Sonos Favorites NEEDS the Line-In as a selection!! It's easier for family!

  • 21 February 2013
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64 replies

another upvote for this ... I have been wanting this for a year. I made a request to their customer support, and they referred me here.
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I also really need a Sonos Linein to be a favorite. I'm using a Logitech Harmony Ultimate with a Hub as a remote control for all my entertainment. With this, I can set up an activity called "Listen to Sonos". When I press "Listen to Sonos" on my Harmony remote, I get a screen listing all my Sonos favorites. I can tap any of them to listen to that favorite. However, to listen to my TV, I need to listen to the Linein of one of my many Sonos Connects. I cannot listen to the Linein because the Harmony remote only lets me choose Sonos favorites. There isn't any way to use the remote to play a Linein unless the Linein can be turned into a favorite.

I also have the same problem playing my Sonos playlists. The Harmony remote only lets you play favorites, not Linein or playlists.

Sonos, please make it possible to make Linein a favorite. This should have Top Priority for Sonos because I won't buy any more Sonos equipment until this problem is solved.
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It would be nice to be able to instead of hitting Line In and getting options to just be able to put all of those options as squares on the first music source page (and name them what you like).  Right now you can give it a name but it also always carries the Zone name along with it.  I don't care for their to be a zone name - if I want to say the zone name I can type it in the name I create.
Yes, please. I've been looking for this feature on every upgrade and beta and really hope it will be added.
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Sonos has done some of the best work ever with these devices. Others are "copying" but we know the real deal having SONOS. If we could just tweak a few things like this it would be even more helpful. Please keep this under consideration on your next update.
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Yes!!! these would be great. Then i only have to have my Favorites open all day. I don't know why this in not already this way.
This would be specifically useful for AirPlay usage.  I strongly support this and would directly benefit from this feature.
Definitely need this.  I have multiple TV's in my man cave.  Each one has its own DirecTV box attached to a Sonos box on the line in jacks.  Would like to be able to have a quick remote control type of favorites screen that includes line in feed and switch between them with one button click.  It takes several clicks today.
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Title should read "Line-in as a Favorite". My bad! Really wish this would happen.
I just added a Play3 to my kitchen. I would like this feature for baseball games. I have a TV connected to a Play5, and when I want to go to the kitchen during an inning, I would be great to be able to go to favorites to turn it on in the kitchen. I have found a few good workarounds using 3rd party apps, but would still like this feature.
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Added a Sonos today at an neighbors home for his deck/pool area and we added the cable TV sound into the line-in on the back of the Sonos. This way he can listen to his sport channels outside as well as Pandora, etc. The first thing he asked was, "What's Line-In mean?" All I could do was laugh. I named it TV Sound but trying to get him to remember to go to Line-In, then TV Sound was for some reason, hard. Easy for me & most but if we could just make the Line-In a Favorite, it would be fantastic! Imagine if he had several Sonos devices.
it's a no brainer! what a great idea
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I've had several people ask what the Line-In means. If we can add the Line-In as a favorite, example, Line-In is labeled CD Player as a favorite, then it would be great!
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