Sonos not working on Google Assistant

  • 28 August 2019
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The voice service used to work very well before using my phone and then just stopped working. I went and bought a google home mini to see if that would work but same result. I have reset everything but still no result. I have a google play subscription

I say " OK Google, play classical music in the living room". response is "alright, classical music from google play playing on living room, sorry I'm not sure how to help you yet" and "sorry I cant help with that yet". I have also tried to play in the kitchen (I have Sonos play 1 in the kitchen as well), but the same response. I have tried to unlink the service from my phone and use my tablet instead , but same responses. Google home app shows the speaker connected through sonos in the living room and kitchen.
I have contacted the tech support but have had no luck yet

6 replies

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I’m having the same problem. I have a Sonos One.

My Google Home Mini is having no such problem.
I’m having the same issue. Everything worked fine up until yesterday. Very frustrating. Rebooted, updated software, disconnected Google from Spotify (and vice versa) and re-connected. No luck.
Been having the same problem for a while. Called in, wasn't able to resolve and got escalated to tier-2 support, which I had to make an appointment for. Google Assistant responds to other requests that require an internet connect (weather, business hours, etc) but no luck with any music streaming (Google Play, Spotify). Will update here if I find a resolution after the scheduled tier-2 support call.
From what I've been told this is an ongoing open issue that seems specific to certain Google accounts, awaiting resolution from Google. I've been using Alexa in the meantime.
I'm having the same issue. Sonos support had me replace my Google account with a new account and it fixed the problem. Obviously this isn't a solution but it pointed to Google being the issue. Anyway, Sonos punted this to Google for support. Google told me that they don't offer support for Google Assistant (only Google Home products) and said I should contact Sonos.

It sort of seems this one won't be fixed 😞
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You've entered the third party blame loop. Google Assistant integrations are generally developed by the third party, so they often need to fix the issues. We know the Sonos integration was a closer partnership though, so if we can't get issues sorted out there really isn't any hope for any of the others...