’m totally out of ideas. 🤯

If you’re able to, then you’re a better person than I. My sanity went away years and years ago.

Glad it helped! Networking is such a pain, and Sonos does a great job of exposing every possible issue :)

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I’m going to run a Cat6 line to my garage and see if that fixes the issue. Otherwise, I will have to try to sell this unit or exchange for a WiiM mini streamer. I’ve been thinking of giving one of those a try. 

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Hi @andrewmmccallum.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for bringing this to our attention. I know how confusing it can be that other mobile controller works with Sonos but not your wife’s mobile device. Let me help you out with that.

I would like to recommend the following steps.

  1. Can we try to check (your wife’s iPhone and your Phone) if they are both connected to the same WiFi name. If they are not, please make sure they are connected to the same WIFi name. It may help if we move a little bit closer to a Sonos product while we turn off and turn on the Wifi connectivity on your wife’s iPhone.
  2. Close the mobile data connection on your Wife’s iPhone and restart the mobile device by turning it off and turning it back on. Let’s move a little closer to your Sonos device.
  3. Once your wife’s iPhone is turned back on and you are close to one of your Sonos product, turn on the WiFi connection of your wife’s iPhone (keep mobile data off) and connect to the same WiFi name your phone is connected to.
  4. Open the Sonos App and tap on connect to the existing system.

If the above recommendation does not work, I would like to ask if we can submit a diagnostic from your working Sonos App so we can check what is going on. I would also like to ask if we can provide some details about your network to be able to understand your network layout.

  1. Router make and model.
  2. Modem make and model.
  3. Wifi booster or extender make and model.
  4. Mesh system make and model.
  5. Secondary or tertiary router make and model.
  6. Other devices wired to the router.
  7. Network switch or hub make and model.
  8. Other devices wirelessly connected to the router.

Please let us know if you still have further questions or concerns. Here in the community, everybody can help you out.



I have only 1 sonos unit at this installation, the beam 2.  Would the sonos net be 'talking' to my cell phone over that net or my wifi 2.4ghz?  Is sonosnet necessary for a simple 1 device 'system'?

SonosNet is an option, you could easily just connect your single speaker to the wifi if you so chose.

SonosNet would have the Beam connecting through your router to talk to your phone. Some routers seem to have difficulties switching between data on 2.4Ghz versus 5Ghz connections, so that might be something to check.

Technically, with one speaker and no BRIDGE/BOOST, you’re not actually using SonosNet at all, you’re just directly wired to the router.