Sonos Arc loud pop then audio loss

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Interesting point actually, not a scientific test but the pop did not occur until I switched to Monoprice cables. 

Changing the cables will refresh the CEC settings so it’s possible that this tripped the same issues that we have talked about in this thread 

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I experienced this issue last Friday for the first time since owning the Arc watching Shang-Chi on Disney+ on an Apple TV 4K – Atmos enabled.

Attempted Snowpiercer on Netflix, same result after about 8 minutes.

After upgrading to 13.4 last night; let both run through as I worked downstairs and checked periodically to see if the audio had dropped. After a full viewing on both, no issue.

Not sure if 13.4 fixed the issue from Apple TV but it did get me digging further. Not sure if it’s been mentioned in this thread already but the common factor between Atmos on Apple TV and Xbox Series X is that they both use Dolby MAT.

(After that first failure, I tried my TV’s native Disney+ app and a Ultra HD Blu-Ray, both worked without failure, which are DD+ and Dolby TrueHD, respectively). 

That’s interesting about Dolby MAT, and whether 13.4 might have fixed it for Apple TV.

I’ve ruined any chance of being able to confirm that as last night I added a Dr HDMI 4K between the Apple TV and my Sony TV and updated both Sonos and the Apple TV. No chance of a baseline now!

Fingers crossed I’ve had the last “pop”.

With an air of false confidence I took out the Dr HDMI shortly after this post and have had almost a month of no issues at all (with a lot of atmos content being watched).

Until watching Hawkeye last night when I got the pop at the usual approx. 7 minute mark (unusually I got a pop and then a second pop shortly after when the video was paused. That was a new thing).

I tried playing music straight away and that played without a problem, switching back to TV then had all sound playing normally and for the rest of the episode.

I think the Apple TV box had updated so I’m unsure whether some working combination has been updated out.

I’m going to switch to the Apple TV app on my TV until this is sorted as it’s just frustrating and I’m unsure what damage is being done to the Arc each time….


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Hello all. Been having this issue for some time. Contacted support and they offered me a new arc, but this has to be a bigger issue. I tried the auto hdr. It worked for quite a few days. The popping now all the sudden started again. Curious if anyone else's started popping with the hdr fix?

Hi. I’ve only had it happen once but it was so loud I though something had exploded, that was a few weeks back and I’ve been in and out of auto hdr games. But after using it a while since I am now more convinced something is degraded quality wise on the ARC because of that issue, so it’s good to know you were offered a replacement, will have to make contact with support.

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I can confirm that I switched off Dolby vision 2 weeks ago. I haven't had a single issue since with Atmos. Just wanted everyone to know!

Haven’t had time to test this myself, but it would explain why we’ve had no reports from people with Samsung TVs. Samsungs can’t do Dolby Vision! Newer Sonys and LGs can.

Sophie’s Choice: do you kill Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos? Ouch. 

Glad to find this thread, now following. I’ve had the pop issue with a Sonos Arc / Apple TV 4K for about a year now. I happens randomly and it’s very disappointing. More disappointing this thread is so extensive and the issues is unresolved 

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I made a comment here 4 days ago. I reached out to support (case no. 03802500), rebooted my system and was told most chances it won’t recur.

And here I am again… However, no rep to help me out this time.. New diagnostic # 514444573



Xbox Series S connected to LG C1 connected to Arc. I guess I am not alone in this. Had this happen months ago, I thought one of my kids smashed the wall with something. I forgot about it, and just as I was watching a show on the Xbox Series S, heard the pop. Looking through all the posts, looks like a lot of people are having this issue with a Xbox connected. I don’t think the quality degraded or any damage to speakers. Of course it will be in my head that they are damaged now. Hoping someone comes with a solution someday!

OK, sorry a lot to unpack.  Same thing happened to me with Apple TV on a Vizio OLED 65 inch.  Who do I call or what do I do.  My diagnostic was sent my confirmation is 1189733447.  This is a fairly expensive item to have this happen,  I have noticed I am limited to how load I can set the arc now before it goes down in volume and a orange light appears.  Also sound quality has taken a dive for sure.  Didn’t know if that has also been happening.  



I have the same loud pop issue with Arc, Sub, AMP (for surround speakers), Sony TV X91J and Apple 4K (2nd Gen).   The loud pop only happens in Atmos mode.  If I set Apple TV to change format to Dolby 5.1 then the loud pop doesn’t happen.  I’m wondering if anyone has heard from Sonos regarding solutions or possible ETA for fix.

Same issue here. 

Loud pop and complete loss of audio on my Sonos Arc within a streaming session on my Xbox Series X. 

LG OLED TV from 2020 with eARC.

Diagnostic number: 1635222821

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It’s Friday night and I figured I would test with an Atmos music playlist. HDMI3/ARC set to “Standard” and eARC “on” streaming from an Apple TV on HDMI2/HDMI2.0. 

I triggered the pop in fewer than ten minutes. :(

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I turned Dolby Vision off on the Apple TV and left Atmos on, no issues so far. Any loss of Dolby Vision enhancements are not that apparent to me.

