Apple Music "Unable to browse music"

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Hi All.


Since the Apple Music outage a few days ago I just get the message “Unable to browse music” when trying yo use Apple Music.  I have removed and reloaded the account, reauthorised it etc to no avail.  I have a family account and I did notice that my partners library was working fine which seemed odd.


Its becoming a pain now as not all of my set u is Airpaty compatible so fiddling about to link things isn't very user friendly !


I see this seems to have happened over the years but wondered if anyone had a resolution to this ?


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Hi @TiJay13 

Please check the date of my post you’ve quoted - you’ll see that it was in July. As in, back in July, Apple fixed the issue that occurred in June, but the same issue has now reappeared. It is still up to Apple to fix it - we have informed them of the problem, and can only recommend that you feedback to them too - with more contacts from paying customers, they’ll increase the priority of the issue.

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Hi @TiJay13 

In addition, this topic relates to being unable to browse Apple Music from within the Sonos app, not to being unable to authorise Apple Music on Android devices. Please stay on topic.

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Hi @Corry P 
In addition, I am unable to browse Apple Music from within the Sonos app is the message I get after authorizing so very much on topic as far as I am concerned and find your reply condescending.
Thank you nevertheless, appreciated.

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Hi @TiJay13 

If you have an issue browsing Apple Music on Sonos with an Apple device, we are not aware of this issue reoccurring - I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team to have the occurrence documented and investigated.

If you are unable to browse Apple Music because you cannot sign into it from an Android device, then we are aware of this issue but have no choice but to wait for Apple to resolve it.


I appreciate that the two issues are probably related, both relating to third-party devices trying to log into Apple Music and being denied. When it comes to tracking issues, however, we try to stay very specific. Apologies if I came across as condescending - it was not intentional, nor was it deserved.

If you haven’t tried already, I think if anything will currently help, it will be @Ken_Griffiths’ advice to install Apple Music, log in to that, then reauthorize in Sonos:

Okay, I’ve managed to fix the Apple Music service on my Sonos system…

There is a suggestion mentioned in this post in another thread:

It suggests to get hold of an Android mobile, or tablet, install Apple Music on that OS and re-authorise the Apple Music Service in the Sonos S2 App from that device instead of an Apple iOS device.

I was a little sceptical beforehand, but I had tried most other things (also nothing ventured, nothing gained etc.)..and ‘voila!’ the suggestion worked for me and I can now access it via the iPad/iPhone S2 App too.

So all’s well that ends well.

Diagnostic: 695804583

I hope this helps.