Sonos Arc loud pop then audio loss

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Our two posts crossed - it makes me think perhaps there is an issue with the LPCM format with Atmos, but obviously that’s just a guess on my part, but it seems to be one of the common denominators whenever people report this popping sound. 

I’m living with the CEC-off solution at the moment. The least annoying compromise for me.

I still expect Sonos to acknowledge the issue in an FAQ or disclaimer though. New customers should be warned about the potential problem so that they can make an informed decision. 


I really wonder why this problem occurs with so many different patterns. For me, for example, it doesn't do any good to turn off CEC. I turned it off on the Xbox and the TV and the bang still comes with Dolby Atmos. The only thing that works for me is switching to Dolby Digital 5.1

Have you tried factory reset and not to trueplay?

FYI: now many weeks later since prior posts and this (reset to factory but don’t run Trueplay when setting back up) completely solved the problem with Arc + twin 300s. 

Nutshell version: executed initial setup to the “run Trueplay” step but couldn’t Trueplay for a few hours due to uncontrollable noise in the environment. Enjoyed the speakers for those few hours: they sounded as great as we all expect of Sonos speakers. When the noise ceased, ran Trueplay and the Pop-fest immediately followed (only variable changed was running Trueplay)… not just from ATMOS sources but even Sonos HD Radio and when touching the buttons on top of the Arc. Any source whether simple stereo to ATMOS was popping in a way that made us worry about the speaker. We initially believed it was blown speaker(s).

Reset to factory but bailed on the setup process again at the “set up Trueplay” step. No pops since. No other variables changed (same source, same cables, same kinds of content). CEC is on and ATMOS playback, Dolby playback, Stereo & Mono playback, sounds from the interface (button pushes on Arc) yield NO pops at all. 

Gut says that if we ran Trueplay again, the pops would return… which would be a verifying step if we repeated it and got the same (popping) results. But they play and sound great now and we don’t want to re-stir this pot. 

While only a single instance and thus not ideal from which to draw broad conclusions, those frustrated with no other remedy may want to give this one a try. Given the variety of hardware sources, cables, audio types, etc in play, it seems common ground variables like internal software would be much more likely to be the cause than select implementations of ATMOS, CEC, Dolby MAT, cables, AppleTV, Xbox, et all. Since Trueplay is something most people automatically run soon after pulling these out of their boxes, if it is the cause or plays a role, obviously most/all(?) of the speakers with the problem likely ran Trueplay. 

If it’s everybody else that must change their tech to work with Sonos, it seems this will NEVER get resolved. But if it’s internal software, that could be a bug(s) for Sonos to find & fix. Those willing: test & report. If there is something here, it will give Sonos an area on which to focus and maybe a fix for up to everyone. 

its not trueplay, I have a sonos beam v2 set up with an android device and i get the pop sound randomly.

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This keeps happening to me while playing hellblade on the Xbox series x!


Quite infuriating 

Mine does it when playing day of the tentacle and I navigate out of the game back to the Home Screen. Does it every time so something is triggering it at the same point, presumably when it changes audio signal. Strange thing is my arc says it is receiving Dolby Atmos from the series x all the time. Even when playing a non Atmos game. 

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tl;dr: pop still happens with DV off.

I have disabled Dolby Vision on the TV. The Sony lets you pick settings for the HDMI ports that are essentially EDID settings. Their “VRR” setting disables Dolby Vision. 

I confirmed the pop still happening without DV on my Xbox, also double checking that DV had the red X in the Xbox settings. I didn’t bother to also confirm with the Apple TV. 

I have a Sony as well with the same VRR setting enabled that doesn’t fix the issue. It’s not the Sony TV, it’s the signal coming from either an Xbox Series X and Apple TV when playing Dolby Vision content. Just because the Sony TV isn’t set to Dolby Vision does not prevent the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos signal pass through E-Arc to the Sonos arc or sound system.

I’ve read at least 6 others who have tried this on this site and many others on Reddit who all have set their Apple TV to 4K HDR 60, thus disabling Dolby Vision which solved the issue for Apple TVs. I’ve verified this myself.

With my Xbox Series X, I have to disable all Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos settings to not have the issue with my Sonos System, consisting of the Arc and two Gen 2 Sonos Ones. Which defeats the purpose of why I purchased Sonos in the first place. To play Dolby Atmos content.

Anyone tried the firmware update from today? If there are imrpovements. In the process of getting settled in a new apartment. Just got an LG C2 - but haven’t yet hooked up my arc. And I use Apple TV 4k. At my last apartment with an entry level LG TV I didn’t have any problems.


Just had this problem with my new Beam Gen 2 and Xbox Series X. Never happened before with my Beam Gen 1.

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I run my Xbox Series X without Auto HDR. Also Dolby Vision is disabled because my TV lets you have VRR or Dolby Vision but not both. I run it at 4K60 VRR. 

I have gotten the pop within the last week with Atmos on. I have since turned Atmos back off.


