Sonos Arc audio keeps cutting out.

I have a sonos ARC and sound keeps cutting out for 1-2 seconds and then picks back up. My sonos was fine for about 1 week after purchasing but now the sound will cut out periodically. Here is my diagnostics number 103248445. How can I fix this issue?

Ken_Griffiths 6 months ago

Same here. Very aggravating. Diagnostic report 490235596. 

This used to be an issue with some TV’s, particularly with Samsung and connected sound systems using HDMI-ARC/eARC, where other connected peripherals like Apple TV (as an example) tried to steal the CEC focus.

So maybe try disabling CEC on any other connected devices and then power off all for a few minutes to setup the handshake again and see if that perhaps solves the matter.

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First thing I'd do is change the HDMI cable.  It's the only thing in both the HDMI-ARC and optical path.

I agree, this cannot be the fix.  My cables are buried in a wall.  No way I should pay $800 for something that requires me to unplug and plug back in.   Please provide a software fix.




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Sonosnproducts do seem to be quite sensitive to wireless interference and drop outs can occur. It's advised to run an Ethernet cable into the Sonos arc/playbar/beam to avoid any drop outs 

That may be true, but these drop outs have nothing to do with wireless interference, thats just a lame excuse from Sonos to pass the blame.

My dropouts occur at points where I know its not got anything to do with wireless interference, and besides, the ARC is connected via eARC connection, so audio should pass fine, internet drops/interference should not effect a wired connection from tv to sonos arc.



Sub, Arc, One surrounds, Apple TV 4K, LG Nanocell


Based on my tests, I get a lot of audio issues - cutting out, complete audio loss for long periods and losing Arc audio to the surrounds - but only on Netflix played via the Apple TV box

Any other source that is not Netflix via Apple TV box - doesn’t even matter if it’s Dolby Atmos or not - plays perfectly. Disney+, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ material played thru Apple TV 4K are fine. Even using the smart TV‘s Netflix app has no problem whatsoever.


 Check it out. I believe the Netflix app doesn’t play nice on an Apple TV. 

Don’t know why I can’t edit my own post but here’s an update: I deleted and reinstalled the Netflix app on my Apple TV and playing Lost in Space for 30 minutes now with zero problems. When I had issues, they occurred every 20 seconds or so. Everything working perfectly right now, Lost in Space coming thru in full Dolby Atmos glory. Hope this helps others. 

I won’t be buying Sonos again. Spent so much money on kit and my arc keeps cutting out


 Samsung and Sonos firmware updated yet and can’t even watch some freeview channels 


sonos support said to use the optical cable this was fine for a while but audio keeps cutting out. Wi-Fi is all ok in my house no problems there 

Avoid Sonos and Samsung at all costs 

The WiFi isn’t necessarily going to be relevant if you’re talking about the audio input from the TV, as that’s a cable connection - either Optical or HDMI.

I would check the TV settings and note with optical-audio, some codecs may not work, such as Dolby MAT/Atmos, so perhaps keep that in mind.

I would certainly ensure the Samsung TV is running on the latest firmware, as that may prove to be helpful too and consider trying a different cable/adapter, if you’re able to do that?

There’s still the option to speak with Sonos Support Staff too. You can always contact/chat to them via this LINK.


Have you tried the suggestions mentioned earlier in this thread, such as changing cables, switching off HDMI-CEC on each of the peripherals connected to the TV’s other HDMI ports?

If so, then perhaps contact Sonos Support via this LINK.

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Morning after unplugging, and plugging back in, and sound is cutting in and out  again.  This Arc is replacing a Beam, which never experienced this issue.  

As it happens, I made the classic mistake of not using the HDMI that came with the Arc, but used my pre-existing one which was a very high quality cable. I thought it supported 2.1 but evidentially not. I haven’t had a dropout in over 2 weeks since changing the cable. Maybe it’s even three weeks. 

New Sonos customer who had audio drop outs. My advice is to not overlook the basics…

The ARC is installed at the bottom of my TV (Sanus mount), and my TV is mounted to the wall with a full motion Sanus mount.

I tried so many things to fix the drop out, but decided to try a new HDMI cable. Fixed!

The Sanus full motion TV mount must’ve pinched the eARC HDMI cable when I was pushing the TV close to the wall.

I would never have believed that this was the problem. Man, was I relieved because I had poor luck with Sonos telephone support and was ready to return the whole system.




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Hi @plundie 

Have you rebooted your TV by unplugging it from power for 3 minutes? If not, I recommend you do so.

It looks like rebooting your router will also do some good, but not specifically for TV audio.

If rebooting the TV doesn’t help, I recommend you try disabling CEC on the other device connected to the TV.

