I think I've made an expensive mistake.

  • 13 December 2017
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Alexa - what a piece of junk. I'm serious. :@

I ask it to play a group (Cream today) and it will either play one, or if I'm lucky two songs then stop. Or if it does move to a third song it plays rap. Rap for God's sake. The last thing I want to listen to is rap crap.

I asked it to play sixties music today. Two songs and silence.

It has become very obvious to me that the people who program this device do not know what they are doing.

A lot of money for a piece of garbage. Merry Christmas to my wife.... not.

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93 replies


I'd suggest that post your router make and model and I can help you reserve IP addresses, but if you don't want to work with us posters here, you should simply call Sonos.
I finally got things working. I reset both speakers to factory (Hold the button, plug it in, wait for the red/green flashing light). Reinstalled from square one for everything.

Another is that I found a post in the middle of all my research (not sure where it was) stating that Amazon (who's online help sucks - and not just for Sonos and Alexa) and that post stated that Amazon was having problems with tokens (I think that's the term they used) not holding. And that was causing the loss of continued playing of music. So I decided to just wait since I still had plenty of time to return the equipment.

As of a few weeks ago everything is working. I didn't want to come here and announce this since someone gets antsy about marking a post as "Answered" when it's not.

So yes, everything is working. Listening to a football game is as awesome as listening to music.