Dolby Vision off is not the solution. 

The Dolby Vision disabled solution only works for Apple TV. With Xbox Series X, both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos must be disabled.

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  1. I disabled CEC on Apple TV and Xbox but left it on on the (Sony 900H) TV so that I could control Arc volume. 
  2. I unplugged everything and plugged it back in after a bit. 
  3. I turned back on Apple TV CEC, followed by Apple TV Atmos, followed by Xbox Atmos. I left Xbox CEC off. 

No pop in the last four days, including both Apple TV and Xbox usage. It sucks not having Xbox CEC (used to be that I didn’t need the TV remote at all), but it’s a price I’m willing to pay and I don’t want to risk the pop coming back after the bad times over the last two years. I’m really hoping that Sonos is paying attention and eventually giving everybody an official statement on the cause and resolution of the pop. 

Does it matter if I unplug the TV from behind the TV vs unplugging it at the wall receptacle? It seems like I loose certain TV settings and Bravia Sync settings when unplugging from the back of the TV. I may be loosing my mind but it seems different. Thanks as always. 

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@ProfessorFrag i have no issue when my Xbox series X outputting 4k 60hz VRR with atmos sound . The only time happens is when outputting 4k120hz VRR with atmos sound . I have switched a couple HDMI cable but still the same . I also notice when playing in 4k120hz VRR Amy tv screen will occasionally has some white artifacts flashing on the screen but once I switched back to 4k60hz then everything is normal . My TV is Sony A90J Oled and yes it does support 4k120hz mode. PS5 runs absolutely fine tho in 120hz VRR

Yup! You can also go into the Sonos App, System, About My System when listening to Atmos if you have a Dolby MAT source (Apple TV, Xbox, soon PS5). 

If it just says Atmos, you’re good. If it says Atmos (DD+), it’s being downgraded. 

I notice with eARC set to Auto that anything non Atmos (aka LPCM) sounds very soft. I really have to raise the volume to get it to sound like DD+

I heard little tiny pops with eARC turned on as well…so I turned it off as I’d like to avoid hearing this huge popping noise which I wasn’t even aware of until I read this thread (but I’ve always had eARC off so maybe that’s why?)

With that being said, I do all my watching on an Apple TV 4K. I notice with eARC set to Auto it shows Atmos and with eARC set to Off it shows Atmos (DD+).

1. Is it true that all the Atmos content through the Apple TV 4K only plays in Atmos (DD+)? If true, I may just leave eARC off since I get Atmos (DD+) and for all non Atmos content I get DD+ (which sounds better than LPCM). 

2. Is it possible to get Atmos from the Apple TV 4K? Or only when streaming from a 4KUHD player?


Thanks again for your assistance. 


Moderator edit: sectioned questions already answered here:


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Hi Simon, 

my diagnostic report reference is 954465062

thank you

Great to hear this has finally been resolved. Too bad it required media coverage to even get Sonos to acknowledge and work on the issue for what is ostensibly a premium product. 

Since I last posted in this thread (and got the bizarre runaround from everyone’s favorite Sonos fan/customer support volunteer) I’ve sold all of my Sonos equipment. I hope everyone has a positive experience going forward worthy of their $$$, but the company isn’t the same No-BS Audio Appliance manufacturer that it used to be. 

I’ve email the CEO Patrick Spence about this and one of the senior technicians is looking at it. I e sent them a video of the loud pop so hopefully will get somewhere with it. 

Good you could catch a video about it … it is so remote that it is hard to reproduce. Quite startling when it happens.

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I have experienced the exact same issue as described by the original poster while using my xbox series X

To clarify there was one loud pop prior to the audio loss.


Diagnostics submitted, 496314429.

I am concerned that the ARC may have been damaged.


Kind Regards,




@kevinomiconomics For future reference: what model TV are you experiencing this with?

It’s occurring with a Sony X900H.

Sure would be nice to hear an official statement from Sonos on this.  It’s the bare minimum that I would expect from such a high end audio product

We all know these boards are monitored, so the fact that people continue to have problems with so Sonos intervention or guidance is really sad.  The problem will not go away on its own

I have about $2k worth of SONOS equipment and things like this thread have me seriously reconsidering investing anymore. There’s practically no acknowledgment of a reproducible issue occurring with a range of (very common) hardware: Apple TV, XBOX Series X/S, Sony X900H, LG C1.


The Arc sure sounds nice, but defeats a lot of the purpose of owning one if the solution is “turn off Atmos”, seeing how as it’s one of the main reasons why I purchased one.

Forgot to mention this, but yes I was watching content through my Apple TV 4K. 

It happens about every time I start up Atmos/Dolby Vision content. Just happened with the Tragedy of MacBeth a few min in.

Diagnostic 1298467104

Sonos Arc

TV is Sony X900H

Source is Apple Tv 4k

Using newer belkin cables for both the apple tv and Arc. 

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Came across something interesting on Reddit


In this post the user has the same issue discussed many times in this forum, however making changes to the video setting seems to have fixed his issues.


