Apple Music - we've run into a problem

  • 17 February 2021
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For some reason, I cannot use the ‘My Music’ function of the Apple Music Service anymore. It displays “We’ve run into a problem. Try again.”


I have deleted the app on all my devices, reinstalled. I’ve deleted the service and reauthorized. I’ve reset my router.


Apple Music works fine. It’s only within the Sonos app that the error occurs.  Please help. Family account if that matters, and both users experience this.


69 replies

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Just switched from Spotify to Apple Music and having this exact same issue when trying to access my playlists, etc. through the Sonos apps.  Keeping this topic fresh in hopes that someone is working on it.  Very frustrating.  FWIW, I used Apple Music before moving to Spotify and did not have these issues back then.

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@ryancarpenter27 No, the problem still exists and Sonos support has not been able to help me. Sonos is blaming the problem on Apple and Apple has insisted there is nothing wrong with my account (and I believe them). There is something wrong with the Sonos software and it is not authenticating correctly. Maybe it will break for enough people and they will have to address it at some point. 

Apple Music includes the iTunes Match functionality. The “My Music” bit on Sonos is to access your Apple Music playlists, etc. I really miss it. 

I take it then it’s not music that you own that you are referring to? As the iTunes Match part of an Apple Music subscription relates to Apple Music ‘leased’ tracks only, whereas the  iTunes Match separate subscription is for tracks you own.. I just mention that in case you were attempting here to play your own ‘purchased/ripped’ tracks on Sonos in ‘My Music’.


No. Within the Apple Music subscription ‘iTunes Match’ is referred to as ‘iCloud Music Library’, and the ‘iCloud Music Library’ is part of the Apple Music subscription model. So yes, it’s perfectly possible to play your own uploaded tracks through Sonos this way.

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Really disappointed no one from Sonos seems willing to help.


I haver the same issue, everything works correctly apart from Albums and Artists on Apple Music on every controller. Tried everything explained above and no fix. Help on this Sonos would be great!

@gravityattracts did you get a solution for this?  This is happening to me and I chatted with Sonos support via text and they couldn’t help


I’m having this same issue and nothing has changed on my network.  
move had nothing but dumb issues like this with Sonos. I have two of their speakers and for me it’s probably going to stop there.  It seems like issue after issue and it’s always someone else’s fault. Kind of a bummer deal for a premium product. 

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@Ken_Griffiths This is a great suggestion, and in fact it was right after I changed my Apple and Sonos accounts from USA to UK that the problem started. So both are now set to UK (after I physically moved to England)

I did try your suggestion of removing the service from Sonos, then logging out of the Apple music app on all my devices. Then setting both up again, Apple first. But that hasn’t worked either. 

The frustrating part for me is that PARTS of Apple Music on Sonos work for me, such as being able to search for and play music. Just not the ‘My Music’ function. I’ve added my partner to my Apple Music family plan and added her account to Sonos, and it works fine  

There is a bug with the Sonos controller. I hope they fix it. 

I’ve had this issue for around 6 months now too, started as soon as I switched back to Apple Music from Tidal.

The problem: For me, the issue is isolated to “Apple Music → My Music → Artists” and “Apple Music → My Music → Albums”. The precise error message is “We’ve run into a problem. Try again.”

SONOS TEAM: this is NOT a wifi issue. This is a software bug that needs to be raised with the appropriate product manager. The fact that Playlists and the Songs are both working perfectly fine makes this glaringly clear to anyone familiar with the Apple Music API that there is bug in the code specific to the Artists and Album routes. This is not an account issue or a broad authentication issue, since every Song in the account can be returned perfectly fine under “Apple Music → My Music → Songs”. Happy to get into more detail with the PM if you want to have them reach out to me.

There’s a few recurring themes and my guess is that they are affecting something in the code for these routes — for example, many of us have changed the country associated with our account. This could be stored incorrectly somewhere and causing an issue.

Really hoping the team at Sonos can step up to the plate and raise this issue to the product manager. It’s really frustrating that this is simply being ignored, as it’s ruining a large part of the Sonos experience for many of us.


While I understand that’s it’s not particularly helpful to resolving the issue, but the interface between Sonos and Apple is not Apple’s API.  Sonos isn’t using any music services API.  They have their own API and music services are required to use the Sonos API, not the other way around. The Sonos hardware simply doesn’t have the resources to use multiple APIs for every music service it works with.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s Apple’s fault.  There could be an issue where the Sonos code isn’t requesting the track listing correctly, though that seems odd that it works for every other track list request for every other music service. I would guess that Apple is returning an error if the country code on the Sonos side doesn’t match the country code it sees for the Apple account.  Makes some sense if the country code restricts what music is available to due contract restrictions.  This could very well be something that Apple doesn’t recognize much as Sonos based requests are not their primary music play requests.  But I am guessing, could be way off.

Either way, Sonos could be looking into it, and trying to work with Apple to fix the problem.  It’s hard to say that you’re working on an issue if you can’t replicate it, don’t know why it’s happening, and likely don’t own the code that needs to be fixed (if it’s a software problem)


@ryancarpenter27 No, the problem still exists and Sonos support has not been able to help me. Sonos is blaming the problem on Apple and Apple has insisted there is nothing wrong with my account (and I believe them). There is something wrong with the Sonos software and it is not authenticating correctly. Maybe it will break for enough people and they will have to address it at some point. 

