SONOS ALEXA Integration?

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I have an Amazon account that allows me to buy products from Amazon US as well, where these are available for shipment to India; all my Sonos kit was bought in that fashion over three years.
So a Dot ought to work, regardless of where it is bought. Good to know.
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That should do the trick. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
One other interesting thing I can do, because I have Dots in both countries linked to a single Amazon account, is to make them execute commands in the other country. For example, I use Dots to control lights in Canada, so if I speak the correct command in Brasil it will turn those lights on. It will also allow me to remotely lock and unlock my door in Canada. should I need to allow anyone into the house there while I am away. Of course there are other ways to do this, but it's a novelty. I may have to do some tinkering with all of that when Sonos begins working with Echo/Alexa because I also have Sonos gear in both places. It depends on how Alexa and Sonos will interact. Separating Canada and Brasil into two separate accounts is a possibility, but then I'd lose the global connectivity, lol. And who knows when I might want to annoy the neighbours in Brasil with loud music when I'm away (or scare the hell out of my wife). Annoying your neighbours is a hobby for Brasilians and as a long time gringo resident I like to partake in local activities 🙂.
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

As to the quoted, thank you; but first Sonos has to do what is long awaited!
I have multiple Sonos speakers throughout my home. Will I have to purchase an individual Amazon Echo or Echo dot for each individual Sonos device (connect, bridge, speaker)?
That should do the trick. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

I think there is still a hurdle - getting the necessary app on the phone/computer to set up the Dot. I don't think that is available. Maybe there is workaround, but the app isn't available in the local Apple/Google stores at this time.
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You can use a normal browser (Firefox) to access the Alexa-Echo setup - as long as you have a valid amazon user account
As castalla says, is the same as the Alexa app. If you have a FireTV or the (newish) Amazon app associated with your regular Amazon account, you should have Alexa devices already associated, and available to use for almost all Alexa capabilities and integration, through a perhaps slightly different user experience. Differences are things like: the wake word for a FireTV can not be changed currently, and you need to press the microphone button on the FireTV voice remote instead of just speaking and hand having an echo far-field mic hear you.

@Kumar, @Toolio any insight on using that website from outside the US? I suspect it will work just fine.

You can use a normal browser (Firefox) to access the Alexa-Echo setup - as long as you have a valid amazon user account
I can't say because I don't have the device at this time; but clicking the link and using Safari takes me to the Alexa UK website automatically, and then it works till the point it doesn't because I don't have the device. I do make the progress through the signing in because I have UK as well as US accounts, but it now needs a device to check it to completion.
Why the link takes me to the UK site is a mystery though, considering I have bought things for shipment home in India from both the US and the UK stores in the last five years.
Oops, Google will be announcing the Pixel 2 on Oct. 4th. Guess who will get all the tech press' attention that day? Poor timing, Sonos. 😛
Well, I wouldn't lay the blame on Sonos on that, chicks. I'm pretty sure that the respective PR departments don't share dates frequently.
Google announced Pixel 1 on Oct 4 2016. Speculation in the press lead up was Pixel 2 would announce Oct 4 2017. Do you really think it would take a call from the PR depts for Sonos to figure it out? Otoh maybe they said f it lets do it anyway.
The other option might be a shared announcement, from both companies.
The other option might be a shared announcement, from both companies.

Interesting thought, anything is possible I suppose.
Well, having said that, I'm not sure that the chances are high, but I did want to throw it out as a possibility. As you say, anything is possible.
I have two Play 5s and been keenly waiting for Alexa integration so I don't need to utilise the horrid cable input. Recently had the opportunity to listen to the Google Home Max; that thing sounds sweet. For someone with a degree of hearing loss in one ear I couldn't tell the difference between the Play 5 and the Home Max.

Considering the Home Max is less than the Play 5 looks like I will be ending my relationship with Sonos, selling off my Play 5s and ordering Home Max as soon as they are available.
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Hi Darrenyourston, not sure if you heard, but the Alexa and Sonos integration went live today.
I did not. Ill look into it thanks.
Sigh. doesnt support Spotify and the Alexa device's audio does not come out of the speaker. So I have a great speaker but cant listen to an audiobook. Shame.
Someone needs to read the release announcements.
I did not receive any release announcements via email. Nor did my Sonos app auto update or advise there was an update.
So, i have sonos and echo dot in most rooms. But when i say 'alexa play abc radio 2 in the living room' it still just plays through the dot in the living room, or says living room is not responding - is this something to do with the fact that the dot has the same name as the sonos speaker ir 'living room' - also can't believe that after waiting soooooooo long, still can't use it to play spotify !!!
Yes, the same name can cause a mixup.
I was just about to sell my Alexa (clever kit, but over hyped and bit useless) then the wireless integration comes along. Excellent news. It then transpires i can play the radio and adjust the volume but the integration is fairly useless i would say as alexa doesn't recognise my playlists or music. Please Pull your out finger sonos. If i can access my libraries from my iphone why not via alexa?? Your tech is so great and you would sell more with better integrations i'm sure. Why are we still waiting for audible books vis amazon. Hire some more programmers!