Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar.

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A hifi homecinema soundbar without dts support seems not up to date for me. Are there any plans to add dts support?

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This really is getting very frustrating. How many more votes and pissed off comments from loyal customers will it take to get a proper answer??

I received the Play 1 launch email this morning, which is something along with playbar and sub that I would seriously consider adding to my existing sonos setup... However this won't happen until DTS is supported, as it will leave me with numerous BluRays that won't play with proper sound.

Over the years I have routinely raved to family and friends about how great Sonos is, it was recommendation that got me to into it. Up until now I have nothing but good things to say, but the complete lack of a decent response on this is really starting to annoy me and the other 878 followers on this post.

For the first time I now have to caveat my recommendation of Sonos with a 'but' it doesn't do something, where as before I had nothing but praise...
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Neither DTS is available, nor further information about any intensions - sad.

With the new ask.sonos web design it's now almost impossible to see the last 10-20 comments in a longer conversation. Disappointing. Please add at least a sort order - otherwise you would think it's on purpose...
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as an aside whilst I wait for Sonos to fix this, with this new style forum can anyone explain to me how I can reach these new comments at the end of this conversation without having to click 'View More' 30 times ?  I'm 'following' this idea but dont receive any mails for it either 😞
All in for DTS support I really do like the sonos systems and have it throughout my house and have just today bought the sound bar and 2 play 1's for rear speakers for  5.1 (already got the sub). Only just read about the no DTS not even plugged it in yet so will have to check all my media.

**************************      Please add DTS     *******************************  
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as an aside whilst I wait for Sonos to fix this, with this new style forum can anyone explain to me how I can reach these new comments at the end of this conversation without having to click 'View More' 30 times ?  I'm 'following' this idea but dont receive any mails for it either :-(

agreed - I just did that to see the latest comments.
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Fully agree. The new ask sonos layout does a good job of hiding comment streams, although maybe this is not due to Sonos but Get Satisfaction who run the site ? A statement would be good to confirm this
The new ask sonus Layout is not user friendly to see the last comments added to this forum.
Sonus is not making any comments on the progress for DTS support.
I have started looking in to different products in the market  which have support for DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby-True HD.
Yes the new ask sonos layout is crap! It's nearly impossible to see last added replies. I don't want to click "View more..." 1000 times. Who is designing things like this?!
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@Ryan: there's no real technical reason but it's more likely financial as DTS requires licences which they obviously didn't plan in their business case because it would either draw down their margins or raise the actual product price.
Now, they are being confronted with two options:
- Lose money and implement DTS and take the loss for the greater good and their customers satisfaction
- Keep their money and don't take into consideration what their customers want,

Actually, there would be a third option although it might be a bit more challenging and technical to put into practice but it has been mentioned a few times in here:
- Make this feature purchasable via in-app purchase

Although, this might feel like a rip-off for customers, this solution would, at least, allow for those who see it as a must and willing to pay to upgrade their current installation.

Now, now, there might be some technical aspects to it as well, but if they have not pronounced themselves yet while so many people have been complaining, my opinion is that it's more financially related than anything else.

They have a vision with their SONOS Playbar which os a little bit over anticipating on the market development of set-top box like Apple TV, Roku and many others. I believe their vision is right but as long as these have not completely democratized, Blu-Rays (and DTS) will still find a warm and comfy play in the home of many households.

In my opinion, the debate on DTS-HD, Dolby-True and other higher standards is a non sense. Their product clearly does not address this market/audience and most likely will not prevent anyone from enjoying their movie as any Blu-Ray that include the above would most likely include a DTS track. Now, if lack of Dolby Digital track on Blu-Rays tend to generalize, it means one can found himself with no sound when playing his movie and this should not be acceptable from a company's perspective.

Now, my reasoning stands from the perspective of someone who has already expectations above the general crowd while, I guess, most would be satisfied with virtual up-mixing of 5.1 audio tracks. Hell, if it had not been for following Sonos forums and having recently bought a HDMI pass-thru TV and having tried true DD, I would have been more than satisfied with the sound my Playbar produces compared to my TV speakers as it turns to be my first audio setup.