I hope this helps.


I purchased a Sonos Ars soundbar 5 months ago and I really disappointed!!!

This cutting-off issue makes me crazy and it's unbelievable that it's unsolved for more than 5 months!!!

It should be the high-end soundbar of Sonos but it feels like a cheap Chinese copy or something.

I really can't explain to myself why I bought this wannabe “cutting-edge” product if I need to unplug it from power every time I want to use it.

Really disappointed!

Here is my take. Sonos, I think you know exactly what the problem is and are unable to fix it. Might be a physical problem with the hdmi port, but this is a systemic problem. So it’s time to own it. I would like my unit replaced with one that has a more recent manufacturing date. And yes I’ve gone through every single suggested fox you’ve offered for the last 4 months.

I’m having the same problem as everyone else, and the weak responses from Sonos are concerning. (WiFi interference … seriously?) I think I will return my Sonos Arc and leave a negative review on Amazon to let others know before they purchase the Arc. This may be the only way Sonos will actually address the issue.

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Hi @Kapil_Kesavan, Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the community. thanks as well for sending a diagnostic report of your Sonos system, As I checked the report, it shows that the Sonos Arc’s CEC is disabled, Kindly enable it on your TV settings and observe for any improvements after. I saw that you have a Sony TV, check these steps for steps.

Enable ARC and CEC

In the Sony TV's Home menu, go to Sound Settings → Switch Speakers to Audio System

NOTE: The setting above also may be in the Quick Menu or Options Menu, depending on the model of the Sony TV.

You may check this link from Sony for some other steps for Bravia Sync.

Let us know how it goes and we're here to answer any further questions you have.


I will once it happens again. I was told need to collect it within 10min of problem.

I have been having this same issue with a new Sonos Arc (owned for about a month). Intermittent cutting out on any programming that we watch directly from the TV or through the Apple TV.

Sonos Arc connected to 2020 Samsung The Frame 65 inch

Diagnostic: 2033333364

I would perhaps also keep an eye out for TV firmware updates from Samsung in relation your matter. I understand they have acknowledged some issues with some models and (hopefully) issuing some updates to fix them at their end. 

Hi, the same issue with Sonos Arc and Samsung the Frame 2020. I did everything that was suggested in previous posts. Problem still exist. Please help.

diagnostic report number: 833712213

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known issue….. I have a Samsung Frame TV and get cut outs with eARC enabled. It affects many TV mfgs. I suggest disabling eARC until some1 fixes it….

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I have a sonos ARC and sound keeps cutting out for 1-2 seconds and then picks back up. My sonos was fine for about 1 week after purchasing but now the sound will cut out periodically. Here is my diagnostics number 103248445. How can I fix this issue?

We had a similar issue with our LG C1 and the Arc.  I changed the sound output to the TV speakers and then back to eARC.  That seems to have cleared up the issue here.

I have the same issue people here have cited. Freaking annoying as I'm in over 2k on my living room audio setup. The beam worked fine on my Samsung TV but the Arc cuts out every 15 minutes or so. 

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Hi @CranjisMcB 

If you’ve tried rebooting the TV by unplugging it for a minute or two, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.

I have an intermittent problem where occasionally the sound drops out for a second and then resumes. I have an Arc, two One SLs and a Sub. My diagnostic report is 1648205849. Thanks. MLS

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I had this problem about a month ago, and I went through the suggestions mentioned here, and then purchased 8K HDMI cables to ensure I have everything needed to run smoothly, and the sound cut out again last night watching HMO Max through ATV.  The movie was 5.1, although I thought it was a known issue with Atmos.  

Hopefully there is a fix coming soon, because the suggestion of unplugging all electronics is not a solution.

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Hi @MLS11 

Does all sound cut out in the room, or is it individual speakers that cut out?

First, I recommend you unplug the Arc, the Sub, the Surrounds and the TV from power. Once the TV has been off for 30 seconds, plug it and the Arc back in. Please wait until the Arc has a solid white light before plugging in the rest of the speakers.

If you have a WiFi access point (or router) in the same room, please configure it to only use one 5GHz channel, rather than it being set to Auto.


I had the same problem with my Arc/One SL/Sub setup connected to a Samsung Frame. Music stream via AirPlay worked fine but the signal from the TV would occasionally cut in and out and was only temporarily fixed by unplugging the Arc.

Solution: go to expert sound settings on the TV and make sure HDMI-eARC Mode is set to “Off”. Mine was set to Auto when experiencing this issue and when I switched this to Off it started working immediately and at least hasn’t happened again yet. Atmos appears to still work on things that send the signal like my Apple TV 4K. 

maybe that will help others, give it a try!