List of TV’s that will pass 5.1 from HDMI Sources to Playbar

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Anyone have success with a Samsung UN65H7150?

I'm trying to get 5.1 to the Playbar/Sub/Play:1s from my cable box and Apple TV (2015) but don't want to deal with a ton of splitters if possible.
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I own a Samsung UE40ES6900SXXN but I only get Stereo signal (no Dolby digital) I own a blue ray player (also from Sumsung) this player is connected with a HDMI cable.
OK So - I'm in the same situation as most of you guys.

Incredibly frustrated that it is unclear as to which TV I can buy which will take

Optical Out DD5.1 to Sonos Speaker
passing DD5.1 from HDMI IN [PC, PS4, Android Box]

I have just had somone from RicherSounds in Fulham kindly do some tests. The responses are as follows:

Here are 3 TV’s I have research that will output Dolby Digital via the optical output when the incoming feed from HDMI is Dolby Digital or above....

LG 65UF860:

LG 65UF950:

Sony KD65X8509CBU:

Sony KD65X9005c:

Come in and see me and I’ll demo the 2 top models being the LG 65uf950 & KD65x9005c.
Out of the 4 i’d go with the LG 65UF950V"

Does anyone have any comments which disprove these TVs?
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Just adding another (slightly older) Samsung to the list of TVs that DON'T pass 5.1


User manually actually explicitly states the optical out will only pass stereo, but I still thought I'd try 🙂 but no, it is indeed stereo only.

I have my set hooked to a 1st generation Apple TV and also a Panny DVD player / recorder, both of which have optical outs. So I have solved the 5.1 pass problem by buying one of these:

CYP AU-D41 4 TO 1 OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO SWITCHER DIGITAL (sorry can't post hyperlink as my post count is too low)

I still have both the ATV and the Panny DVD passing video over HDMI connected to the TV as previously, but now I have their optical outs (plus the optical out from the TV) connected to the CYP switch, which then in turn connects to the Playbar. I have it all set up with my Harmony Touch remote so that switching inputs will switch the CYP optical input to the correct source. All seamless, and now wallowing in 5.1 goodness.

I tried one or two HDMI switch boxes mentioned in this thread, but I found I often got delay / blue screening when switching sources, while the switch box did it's "thing". Keeping the HDMI straight to the TV for video, but switching the audio with this little box seems to be much quicker. The unit itself is very small (about the size fo tow cigarette packets) and tucks away very neatly.

Hope this helps,

Sony KDL-50W808C will pass DD5.1 from any source. In fact this is true for all KDL-xxW80C TV:s.

From LG support I got confirmed that the LG49UF695 4K TV will also do this.
My new Toshiba TV passes DD5.1 through. It's:

Toshiba 50L5200U
Software version Jun 19 2012 - 10:37FW:1.12

I don't have a Playbar yet, but will likely get one as we're going to be mounting this TV to the wall and hang the Playbar underneath.
According to "About My Sonos System", my new Vizio M70-C3 is passing DD5.1 from HDMI-1 to the Playbar/Sub/Surrounds connected to the TV's optical out.

Not sure if it matters but I currently have all sources (Xfinity X1 DVR, Apple TV gen4, older Sony BD player) routing through an old IOGear 3-port HDMI switch (unpowered, no audio breakout, no ARC) to HDMI-1. I plan to direct connect everything and verify once some new cables arrive.
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I just bought the Vizio M551D-A2 from Sam's Club. Plugged in the Playbar. Checked the stats on "About My Sonos...". And it is showing "Audio In: Dolby Digital 5.1"

I did have to change the digital output from PCM to Bitstream and then turn off the tv speakers.

Hope this helps.
I own an LG OLED 65EG9600 and have researched this extensively. Both this TV and the EF9500 (the non curved version, same TV) come from the factory without the ability to pass the 5.1 signal from external HDMI sources. HOWEVER, you can enable the feature.

You will need a service remote. Press the ADJ button on the service remote, the pass key is 0413, and once you're in the service menu, you will need to go to the ez adjust tools option 7 and change EDID from PCM to AC3.

TV will reboot and you will now be able to pass 5.1 from HDMI sources to the optical out.

