I can't play music from YouTube Music

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Same issues here, started maybe 3 days ago. Some songs will play, but most won't. 

CJ66 - I also started with GPM. YTM thrown in for free, started using it when learned that GPM is going away. I also have GSuite account, but it is my work account. YTM/GPM uses my personal account, so probably unrelated to GSuite. 

I've seen this behavior a couple of times in the past, many months or a year ago, but it seemed to resolve itself within a day or so.



Just had a very polite Sonos supporter on the phone. They’re looking into the issue.

A couple of things I thought of while talking to him:

  1. I’m a Google Play Music early adopter. Got YouTube Music thrown in at some point.
  2. I have a GSuite account (also early adopter from when it was a Google Apps account).

Any of you guys recognize this?

Same issue here since today. 

Access denied to YouTube music. 

Run diagnostic with number 657963407

Please help. 


Same here… come on...

Same issue. Beginning to get frustrated with these bugs. Wasted 15 minutes of my morning checking subscription and reinstalling the apps. 

Same issue here.  Started last night.  Tried two different devices (one Andriod one Apple) with the Sonos app installed and both had the access denied issue.  Removed YouTube music from within Sonos and re-added/authorised but still access denied.

Moments ago my speakers updated and the problem persists.

Have no problem with the other streaming services in the Sonos App.

I have the same issue, is it related to the update to the app and speakers that happened earlier today?

I'm having the exact same problem. I've removed and reinstated my account and re authorized it but still persists.