SONOS ALEXA Integration?

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August 2, 2017 - how's it going, Sonos?
August 2, 2017 - how's it going, Sonos?

Read the post above yours. The latest update is that it is being worked on and is on schedule for release in 2017.
Harvey, do you know how long Amazon was working on the Echo before they released it? Are you upset with Apple for coming out with Homepod well over a year after Amazon and Google had their own versions out? Do you have actual stats or inside information that shows how long it takes to do an integration like this, or did you just decide that 1 year should be more than enough? Did you factor in the size of Sonos (and Amazon's) development staff for this project, and how increasing the staff budget could increase the price? You do realize that Sonos integration isn't delayed at all, since they did not promise it at any specific time in 2017, right? Have you concerned the possibility that Amazon could be the reason the integration isn't out yet? Have you considered the possibility that there are marketing reasons to hold off the integration till closer to the Christmas shopping season (as Apple seems to be doing)?

I really wish the integration was here as well. However, I don't think that means we can assume all the relevant facts of the situation, putting higher expectations on Sonos than other companies, and just claim they're being lazy. As well, if you want high quality sound and voice control, there really is no other choice but to wait. Come Christmas there will be choices.
@upstatemike...My home security system is Alexa friendly. I can control the door locks, thermostats, lights, etc. However, I have to tell Alexa which door, which thermostat, which light in which room. Half the time, it wouldn't work or I found myself repeating myself just to get Alexa to work. My phone is always nearby. It takes about 2 seconds to open my phone and get to the Sonos app or home security app. By the time I say "Alexa, ask to change the temperature in the house" followed by another command to specify which specific thermostat followed by another command to set the correct temperature I already have the temp set via the app on my phone. I hope the Sonos integration will be much easier..."Alexa, play Top Hits in the living room" boom it's done. I'm afraid it won't be that easy integration sure the heck isn't!
An interesting apology from Bose, who apparently promised to deliver Alexa integration by a specific date, rather than Sonos' broad "some time in 2017" announcement. Sonos hasn't needed to apologize for Amazon holding up delivery of this API.

The floodgates have now opened, with nearly all manufacturers involved now saying Alexa enabled speakers will start shipping Q4 2017.
You can be certain that Sonos, Bose, Denon, Samsung at the very least, were all involved with Amazon. Small wonder it took a year.
I think they'll avail of the opportunity.

All of them are announcing Alexa-enabled products Q4 2017.

They're all announcing Alexa-enabled products, but very pointedly they are not all guaranteeing reverse compatibility for legacy speakers to be controlled by Amazon echo or dot or Apple & SIRI. I challenged Sonos on this on Alexa integration to have Echo or Dot control legacy speakers and got this reply:

We have not received information from our development team regarding how the implementation will work, however we are looking to have the third party devices work with the entire Sonos range, if possible.

Which is far from the confident assurance that seemed to be out there last year and that other still carry. As I said in my first post, it SEEMS increasingly obvious we're in for a let-down here. It doesn't take a year to sort out an Alexa skill. I still hope I'm wrong and unduly pessimistic.

Sigh. It's not an Alexa skill, it's using a brand new API that took Amazon and its partners a year to develop. All the press releases I've read today specifically mention the use of Dot or Echo. Sonos has demonstrated the capability using Dot. Methinks you're a bit paranoid.
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Hi everyone, there's a lot of interesting discussion going on here and I love the energy you all have around voice control and Alexa. My message from way earlier in this thread is still very much still the case, so I'll quote it here:

Thanks for jumping in everyone. Great answers already. As suggested, I can't really provide any extra details today, but I assure you, we're as excited about this as you are. It is coming. We'll let the world know as soon as there's more to say, and we'll announce here on the community (and elsewhere) if there are any opportunities to help us beta test.

On top of that, I just want to take a moment to make sure everything is clear about a few things. First off, to use voice control with Sonos, you will need to have a device with Alexa built in. We're largely talking about Amazon Echos and Dots here, but you never know what other fun gadgets may work as well, at launch or after it.

Second, once the software is live, it will work with every updated Sonos component. As long as you already have an Alexa-enabled device, you aren't going to need to buy any new hardware to use Alexa with Sonos. Just make sure your players are updated to the latest version of the Sonos software (when Alexa control comes out for Sonos), you will be able to take advantage of the voice commands sent by your Alexa-enabled devices. We're not going to go into the magic right now, but there have been some pretty good ideas here in the thread already.

That's all for now. More to come later, so stay tuned!
Challenge launched. Challenge accepted.

Not that it will stop the silly speculation, but that's a definitive answer if I ever heard one. Now back to our normal programming. Next up, "Will Sonos Be Recording My Bedroon Antics and Play Sade on Queue?" - and is that a bad thing?
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That's all for now. More to come later, so stay tuned!

Thank you, Ryan, for your post. I am excited and anxiously awaiting an announcement.
Huh, hadn't thought of that. I'd assume he means all areas where Amazon has Echo/Alexa supported, as opposed to locations where it isn't. But then again, I'd also assume he's not Amazon, and can't speak officially about where Amazon is active, except by what he's told by them (by some circuitous route).
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Huh, hadn't thought of that. I'd assume he means all areas where Amazon has Echo/Alexa supported, as opposed to locations where it isn't. But then again, I'd also assume he's not Amazon, and can't speak officially about where Amazon is active, except by what he's told by them (by some circuitous route).