Sonos is worthless. Worked for less than a year and they made all kinds of excuses why my speaker wouldn’t work.

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I have one speaker plugged into the router with an ethernet cable. Two others are connected via wifi.

Router has been restarted. Speakers have been restarted.

Apple Music service has been deleted and re-added.

To be clear, the problem is not with Apple Music in its entirety. I can search for and play music. It’s only when selecting the ‘My Music’ option that I get the error.


Fresh diagnostics just now 30813835.

@gravityattracts one fix that I do is airplay the regular Apple music app but we shouldn’t have to do that. 


This is 100% a Sonos issue. When picking specific playlists from Apple Music, some generate a we’ve run into a problem message, but not others.

So for example New Music Daily, gives the message, but Future Hits, doesn’t. Yet both playlists work on Apple Music app no problem.

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Hi @Sonos - I have been extraordinarily patient waiting for you to fix this. Can you please post an update on your progress? To reiterate, I have spent lots of time with Apple support and they say this is a Sonos issue.



Hi @Sonos - I have been extraordinarily patient waiting for you to fix this. Can you please post an update on your progress? To reiterate, I have spent lots of time with Apple support and they say this is a Sonos issue.

The issue seems to be down to Apple, as it’s the authority token to share their music services via an Android App that is failing during the setup. It works absolutely fine on all iOS devices (the AM App on the device is used for the authorisation process). It appears Sonos have apparently asked them to fix this from the things I’ve read here in the community.

Apple’s own developers are responsible for the built-in AM service on Sonos anyway, which simply uses the published Sonos API, which is used by every one of the other music services that you see in the Sonos App too.

I too have no problems accessing ‘My Music’ within Apple Music on Sonos; so yes, an Apple account issue can’t be ruled out. In that case it’s best to reach out to Apple Support for assistance.

Same thing happening to me and nothing I do helps. I bought the Sonos One for the very purpose of playing my Apple music. I find it difficult to believe Sonos can’t fix the problem. The item is no more than an expensive radio. Waste of money. Will never purchase a Sonos product again. Product is a con.


Same problem for me too. Can’t get anywhere with Sonos support - one person dropped me after trying lots of different options then the next told me I needed to phone up (as I don’t think she knew anything else to try). I’ve spent all afternoon trying to sort this and I’m not getting anywhere. PLEASE SORT IT OUT SONOS! I was about to upgrade, but looking at other options now…. :( 

I am on this forum because I have the very same issues with Spotify and was considering switching to Apple Music to resolve the problem - because I thought it was a Spotify issue. However, I decided to do a search on connection issues with Apple Music and guess what - low and behold, the very same issues are being experienced by Apple Music users .. so the issue is clearly not Apple or Spotify related but Sonos related. 

I have had these issues with my Sonos for a long time and have had enough of it. Now I can see that it will not be resolved by switching from Spotify to Apple Music or presumably any other music service, I am going to look for Sonos alternatives instead. 

I wonder to what extent these “issues” are deliberate with a view to forcing people to upgrade to S2 from S1. It will now work for me because once bitten twice shy. I will look for a good Sonos alternative. Any ideas on good alternatives from anyone who has jumped ship to resolve? 


I don’t personally normally use either a Spotify or Apple Music subscription, but I seem to see on this forum that the Apple issue was mostly only on an android controller device and that was ‘fixed’ apparently shortly before Christmas by Apple (rather than Sonos).

Anyhow that aside I thought I would try adding the Spotify service to my Sonos App (albeit their free service) and it has installed and plays fine without any issues here. (Screenshots Attached).

I have this issue with the ‘For You’ section in Apple Music.

I can categorically state this is NOT a WiFi issue, because all my speakers are hardwired in via Ethernet. @Sonos get your act together and fix this issue.

And just for good measure, I managed to get a free subscription period to Apple Music - and that has also added to the Sonos App and is working well here. (screenshots attached to show that aswell).

The only issue I see with the Apple service, is I don’t have any local library uploaded via the iTunes App so that section is not populated (obviously). Everything else seems fine however.

same issue here, ever since we started using apple music. “we’ve run into a problem, try again”. all iOS devices and the Windows app controller as well. All apple music can be searched, but My Music does not work. 

One question I would raise is if all theones with the same issue are having a family account as well? i.e. I am the “owner” or parent in our setup, but the apple music subcription is a family sub. and we had issues prior with apps to port the former Spotify playlists. But what happened there was that the “child” apple music accounts work on iOS devices without a hitch, but any other apps cant properly use them. 

So my gut feeling is that is has maybe to do with that...

Well I suppose this thread may no longer be active but thought I would chime in with the same problem, same lack of success with the fixes proposed. The frustrating thing to me is that Sonos is not even acknowledging that there is an issue. At least say you are working on it or don’t care. Clearly this is not some unique wifi interference thing. 

I've been having the same problem. Sonos app says my Apple Music account needs to be reauthorized, but when I click the link, nothing happens. I called Sonos for help but got none. Some sort of software glitch, they said. So my speakers are now useless, as I used them mainly with Apple Music. 

sussed the problem

If you play music from your iPhone through airplay on speakers it then unblocks access through the sonos!!!!