Sonos Beam and Bose QC headphones in Samsung TV

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Thanks MikeV. Sonos Team, Here is my diagnostics report: 1966860244

Sonos Beam via HDMI-ARC port
Bose QC35 Headphones
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Not that this should be hard for Sonos to reproduce, but it might help to have some diagnostic reports from your systems. If you could submit a diagnostic report after switching your TV's audio output and having Sonos take it back, then post the confirmation number here, I'll point a Sonos employee this way so they can dig into what's going on here.

Here's my diagnostic: 364484165

Samsung UN55KS800D TV
Sonos Beam via HDMI
Bose SoundLink Bluetooth headphones connected to TV

I make no guarantees that there will be a fix... this could just be how HDMI-CEC functions with regards to external audio devices... but I would think that if you switch away, it should honor that until you switch back.
I have the exact issue with LG OLED65C7P with SONOS Beam via HDMI-ARC and Bose QC Bluetooth Headphones.

I paired the headphones to TV, but when I switch the audio output on the TV to "LG Soundsync / Bluetooth", the Bluetooth Headphones work momentarily (3 seconds), then automatically switches back to the Beam on HDMI-ARC. The Bose Headphones still show connected but Beam steals the audio back.

There is a workaround, by going to Settings, Sound, Sound Out, and turning off "Simplink (HDMI-CEC), but this is a pain to do every time I want to use the headphones. You have to re-enable this setting to use Beam again.

Any ideas?
Also very interested in this. Any update?