Rubbish new update, what do others think ?

  • 10 September 2016
  • 82 replies

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82 replies

I am holding off from upgrading as the feedback is not good for those of us that love the non-destructive queue function.

I agree with Johnkfitz and if Sonos want to implement one tap play then it should be just that - play it right there in the queue. It should not destroy the queue and therefore no warning message would be required.

I dont really play full albums so the fact that it will start playing songs that I have not selected is bizzare and an awful feature. It would have been better if Sonos made this one of the options, e.g Play Album From Here. Give us the choice and don't force us to put music into the queue that we have not selected.

I hope Sonos see sense but I fear that the queue feature that made Sonos stand out from the rest of the crowd is going to be pushed aside for an iTunes/Spotify experience.
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There are also some bugs as well. Getting a lot of queue 1002 errors when trying to use the new functionality.
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Tap to Play

"Tap a song on your phone or tablet, it starts instantly. No need to select Play Now or Play Next. Controlling your Sonos from a computer? Double click to play."......

Then it clears the que and not only puts in the song you selected but also every other song in the list. if you want to play just that 1 song, then you have to press the dots and select play now etc. you should call it tap to destroy playlist or just tap tap tap. this new "feature" is a huge step backward for Sonos. You have taken one of the most intuitive apps and created more steps to play a song, and I now spend even more time on the phone explaining to my clients how to add songs to the que without destroying their playlist! One of the best things about Sonos was the fact that even the most technically challenged among us could easily and quickly learn how to use it with little or no instruction, until now.

in the past few days I have now received 6 calls from clients and they all start with the same sentence, " I just did the Sonos update and now my playlists keep getting replaced every time i select a song....."

This update did add some great features, the play album, play all, shuffle all options are great! But if you are going to have a feature called tap to play, it should be just that. You search, you find, you tap, it plays! It simply adds the song (and ONLY that song) to the que and begins to play. Simple and intuitive as Sonos has always been!!!!
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The playlist is a disaster! Please give users a choice how the playlist should behave.
Sonos is still the best, but the update does not work for me.
Please fix it!!!
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The new playlist behavior is horrible! Unless I am missing something it's a hugh step backward in user friendliness. Please, let me turn this off!
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I was a software developer myself for over 20 years in UNIX and Windows amongst other theatres. Everything was meant to be intuitive to users, and bombproof. I was a UI specialist. This "upgrade" (which I don't seem to be able to roll back) is none of that. The more I try to use it, the more I hate it. The steps to try to add songs to a playlist have increased, and the only way I think I could confidently build a playlist is with a PC - not a smartphone. I have more room to work and less chance to err.

Select artist. Select album. Be sure you select the TOP HALF of the icon if you are doing playlist. Select song... but select the "..." if you are working on a playlist or you may get the dreaded dialogue warning you that if your finger drifts a couple of millimeters to the left you will lose any changes to the playlist you have been constructing. You will NOT get another warning - all gone. Harkens back to 1986 MS-DOS word processor with no autosave feature for changes. Even MS-DOS had "Delete xxx? Are you sure?" You get the thinnest warning of that here and the greatest potential of missing the mark with your smartphone finger touch I have ever observed. It will cut you no slack.

I won't be building/modifying any playlists on a phone until this is rectified.
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I think it is horrible. It is oriented toward the instant play to the point that creating playlists is a PAIN. And if you err before you save it, you will lose it all. And you can ERR by not putting your finger exactly where it wants it, because the sensitivity is not how I would have liked it and CLEAR your playlist. What genius there thought that up? Really?? Coupled with the edge alphabet nearly encroaching on the main screen - stinks. Worst Sonos experience in 3 years. 😞