my roam wont charge

Despite being plugged in and sat on the charging base my roam speaker won’t charge. It’s now flat and unusable. 
I’ve also recently changed broadband providers so I can’t see it on my system either as I can’t add it to the wifi!

where do I start please?!  


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@mscoughlan , today's latest. Call them again.

Mine (2 or 3 years old) was down for days, as it seems it doesn’t like it when I take it off the charger to charge up my airpod case. Obviously, it identifies as a green Roam. 

What finally fixed it was plugging it in to my laptop’s USB dock. 2 USB-C chargers wouldn’t bring it back up, but plugged into the laptop dock it came back w/ 100% battery pretty quick. Odd, but working again. 

1 more option to potentially solve this problem that appears rampant. 


What does the router have to do with the roam charging?  Mine does the same thing. It’s a product issue. 

Which post suggested it had anything to do with a router? Every post in this thread that suggests anything seems to be about the charger, specifically the part that plugs in to the wall, and not the side that the Sonos sits in.