Cannot group Sonos system with Google Home devices

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Yes, just bought a sonos Setup for the living room and naively thought ( like the "expert" in the Shop told me) sonos with integrated google assistant could be integrated into a google home multiroom Setup (or google speakers into the sonos multiroom setup). But After some reseach i found this thread and the unhappx info that sonos would need to Support chromecast...

Now I am a bit dissapointet, is sonos Planung some Kind of compatibility to the chromecast multiroom audio or do i have to finally clinch between google/chromecast devices and sonos devices?
Thanks Roman for bringing this up, i had the same expectation of being able to add my sonos speaker to a google speaker group. Hopefully it will be possible in the near future.
Not to pile on here, but count me as another disappointed customer. I bought my recent Sonos setup under the assumption that I would be able to add them to my other speaker groups within Google Home. Now, when I play music in my "Upstairs" group, for example, my living room has only my dinky Google Home rather than my Playbar/2xPlay:1 to add to the chorus.

Essentially my Sonos will only be used for the TV, which is a huge waste.
Over a year ago I posted on the message board expressing my disappointment in the lack of integration . Many users felt I was being too harsh saying they had only promised integration sometime in 2018. They missed the integration time by 6 months and provided a sub-par integration. They were saying also that it could be Google slowing the process, but based on the number of compatible products coming out, I highly doubt Google is the bottleneck.

Time to switch speakers.
Why is it companies always go 98% of the way of giving customers the functionality that they actually need? When thinking through this product what was the thought process?

Customers want a voice controlled speak? Yes!
Customers want to connect it to google assistant? Yes!
Customers want to add it to a group of speaks they will most likely already have at home? Yes, but lets not give them that.

It's unfinished business. It's totally solvable. Sort it out with Google.

I bought a new Sonos One today but I'll be taking it back as for me, like many many other people, this is a critical feature of . a voice controlled speaker.
Being able to form a speaker group with my google home speakers is literally the only reason I bought this Sonos One. I am very, very disappointed to discover this is not possible and feel tricked that it was never called out in any of the product literature
Same situation here - presumed you could form grups with the google, now I'm stuck with 3 google speakers and one other on it's way. Feels like the sonos speaker wont be used.
Damnit, should have read this topic sooner. Just bought two Sonos One to group them with the Naim muso 2 and didn't understand why I couldn't do it on google assistant.

So sadly, it will be a refund :/

Exactly same situation... Going to bring my Sonos back.

Another downside is that I cannot even use the built in Google assistant as it is not supported in my country. Looks like I have to continue using my Google home + Chromecast + Marshall stanmore connected through TV. I saw that Harman kardon has similar speaker... I wonder if they can be grouped or chosen as primary speaker.