List of TV’s that will pass 5.1 from HDMI Sources to Playbar

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I’m looking at the 40” ex700b to run with playbase, have tried contacting Panasonic to have this confirmed but did you have many problems setting up. Will be connecting X Box One X via HDMI and want to run play base for watching tv, playing x box and watching blu rays.
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It will.

And how do you force the box to manually update? Do share.


Sadly, it made no difference whatsoever! Still the same software rev even after the must mean that my (Amstrad) box has the latest rev it can support. Might be time to buy one of the new 2TB boxes...

In any case though, here's how make it update manually:

Unplug the sky box for a minute. Then, while holding the "backup" button on the box itself, plug it back in again. Keep holding the button down for about 15 seconds at which point you should get a message on the TV screen saying "Updating System Software, Please Wait". One you see this, you can release the button. The software upgrade will take around 10-15 minutes, and the box will go through a couple of reboot cycles afterwards, so don't be in a rush. Just let it do it's thing for a while and then it should boot up and be good.

You need to have the phone line attached during the process.
Sorry mods, I posted this elsewhere but think it belongs here. Could you add the TV to the master list please?

I’ve found another TV that works:

Panasonic 50-EX700B

I assume that also means the other sizes of 700B, along with the 600B and 750B ranges will also work. I got a pretty awesome Black Friday deal from John Lewis including a free 5 year warranty.

By “it works” I mean that it passes 5.1 on to the Sonos via optical. My set up is:

Sky+ HD Box > HDMI > TV HDMI 1
Panasonic Blu-Ray > HDMI > TV HDMI 2
TV > Digital Optical > Playbase

It all looks and sounds fantastic. The TV is 4K, and streams Netflix and Amazon Prime in 4K/HDR, and they also output in 5.1. The Blu-ray upscales to 4K and is outputting 5.1. Sky HD is HD only (no Q yet!) but is outputting 5.1.

Panasonic don’t seem to feature in any of the earlier posts and wider tests, so I was delighted to get this working and to share it with you all as an option!

I had to fiddle with the settings quite a bit on all parts of the chain, so if anyone attempts the same set up and gets stuck, give me a shout

Hi - juhunio (Sorry for me also - Ive replied on the other thread and then found this one)

I have the 58inch version and would love to know how you managed to get the 5.1 passed through! What settings did you end up with?

Completely agree about Netflix and Amazon, its a massive difference to the Sonos virtual version. The best Ive had is 2.0 from Sky Q but I'm now hopeful its a TV Setting? Either that or a warning for you not to go Sky Q!


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Dissapointed to find out that the Samsung UE46ES8000 doesn't pass 5.1 from HDMI sources out of the optical

Yep, had the same problem with my Samsung so ended up buying a Lindy 4-Way TosLink Digital Optical Audio Switch, which seems to have cured my problems. Even comes with an IR remote to switch inputs. Only downside is yet another small box under my TV, needing a power socket.

Just want to add LG 47lh3000 to the list of compatible Tv's that will pass through 5.1 DD to the Playbar.

I'd like to add that my LG 37LH5000 also passes Dolby Digital 5.1 through to the BEAM (using the Optical to HDMI adapter). When playing a DVD from my LG Blu Ray player, I notice an ever so slight lip-sync delay, where the sound is slightly behind the picture. I was wondering Fredrik_13 if you notice this too? Audio from Netflix on my Tivo v6 box seems perfectly synced. Both are passing 5.1 signals through. Thanks!
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I am looking forward to buy a Panasonic L47ETW60 is it really true that they are not able to pass the 5.1 signal through to the playbar and other components?!

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So only the sony tvs and Visio m series pass thru 5.1?
Hi - could you share the settings you have please? I’ve just bought the Panasonic tx-49fx650 which should be similar to yours. I have an LG Blu Ray player and Tivo using HDMI to the tv and optical cable to playbar - but it’s not outputting in 5.1 from the Blu Ray player. I know it can get quite complex, but seeing your settings may help me! Thanks
A recent SAMSUNG firmware update allows a few models to pass 5.1. Sorry, I don't have a list of models.

My old Panasonic 50" plasma P50G10 does support DD5.1 over the air, but does not do 5.1 HDMI to optical pass.

I have a new sony 55" XBR55X850A (4K-UHDTV) being delivered tomorrow and I hope it does do DD5.1 HDMI pass. 😢
I made some inquiries and either are the TV manufacturer's own tech support clueless or this is not a big problem in new TVs as they seem to support DD through optical (as long as the source is digital).

All our new TVs support Dolby Digital output. I asked again if also for optical, confirmed.

All out new models support DD through optical as long as source is digital. When they asked if any models in particular I was interested in I said:
LG 55" 3D Smart LED-TV 55LA660V
LG 60" Plasma-TV 60PN650T
He confirmed both of these have DD through optical toslink.

