Sonos Desktop app keeps popping up on my screen with each new song played

Sonos desktop app keeps popping up on my screen with each new song played. This is quite annoying when you have other windows open, doing work and it pops up forcing you to close it.

Is there a setting I'm not seeing?

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Same problem here. Every new song, Sonos pops up and disrupts workflow and screen view. Very annoying. Please fix asap. PC windows 10. Just started with the new update. Wish you guys would actually try your fixes before you send them out to the world...

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Hello, did you ever find a resolution to this issue? We are running Sonos with a PC in the studio. The Sonos desktop continues to pop up every time a new song starts. We have to minimize this every time to continue working on the desktop PC. I can't find any settings that will allow me to turn this notification off. Can you advise?

Having same problem here is Diag number 259893618


Hope we get a fix otherwise I have to close the app to keep from popping up




I was told that there were errors in my log as well, but the truth is it should only log the errors and continue working without popping up. I may need to invest in another type of sound system.
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Hey ratty...Yeah it pops up every a new song starts even when it's minimized. Now that I know where to look for errors, it appears that it skipping every other song. I see an error notification "Unable to play "Beautiful" - the connection to Spotify was lost" and then it proceeds to play the next song in the queue. I can't figure out why it does this every time, but I believe that's what is causing the main screen to pop up between songs
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That’s an odd one. The app shouldn’t come up like that when a song changes. There is of course the option to have music playing notifications, which you could check under Notifications and actions on the Windows settings. Those are usually the popups at the side of the screen and wouldn’t have the app take focus.

Perhaps it’s happening because the desktop controller needs an update, I see you’ve got a notification for that on the controller. That shouldn't cause this, but it’s worth trying out if you’ve already done the basics. 

Would someone at Sonos please address the question that others are asking. It is clearly apparent that there is a problem with the Sonos programming of this app.

Here is a summary of the problem, which I believe is the same one that is happening to all:

  1. The app comes up front and center after every song.
  2. After every song, the app tries to find a song, cannot do so, reports an error message (causing the app to come to the front, even when it had been minimized), and then moves on to the next song. I am playing songs from my music library, but it happens with Pandora and other apps as well.
  3. I am using Windows 10. The computer is new and everything has just been installed and updated.

Below, I have cut and pasted a sample of three recent error messages. They go back forever and I cannot remove them (that would be nice to do as well). 

Closing the app and reopening it has been tried. So has rebooting the computer. There definitely is a glitch with the app!

Please try to diagnose and fix this, for all of our sakes. It truly is very annoying to have the app come up every few minutes in front of all the windows we are working on, blocking their view.

Thank you!

this is infuriating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  why isnt this fixed?????????????????????  

im tyring to WORK HERE and this rubbish app keeps popping up, distracting me and m aking me MAD!!!!  That seems to be the skill of sonos!  waste my time and make me mad!  WHY didnt you fix your rubbish app and tell it not to take focus if there is an error message?????  Fire your software developers!


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Hey ratty - thanks for the reply. Yes you are correct. I opened up the Error Log and there are a you know how to clear these out?
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And they are all from today and yesterday with the "Unable to play - the connection to Spotify was lost". I don't know it's giving that error. It hasn't crashed on us since I connected directed to the router and went off of wifi last month
It must be throwing multiple errors. Look in Help>Error Log.

JOOI, any idea how long this log keeps data for?

It must be throwing multiple errors. Look in Help>Error Log.JOOI, any idea how long this log keeps data for?

They age out after a few days. I don't recall how many.
I was not able to find a resolution. I continue to have to close the app with each new song.
Personally I'd want to resolve the cause of all these errors. They shouldn't be occurring.

Does the window pop even when minimised?

There are simple third party tools for hiding application windows, leaving just a notification area icon. A hidden window shouldn't pop.
Yes, it pops up even when minimized.

I appreciate that your taking the time to help us.

Could you post a screenshot of one of these pop ups, please? I’m struggling to understand exactly what they look like.

The app itself pops up to the front of your work just like this. 


Ah. For some reason, I was thinking it was a notification popup, not the full app. What happens if you close the app completely, letting the speakers continue to play. Does it open the app again, and pop to the front?

And thank you for the visual aid. Much appreciated :)


If you close the app it will not pop back in front. It is only when the app is minimized. When the song changes it pops in front. 

Gotcha. I never leave the app open once I’ve started it, so I’ve never seen this behaviour myself. And I don’t have an easy solution for you, beyond closing the app, which obviously isn’t what you want to do. Hopefully, it’s on Sonos’ roadmap, and we’ll see it some day.

Doesn’t matter if you close the app on Windows 10, it still pops up. Bad stuff Sonos guys.

I’m having the same problem with YT Music with a multiple monitor setup.


In addition to the player appearing, a flashing orange Sonos icon on the Win10 task bar pops-up when songs change; seems to happen every 4th or 5th song - when the new song starts playing.

It causes the task bar to cover part of my screen interrupting my work. It won’t disappear until clicked on.


Since I’m listening to a radio station I don’t care if a song is skipped, I don’t want to know about it - I just want to keep working… this is infuriating. Please fix!

Now Sonos suddenly stops for no reason in addition to popping up on Windows 10 on my HP PC every time a new song starts.  Too bad Sonos didn’t test updates. What was once a solid product is now approaching garbage from a user interface perspective. Back to iTunes?

Same Issue. It opens up every song change. This is a bad feature especially considering you can’t turn it off. The app is on our front desk computer for reception and an app opening every 3 minutes is extremely frustrating. There are many error messages but no way to clear them. I’ve sent away for diagnostics. Hopefully this can be fixed promptly.