Google assistant music play back issues

  • 1 September 2019
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67 replies

Any update on a fix?!

I don’t get it. How can a bug be tagged to specific google accounts? So now I have to keep creating new google accounts whenever something like that happens again? 

Email just received from Sonos, cancelling my service call tomorrow because they know they can't fix it:

Hi Jack,

I was reviewing your case prior to our call tomorrow and it looks like you are one of a handful of customers suffering from a bug that is affecting specific accounts with Google Voice Assistant and Sonos.

The unfortunate news it that currently the only work around is to use a different gmail account to get Google Voice working on the system but we have opened up the bug with Google and are providing them information around the affected customers as we encounter them. I'm unsure of an ETA of the fix yet, but we will keep on top of this with them to ensure we obtain one because we know that using another Google account is not an ideal solution.

This means that there isn't anything we can really do for this with our call tomorrow, but I've added information from your ticket to our bug report and will keep your ticket in my court as we keep on this issue. Soon as I hear an update from the Google team, and if there is anything they want us to have our users try I'll reach back out to you.

Thank you,
Brandon G
Sonos Escalations Team


Brandon, i think you really need to have a list of people with this problem and see how big of an issue it is. I’m holding off buying more sonos products until this is resolved. 

same issue here. Google assistant was working very nicely with Spotify on my Beam. And then all of the sudden about 3-4 weeks ago. I got the dreaded "Sorry I can't help with that" Ive unlinked, re-linked, re-authorized. nothing seems to work. Would love to know if its a google issue or a sonos issue. Very Frustrating.

Yep, started working for me as well. Only problem now is both my phone and the Sonos try to respond at the same time, but I’m about to upgrade my phone which I’m hoping will resolve that.

Glad to see forward progress!


I just discovered this is now working for me as well. Very happy...but it would have been nice to have a heads up.

I've been having the same issue for months. Sonos support has not told me that this is an issue that they are aware of, quite the opposite actually. They have referred me to Google support....and then Google says I need to talk to Sonos. Bahhhh!

If I configure everything with a new google account it all works fine. This isn't a solution naturally but it does point to an issue with the Google account itself.
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Hi All

I have just reviewed all the comments in this thread and feel partly relieved that I am not the only person who has had this problem.

One of my devices is a Sonos One and I have recently changed the voice assistant from Alexa to Google as I am more brought into the Google ecosystem for a variety of reasons. 

Alexa, I didnt suffer these issues but with the google assistant if I ask hey google, play a BBC station e.g. Radio 5 live I get the same reply as others have seen. However if I ask it to play another station which is not BBC related e.g. talksport it plays. 

I have tried some of the suggestions made but so far not much luck.

Is is worth me logging this with Sonos direct?


Many Thanks

Damn. That's not a great fix for me at all. I have a phonecall booked with the Sonos team tomorrow evening. The main fault I have at the mo is the GA telling me that the speaker isn't available right now if I voice command music or radio playback. But when that fault isn't happening then every other song I request I get the error this content isn't available. If I have to use a different Google account then to be honest the speaker will be returned as that's not a fix for me.
I've had the exact same issue. When I first got my Beam and Sonos One it worked perfectly in August. 2 weeks later I am facing the exact same issue as everyone else is describing and my Sonos will no longer play from Google Music or Pandora via Google Assistant.
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Same issue here. Just stopped working. Now I can’t play Sonos via asking my Google Assitant (Hub) and being told it can’t do this yet. Awesome, Sonos can’t fix it - come on guys!
Any updates here? Emailing with support, but I am not expecting much here... JoeYan, do you have any more details?
Did anyone figure out what the problem was?
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Sonos support on Twitter DM have asked for all my hardware details and apparently someone will be in touch tomorrow to schedule a call.
I am suffering the same issue with my Sonos Beam, google assistant and Spotify... Hope to see if rectified shortly, Sonos!!!
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No resolution here either. ( Very frustrating.
Im having the same issues with the GA and music play back. I either get the error that the speaker isn't available right now or the content cannot be found. Sonos want to schedule a phonecall with me at some point. If we figure out a fix I will post it here.
I have the exact same issue as described. 😞 Hope they fix it soon!

How did everyone get this to work? Ive tried all the workarounds and got nowhere ?

I'm also affected by this, exactly as the OP is describing, with TuneIn and Spotify refusing to work on Sonos - they work fine with my regular GH units. Any news from Sonos or Google on this?
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Having the same problem.  Looking fwd to a fix.

Suddenly started working for me today. Guess they fixed it? Or did I just get lucky?

I'm having a similar issue for weeks now where I can't get it to play any Spotify premium content indicating my premium membership tier doesn't support it. Works fine on my google home speaker and any other assistant device.

I ran through the same actions as "glaciercat" with no resolution... Super frustrating. Sonos we deserve a response on this. There are like 5 other threads on your forums for this same issue so its fairly widespread.

Tried the following just as Glaciercat did. no Luck!

  1. Restart the Sonos app; restart the Spotify app
  2. Unplug/recycle power on Sonos One
  3. Restart my phone
  4. Reauthorize Spotify account under Sonos app under Settings>My Music Services
  5. Remove and reconnect Spotify account under Sonos>Settings>My Music Services
  6. Unlink Sonos One and Sonos account from my Google Home under "Device settings" and "Manage accounts"
  7. Unlink my Assistant from all devices under "Manage accounts" *this was a drastic measure😓
  8. Set Sonos One up through the Sonos app
  9. Select "Add Voice Assistant" through the Sonos app under Settings>Room Settings>[Room Name]>Voice Services to set back up with Google Home/Assistant. Ensure it's configured to the right Home and Room - add Music Service(s)
I am having the same problem still... Any solutions before I throw out my Beam!?
I am having the same problem still... Any solutions before I throw out my Beam!?
Did you try this?