Wondering if this is a Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos combination thing?  I know for me I get this issue on the Xbox series X and have both activated all the time.  I don’t get this on the Apple TV because I match dynamic range settings

What are others experiences??



This is exactly correct. As soon as I disable Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos works perfectly without any popping, as soon as I enable Dolby Vision on Apple TV, pop within 7min, every time. Hard reset repeat, always occurs. I was a QA Tester for Sony, and this what would be classed as an “A” Bug. It is reproducible. And it always initially occurs with an Xbox Series X. Prior to last week, when I got an Xbox Series X, I had zero issues with my Apple TV no matter what the setting or content. As soon as the Xbox Series X was played with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, this error occured. After which, the Apple TV 4K began to have issues and is now permanently having issues. So Brian, this IS a Sonos issue, as once the error has occurred from initial Xbox Series X connection, now any Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos combined from any source, Sonos Arc can no longer function properly.

I tried the “disable Dolby Vision” on Apple TV and still had the pop occur when playing Atmos yesterday

What setting did you put for your Apple TV? Did you set the video setting to HDR 60Hz? And when playing the content from Apple TV does the content have Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos as the source that’s playing when the popping occurs?

also how did your error initially come about? Was it from connecting an Xbox Series X? And then you had issues with your Apple TV 4K? When I’m playing Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos content with both enabled, the popping occurs every time within 12 min. I should have clarified when I set the video setting on Apple TV to HDR 60Hz, I am able to play the same content with Dolby Atmos registering on the app, with zero issues.

For me. The popping audio loss error only occurs with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos content. When Apple TV is set to Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos auto. 

Also when Xbox Series X Dolby Vision setting is off, I am able to play Xbox Series X with zero issues for hours.




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Apparently Sony dropped a beta update today for the PS5 to enable Dolby Atmos for games. Anyone have access to the beta and has been able to test if the popping issue is prevalent on the PS5? 

Will definitely try once I have access to the beta. PS5 doesn’t have Dolby Vision (should that be involved in the Dolby Atmos pop), but will be eager to test regardless. 

I believe they’re using Atmos to power their 3D Audio. If it’s not MAT format we won’t see any issues. I’m hoping for the best because I’d love to use my PS5 with Atmos when Spider-Man 2 arrives

Apparently Sony dropped a beta update today for the PS5 to enable Dolby Atmos for games. Anyone have access to the beta and has been able to test if the popping issue is prevalent on the PS5? 

Will definitely try once I have access to the beta. PS5 doesn’t have Dolby Vision (should that be involved in the Dolby Atmos pop), but will be eager to test regardless. 

I believe they’re using Atmos to power their 3D Audio. If it’s not MAT format we won’t see any issues. I’m hoping for the best because I’d love to use my PS5 with Atmos when Spider-Man 2 arrives



Just experienced this exact issue on my Arc while streaming from an external device. Loud startling pop, audio cuts out. After disconnecting power and reconnecting, audio did come back.

My unit is less than 2 weeks old, so I can say the hardware does not appear to be updated. I’m definitely concerned about this issue coming up again as it did for @Derry Brewer  and the damage it could cause to the sound bar and audio quality.

I concur with the previous post, this is extremely disappointing. After spending $1500 on the arc + sub, I should not have to be waiting with concern for this issue to happen again. This is my first Sonos product, so I can’t speak for other ones, but I’m not impressed and can’t see getting another Sonos product after this type of failure. 



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The same has been happening to me about 8 to 12 times over the last couple of months. The first two times it happened I thought one of my devices had exploded in my living room.

I would add some more aspects to this:

  • I’m not using an Xbox, it happens for me while using my Windows 10 Gaming PC which is configured for Dolby Atmos (showing as Multichannel PCM 7.1 on Sonos). It happens both in-game (5.1 or 7.1) and when using YouTube (Stereo).
  • I think it has happened once with my Apple TV 4K (not 100% sure though).
  • Most of the time the loud noise came from the Sonos Arc, but once it came from my right surround which is a Sonos One. Felt like someone fired a gun next to my head. :-(
  • When I do nothing it recovers after a few minutes but usually happens again shortly after.  

It happened twice on Monday, I took diagnostics 538921711 and 889378457 immediatly after that. Power cycled the Arc after the second time and it didn’t happen again after that.

I will also open a support case, just wanted to add this to the discussion.

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Hi @Logan G, Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the community. Sorry to know that you have the same issue with @Derry Brewer. So that we can check if we can see anything wrong with your Sonos system, please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. This way we can identify the cause of this issue and provide feedback. If we can’t detect the issue, then we’ll take it further. 

Please, feel free to let me know if you require any further information. We’re always here to help

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I’ve email the CEO Patrick Spence about this and one of the senior technicians is looking at it. I e sent them a video of the loud pop so hopefully will get somewhere with it. 

Way to go! Hopefully you’ll get a response and all of us suffering from this bug will get a fix. So incredibly annoying.