"As long as you use an optical cable none of our newer models will downgrade to stereo, you will get proper sound as long as the source format is in surround"

Although Samsung support says differently, they seem to be supporting DTS only (based on their specifications). They still refuse to aknowledge that DD and DTS are two different formats, that's why I choose to trust their specs.. However, several people have reported that Samsung is adding DD support through software updates, will wait for confirmation

Panasonic has nor replied to my requests

Any confirmation from people who has any of these TVs will be appreciated.
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st60 does NOT support. i have one. TV is incredible. I have all the stuff..playbar, sub two play ones. I'm considering getting a reciever to see if that works. I like my tv to much to change that.
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I tried every which way to get my Sony (Bravia) KDLBX520 to pass a DD 5.1 optical signal -with zero luck.
So then I plugged the optical cable directly into my Dish cable box and I now have "Dolby Digital 5.1" on my system (Playbar & Sub).
Of course, the downside is that I only have DD 5.1 when watching TV, but that's better than not having it at all.
Maybe Santa will bring me a nice new 70" LG for Christmas?:rolleyes:
I thought most of the Sony TV's will output 5.1 over the optical. I have a KDL-46XBR9 from around 2010, it does pass the 5.1 even from HDMI sources. But even that is weird - playing a regular DVD on my Blu-ray player, I get 5.1. Playing a Blu-ray, I don't - but if I connect the BD player directly to the Playbar, I do. I can't figure it out.
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I have the Samsung UN60F7100.

Just spent about an hour on the phone trying to get to a higher up Samsung support person. 1st person knew little so they connected me to the "2nd tier support".

They gauranteed me that the TV Optical out supports DD 5.1 pass thru over HDMI.

They said as long as your cable box (Tivo Premiere) is putting out DD 5.1 through HDMI to the TV then it will send out DD 5.1 through the optical out.

They said I should also have software version 11.18.0 on my TV. But they didn't know if this feature was new to the software or had always existed.

Unforuntately, I just ordered my Playbar & Sub so I can't test right now.

My Setup is Apple TV (newest), RCN Tivo Premiere cable box, and a PS4 all with the newest standard HDMI's into the TV with an optical out to the Playbar.

Let's hope it works. I'm a little bit of a newb but I'm thinking even if I only have a Playbar and a sub it should show DD 5.1. I dont need the two rear speakers for it to show 5.1 right?
Then this must be a sw update yes, look at the specs for that model:

If Samsung is adding DD support through download thats great! Very interested to hear about you test results 🙂

Regarding Sony TVs:
I've just received a final answer (after several rounds of specifying to get them to answer what I'm actually asking):
"As long as you use an optical cable none of our newer models will downgrade to stereo, you will get proper sound as long as the source format is is in surround"

That sucks, I had my hopes set for that TV (too bad that Sonos ends up deciding which TVs we choose).
Panasonic still have not replied to any of my requests. Have you spoken to them at all?
since this apparently can be fixed by software updates like Samsung is doing, who knows if they're planning something similar..?

My old Panasonic 50" plasma P50G10 does support DD5.1 over the air, but does not do 5.1 HDMI to optical pass.

I have a new sony 55" XBR55X850A (4K-UHDTV) being delivered tomorrow and I hope it does do DD5.1 HDMI pass. ;(

I can finally confirm that the Sony 4k 55" TV - XBR-55X850A - Does do DD5.1 pass via HDMI to Optical without any issues. Also does DD5.1 from all built in Apps that support 5.1 (Like Netflix), and from over the air TV.
I can confirm that after the most recent firmware update my Samsung PN60F8500AF now fully supports passing 5.1 from an HDMI source. When I first got my Playbar the TV lacked support and I used a switch. Then I got frustrated at the switch and just lived without 5.1. Much to my surprise the firmware fixed the issue and I'm getting 5.1 from my cable box and apple tv. My xbox one doesn't support DD yet but I'm sure they will fix that soon.

Good news to anyone looking for a plasma that is 5.1 compatible with the Playbar because the Samsung is the best looking set I've owned and is a step up from the non-kuro Pioneer Elite that it replaced.
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Anybody with experience with a LG LM7600?
I'm really thinking to sell my Bose Cinemate and get a Playbar
I emailed Samsung to inquire about which of their TV sets will pass DD 5.1 optical audio from an HDMI source. Not the response I was hoping for with the rumors of firmware updates enabling this functionality. Here is their response.

I understand that you are looking for a Samsung TV that allow DD 5.1passthrough from HDMI sources.

I will provide you with the necessary information.

Thank you for choosing Samsung. We value you business with Samsung.

Currently, no Samsung TV can pass 5.1surround sound through optical connection from an HDMI source and at this moment there is no firmware update available to allow 5.1 sound pass through from an HDMI source. TV can pass 5.1 surround sound through Optical out only when the source is Antenna or cable from wall. As the HDMI can only carry 2.1 surround sound to TV, it is not possible to get the 5.1 surround from TV.

Alternatively, you can connect the Samsung TV to Sonos 5.1 system using an optical cable and amplify the 2.1 input from Samsung TV to 5.1 sound on the external sound system.
the HDMI can only carry 2.1 surround sound

That would come as startling news to everyone, if it were true.
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LG 47LM670T . This is one of the LG 2012 models . I assume that the 2013 models will have similar specs . I have the Playbar hooked up to the TV optical out , with the TV connected to a Sky Plus Box over HDMI. The Playbar seems to output whatever Sky is transmitting ,either Dolby 2.0 or Dolby 5.1, or plain stereo .
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Monday I bought a Samsung LED F8500 (55"), I can confirm that when using an optical cable the TV is passing trough 5.1 dd.

That was one reason for not buying a Sonos Playbar, but that doesn't seems to be an issue anymore.
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Hi guys,

I can confirm that my Sony BRAVIA KDL46HX750 is passing Dolby digital 5.1 through Optical.
But when hooked (HDMI) on my PS3/Mac mini it just play stereo.
Any tips/help is welcome.