I appreciate Atmos and sacrificing Dolby Vision was not a big trade off for me. 

I think this solved my Issue!? We will see 

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Folks over on Reddit are already reporting getting the new 15.10 update, which includes the fix.  I’m cautiously optimistic but would love to hear from anyone else who had the issue consistently if they’ve gotten the new update and what their experience with it has been. 


It’s Friday night and I figured I would test with an Atmos music playlist. HDMI3/ARC set to “Standard” and eARC “on” streaming from an Apple TV. 

I triggered the pop in fewer than ten minutes. :(

Was that whilst using the default uncompressed LPCM codec? If so, then maybe try the ATV audio settings set to compressed DD+ (Atmos) audio-output instead and then try DD5.1 and perhaps try to establish if it’s down to a particular audio codec from the Apple TV. 

If a particular codec can be identified as the culprit, you can at least set it aside and never have to hear the popping sound ever again.

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I have a 2022 Samsung S95B which like you mentioned does not support Dolby Vision but as I posted a couple pages back, had the issue occur with this setup on the first game I tried with it on the Series X after hooking up my Arc. 
I do have HDR10 enabled but even without Dolby Vision support it still occurs on my Samsung so I don’t think it’s linked to that, at least not exclusively. 

Thanks for the data point. I clearly overlooked you (and maybe others)! I guess LGs and Sonys are just disproportionally popular with Sonos owners. I had the impression those were the only brands represented in our thread. 

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I turned Dolby Vision off on the Apple TV and left Atmos on, no issues so far. Any loss of Dolby Vision enhancements are not that apparent to me.

I appreciate Atmos and sacrificing Dolby Vision was not a big trade off for me. 

Could you please explain how you turned Dolby Vision off on the Apple TV. I have mine set to 4K SDR 60Hz with both Match Dynamic Range and Match Frame Rate set to on. It is my understanding at those settings that the Apple TV will match whatever is thrown at it including Dolby Vision. In other words, at that setting, if a movie broadcast in Dolby Vision the Apple TV will match and play it in Dolby Vision. How could I eliminate the Dolby Vision so the ATV will not broadcast in it? Thanks for your help  


I’m having the exact same issues described in this thread - loud short and sharp bang followed by loss of audio. I have an Arc, Sub Gen 3, and two One SL’s as surrounds. It has happened for me a number of times over about a year, but only when using an Xbox (currently Series X, but also happened on Xbox One S previously). I have an LG TV (CX55) connected through eARC connection to the Arc. Is there a fix or workaround for this yet? Also is there a way to accurately run a diagnostic test to ensure that no damage has been caused to the Arc’s speakers etc? Thanks for your help 

Same problem here; system is less than two months old. Loud popping noise started a couple of weeks ago, only occurrs when XBOX Series X is in use. So far I have not had the issue using any other source. What seems to trigger the issue in my case is switching between apps on the XBOX (from a game to spotify then back to the game or when switrching to the youtube app on the Xbox).   

Diagnostic report 945832635 


TV: 2021 LG G1

Sonos Arc / Sonos Sub (Gen3) / One SL’s (Gen 2 x2)

XBOX Series X. 

HDMI 2.1 Certified cables on all devices.

Same problem here, loud pop noise.

Sonos Arc, Xbox series X and LG G1.

Diagnostic 1668529943


Everything has been updated to their last SW. This is so annoying…

Sono team, can you please let me know if I can do something?



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Sorry to hear you’re affected. The workarounds that work for some: try turning off CEC or Dolby Vision. If that doesn’t work, you have to turn off Atmos. 

Sonos says that Sonos Pop does not harm the speakers.

Hi, my Arc is doing the same.


connected to Xbox series X it does that pop then no more sound thing since the very beginning.


here is my diagnostic : 1513982617


last time I unpowered it and it came back. 

am gonna try to do it once again.


I should just add that with Linear PCM switched off, that whilst using DD+ or DD 5.1 codecs, you don’t need to have eARC enabled on the TV either, so you may want to try that both enabled & disabled with those codecs too, just to perhaps see what difference that may make (if any)? 

This just happened to me and it was scary! 
can anyone help?

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tl;dr: pop still happens with DV off.

I have disabled Dolby Vision on the TV. The Sony lets you pick settings for the HDMI ports that are essentially EDID settings. Their “VRR” setting disables Dolby Vision. 

I confirmed the pop still happening without DV on my Xbox, also double checking that DV had the red X in the Xbox settings. I didn’t bother to also confirm with the Apple TV. 

Just experienced two pops today for the first time, have had my Arc+One+OneSL for a few years. I thought it was a bird hitting the window until the second one.

The biggest change, recently moved to an LG C3 from a Samsung Q9FN. Since getting the C3 we used the webos apps, but I realized this week a bunch of the LG streaming apps don't offer Atmos but on Xbox they do. Started using Xbox Series X again, got two pops today, both while navigating around.

Definitely had Atmos working on the 2018 Samsung at times (not earc or full hdmi 2.1) so it seems to be some combo of the earc/LG, Xbox, and Sonos for me, and potentially while pressing universal remote buttons to navigate UI.