That's something we haven't officially announced yet, as far as I'm aware, but Bruce said it well. Figure you'll be safe as long as Alexa is listening in your location, it should be able to control Sonos. You'll find out more when the news goes out.

Glad you're excited too!
You're supposed to tell us when that news will go out.... :)

October 4th...
There's a lot of other threads with basically the same question, although search functions on this forum are suspect. The gist is, they promised to have it out in 2017, and it's not ready yet. Generally speaking, Sonos doesn't post timelines for releases.
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I understand that their our a ton of threads out their about this very subject. I also would have to think that the more threads created about this topic the more aware SONOS will be how ready a lot of their clients are for this technology. Thank you for your reply Bruce. Hope you have a great day!

Where was that stated? I ask because an article on Variety indicates that you'll still issue commands to an Echo.

Oh... I suppose the deal there is, "you talk to the Echo, and an Alexa skill talks to your Sonos over the Internet to make your Sonos do stuff." That feels less like "integration" than having the Echo features built into a new kind of Sonos device. So I don't have to have an Echo. I guess that's the "Sonos will eventually make its own speakers with integrated microphones for voice control." bit.

It was stated in this forum, by a Sonos tech. If the search function was worth a damn, I could link to it. However, it was also implied in the press release when they said:

These new voice capabilities will be delivered in a software update that will work with new and previously purchased Sonos and Alexa-enabled devices such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Fire TV.

Since all "new and previously purchased" Sonos devices do not have line-in, so you can assume a line-in is not necessary. However, at first an Alexa device will be needed, though the CEO has stated that a microphone array with Alexa tech is the next phase.

Also, it is not merely an Alexa skill, it is a full on integration between the two companies.
That feels less like "integration" than having the Echo features built into a new kind of Sonos device. So I don't have to have an Echo. I guess that's the "Sonos will eventually make its own speakers with integrated microphones for voice control." bit.

Built-in Alexa may be on the roadmap of future hardware, but the mics in current-gen Sonos hardware do not have the capabilities of Echo mics. In other words regardless of whether Sonos implemented Alexa Cloud or something into the Sonos firmware the mic wouldnt have the necessary range.

But I already have an Echo/Dot in every room with a Sonos and I do not mind them to be separate. I was actually worried that Sonos would focus on upgrading the mic alone, as you suggest, and require me to upgrade my hardware in order to say "Alexa, play album X in the living room and bedroom" for example. Jgatie's comment speaks to this being a firmware/cloud software upgrade only so that feature would be back compatible.
Glad to help!
...They should be embarrassed that Apple just released a speaker and they haven't even given their loyal customer base a update which allows simple interface with Alexa...

Correction: Apple just announced a new speaker. They haven't released anything and don't plan to until December.
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I'm surprised no one has gone to Sonos and said "help us make the best smart speaker on the market"

Sonos, Sonosnet, et al are the best in the business at multiroom.
There already is some low level integration of Sonos through third party hubs. In that respect, I don't know that it makes much sense for Sonos to build their own for a short term solution.

As for the HomePod, I am sure their are plenty of Apple fans who will get on board no matter what, but there are few disadvantages it has. For one, it's Apple, so it won't work with any other tech if it doesn't have to. The only music service available is Apple Music as far as I can tell. It also has no variety in product. Just one $350 device. You can pair it with another speaker(s) but no mention of stereo pairing or playing different sources in different zones. No ability to play from a line in source or tv. Even as a voice assistant, it is way behind Amazon and Google.

The sound quality is compared to a Play 3, so price wise it's no different than a dot matched to a Play 3, but with less versatility. It will do well because it's Apple, but it could actually bring in more people to the market and increase Sonos sales, rather then decrease it.

But all of us who bought our family these stupid Echo Dots for Xmas are saying WTF. We were told Q1!

No, you weren't told Q1, at least not by Sonos. The official Sonos/Amazon press release clearly stated "The companies will begin rolling out the experience through an invite-only beta test later this year, with general availability in 2017."

No quarter mentioned whatsoever. Any other reportage was a misinterpretation (as I myself misinterpreted), or something which flies in the face of the official press release.
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I do see one major benefit of Sonos over homepod. There are no walled gardens. You can build a playlist from any number of sources. Mixing amazon, NAS, Spotify. Even the Micro SD card in my Blackberry.
An update from the Sonos folks would be appreciated. I love my Sonos equipment, and continue to invest (I have 2 play 5s, 3 play 1s, soundbar, subwoofer, a connect, and a connect amp). As a paying customer whose been told this feature is coming, at least SOME sort of an update would be appropriate.

From 2 days ago:

The Alexa integration already has the highest priority here and the team's working to bring it out with all necessary fires burning under the right seats. While we're not sharing a timeline beyond the promise that it'll be out this year, that doesn't mean it's far out, just that it isn't here yet. We tend not to give timelines but wanted everyone to know this was the direction we're heading, so in this case, the company broke the usual silence and let slip some plans.

As soon as we have any further details to share we'll be letting everyone know.

If you are looking for things like exact dates or specific timelines, you aren't going to get them. Sonos does not schedule by calendar date, they schedule according to testing goals met.
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With Sonos giving out Echo's like Candy today I assume we will see a lot of first time posters here bashing Sonos for working with Amazon to bring us Alexa integration (not in their timeframe wanted).

Poster above doesn't seem to appreciate what Sonos offers so maybe he is better with a Bluetooth speaker. And far superior to about any offering out there when it comes to multiroom (what it is meant for)

P.S. Sonos wireless is far superior to Bluetooth