I'm receiving my two Play:1s today and got myself a Sony Bravia HDMI pass-thru TV so, let's hope SONOS makes a positive statement soon whether it includes additional costs or not. But, please do not make it a year to make such a decision...
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Correct me if I'm wrong but can't one just set the BluRay player to decode the DTS track and output PCM to the tv? Bingo, you'll get audio from BluRay to the Playbar. No, it won't be the bitstream DTS track which is preferable. But at least it's not silence. As to how well Sonos mimics surround sound from this stereo feed, it's a matter of personal taste. I find it adequate. YMMV.
I was planning to buy a Playbar because I assumed it would be awesome just like the rest of my Sonos speakers.  After much research it appears to be an overpriced and under developed option.   I found other options for half the price.  I would love to invest in PlayBar II if it is a more robust product!
One more vote for DTS support. Just heard of another wife saying "you have to return that crap". Unfortunately, the first DVD she tried to play for the kids was DTS only 😞
We just got a Play1 for our kitchen and because we were impressed with the sound, we were definitely considering a SONOS surround sound system for our DVD, AppleTV and cable box. Our TV is 6 years old and not compatible with Playbar with "no workaround." But since Playbar can't communicate with our AV Receiver's optical output with DTS we have given up on the idea, as, it seems, have many others.
Please please sort out the lack of DTS!
I have just bought the play 1 and its brilliant I now want the playbar and sub but wont spend £1200 for both until DTS is availble
I have 8 sonos speakers including the full 5.1 set up and have only now discovered that dts is not supported. Listening to Star Wars in stereo sound on a 1800 euro 5.1 system is not what I had intended. Please add my support for dts update.
i to am holding off on getting one to add to my current sonos setup until this is fixed or a new model comes out that has it.
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Another vote for dts........just bought the playbar and play 1s. Love the system when fed pure 5.1 however, it is a pain not getting the best from most of my blurays. I cannot recommend this system to friends until this is corrected
I would buy the soundbar if it had dts, come on sonos get with it please.
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whilst we're on the subject of things not fit for purpose - please can someone fix this site or change to one that doesnt require you to click 50 times to read the most recent comments on a topic !
I agree
Hi sonos, any update? Last official post was 2 months ago?
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So if it wasn't bad enough that you completely neglect your paying customers basic needs but you now have the audacity to start emailing me on the merits of your 5.1 capabilities, encouraging me to buy Play 1's for surround sound.   I own a Playbar and a Sub, if you guys could get your act together and support DTS then it might actually be worth pushing your surround capabilities.

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I agree. An unbelievable email stating the ultimate in surround sound. Or surround silence if you have a blu-ray DTS......
Shocking advertising, totally misleading.
Either state it cannot be done or wether you are going to or not? I'm awaiting a purchase but not when it's a half baked solution.
The lack of response here is surprisingly poor.
Dear Sonos, I use your system in different rooms and were really forward looking for an DTS support of the Playbar to connect it to my WD TV Live. I were ready to pay 2000€ for a 5.1 Sonos system in my living room only if you support DTS.
Okay, you do not, and I spend 800€ for a Marantz receiver and a surround system from Boston Accoustics (was a special offer in this bundle). The sound is brilliant and you lost 2000€ from me, cause I will not switch again.
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I have also received an email advert this morning from sonos proudly promoting the ultimate in home theatre systems. Really ? How can you even think of doing this with the issues you currently have. This shows the true colours of Sonos. I don't even need to explain that statement, everyone on this forum will know what I mean. Advert statement 1.. Epic waves of full theatre sound = full surround decoding from DVD only. BluRay = silence. HD TV = Dolby digital plus which results in sound drop outs. Advert statement 2 ... Immersive 5.1 sound the power to play anything and make it sound amazing = anything other than bluRay or hd tv Advert statement 3 ... Perfect for movies, tv shows = see above ! I don't actually enjoy having to write this, as I love the sonos system for music and think you have the makings of a great surround system, .......But only when you sort out the decoding issues that are holding this system back However sending out an email promoting the virtues of the system to customers who have been waiting for over 6 months for a resolution is beyond belief. Maybe your marketing and sales division should read these forums. The most powerful sales communication today is through word of mouth and social media. Currently the more sales you make, the more dissatisfied customers you will get, and this will eventually impact on your reputation.