There are instructions on how to make a universal remote do what the service remote does. I found it cumbersome and just called LG customer service and they sent a tech out with the remote. Beware, the tech may not know what to do, so follow the steps above if he does not.

Disappointing that LG didn't enable this from the factory on a very high end tv, but I'm satisfied I now have it working on mine.
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Hey folks,

The entire Internet could not tell me the answer as to whether the new Samsungs can relay 5.1 out to Sonos Playbar. I got frustrated because I could not find the answer, so I just bought the items - Samsung 55UNF6300 and playbar 5.1 system and hooked it up with my 30-day return guarantee securely in my wallet. The answer is YES!

Set up:
PS3 with bluray - under sound setup click on Dolby 5.1 and unclick everything else, and while playing movie click triangle and select audio options changing it from PCM to bitstream
HDMI PS3 to Samsung - under tv sound setup select ext speaker and select Dolby
Optical out to Samsung... Amazing!
Double checked my Sonos app and it truly does say Dolby 5.1 as well

Samsung UE55JS9000 passes through fine.



I have a sonos playbar (+ sub + 2play 1) and don't consider to upgrade it to the latest ARC version. However I am considering to update my tv to the sharp 4tc60al1x

How do I ensure that 5.1 is passthough optical?


I previously had the sharp lc-40le830m, which did not passthrough 5.1, so had to procure an additional hdmi switcher


Would appreciate assistance.

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I can confirm that 5.1 works on a VIZIO E601i-A3 60-inch.
Samsung UE55JU7000 also passes 5.1 from HDMI sources. I bought the tv today and I can finally enjoy Dolby Digital on my Sonos Playbar!
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I can confirm that LG42LH5000 works.
I get 5.1 from optical out, and input to TV is HDMI.

This is not an high end model, and is from 2009.
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Hi everyone,

We know this thread can be a bit hard to read when looking for a TV recommendation. There's also a lot of great information out there around home theater and Sonos which we wanted to put together. We just posted a home theater megathread here with everything you need to know about Sonos home theater to get started and then some. We're going to keep it updated with your recommendations for TVs and other devices as well, the recommendations are listed here.

Feel free to make recommendations, we have some posting guidelines in there to keep things clean. We're looking for TVs that pass Dolby Digital 5.1 from over the air and connected sources. Also, best if they don't have volume or speaker pop-ups when remotes are used, though there are workarounds for that.

Let us know if anything's missing, we're happy to make changes. Feel free to PM me or just post here or there.

Thanks for helping keep this thread updated!
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Does anybody know of any 70" models that are for sale now that will work? I want to get one and was hoping the Sony KDL70R550A would work or the Vizio M701D-A3.
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No so much a TV but I've just got the Samsung SEC-3500 evolution kit for my 2014 HU8500 (uk model) and this does allow HDMI bitstream though optical for DD and DTS. Finally my home cinema is complete and it sound incredible 🙂
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I'm pretty sure most Sony HDTVs released in the last few years pass 5.1 through their optical out ports.

On page 78 of the KDL70R550A manual:

PCM/Dolby Digital optical signal
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so if i only have the playbar and the 2 play 1s should it show DD 5.1 or what?
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Thanks, I have seen that in the specs along with something similar for Vizio but some have found that it only applies to the internal tuner or some built in apps on some TVs not to the pass thru (for my roku or blu-ray).
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so if i only have the playbar and the 2 play 1s should it show DD 5.1 or what?

In the About section, the PLAYBAR will tell you what format the signal it's getting is in, no matter what you have bonded to it. It should say Dolby Digital 5.1 if that's the signal it's receiving.
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I have both my PLAYBARs hooked up to Sony TVs, one two years old, the other a month old and both pass 5.1 through the optical port just fine.
Badge just posted an extensive article on TVs that support 5.1 surround passthrough with specs for a lot of current TVs. Great article:
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Anyone tried the SAMSUNG PS64D8005 specifically?

I have just the build-in speakers and am in love with the Playbar. I know I will get great sound whatever will replace the build in speakers but knowing that it could be even better is bad...

If the TV doesn't pass what would be the solution to connect my INTEL NUC XBMC box HDMI out to the playbar and still send HDMI to the TV and sound directly to the Playbar?