Cannot group Sonos system with Google Home devices

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Yes, just bought a sonos Setup for the living room and naively thought ( like the "expert" in the Shop told me) sonos with integrated google assistant could be integrated into a google home multiroom Setup (or google speakers into the sonos multiroom setup). But After some reseach i found this thread and the unhappx info that sonos would need to Support chromecast...

Now I am a bit dissapointet, is sonos Planung some Kind of compatibility to the chromecast multiroom audio or do i have to finally clinch between google/chromecast devices and sonos devices?
Thanks Roman for bringing this up, i had the same expectation of being able to add my sonos speaker to a google speaker group. Hopefully it will be possible in the near future.
Not to pile on here, but count me as another disappointed customer. I bought my recent Sonos setup under the assumption that I would be able to add them to my other speaker groups within Google Home. Now, when I play music in my "Upstairs" group, for example, my living room has only my dinky Google Home rather than my Playbar/2xPlay:1 to add to the chorus.

Essentially my Sonos will only be used for the TV, which is a huge waste.
Over a year ago I posted on the message board expressing my disappointment in the lack of integration . Many users felt I was being too harsh saying they had only promised integration sometime in 2018. They missed the integration time by 6 months and provided a sub-par integration. They were saying also that it could be Google slowing the process, but based on the number of compatible products coming out, I highly doubt Google is the bottleneck.

Time to switch speakers.