Android app shows empty queue each time started up

  • 28 February 2023
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When I start up the Android app it keeps showing the queue screen which is empty. It does this if the room that is playing is showing full screen but not if the playing is minimised and showing the rooms instead - hopefully that makes sense.

So if I close the app with the playing showing full screen, it will open full screen the next time and immediately shows the empty queue. If I close the app showing the rooms with the playing part minimised, it doesn’t open the queue screen when I start up the app but as soon as I maximise the playing part of it, it shows the queue screen.

There’s nothing in the queue and I just mainly listen to Planet Rock Radio which is still showing in the playing part when I start the app up.

The queue has been empty for many months and I’ve not used it for many months apart from having to keep close it when it opens by itself.



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50 replies

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Same here! It just recently started and is extremely annoying. I try to back out of the app and it pops up at least 2 more times before it backs out. I thought maybe an uninstall and reinstall would help, it did not. Came here hoping to find a fix.

I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and call Sonos Support to discuss it. Just an anecdotal post doesn’t supply them any real information that they can chase, especially as it may be a local issue, and not a problem with the Sonos software itself. 

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network. 

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I’m not sure I want to go through all the hassle of having to phone them up whilst they probably say that there’s no software issue even though it might be. I went through many phone calls a few years ago before it was proven to be a software issue for another problem I had.


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Hi @JohnG666 (& @ErikaF2009)

Thanks for your post!

I was able to reproduce this on my system/phone, and I have reported it.

However, as with most issues, the best traction is gained when the case count goes up - I would encourage you to call in and report this. Thank you.

Edit: But please don’t expect an immediate resolution.

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Excellent thanks for letting us know :)

I will try and find the time to report this as well then.


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Thanks! I will also call Sonos support.

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I have experienced this for about the past week as well. It is a highly annoying issue, and I can’t imagine Sonos believes people want to open the app and dismiss the queue each and every time they open the app. Generally my queue is empty because I usually stream radio stations. But there it is, an extra step I have to take every single time I open the app. I would like the app to open to a different screen than that one. That one is not in any way helpful to me, and probably not to a lot of other users.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the comment from Sonos, but it sounds like you are aware of the issue, but you would like us to keep asking you to fix it? You need numbers to convince you there’s an issue you already know about? What??


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Hi @mcri 

As with all issues, priority is ascertained by how many people get in touch regarding the issue. For this reason, I was encouraging anyone affected by this issue (as I do with all other issues not caused by local conditions) to get in touch as the number of people getting in touch regarding a particular problem will raise the priority with which it will be addressed. 

If you don’t have the time nor inclination to do so, that’s fine - with this particular issue, I have a feeling it will be addressed sooner or later anyway.

Incidentally, as you are finding it very annoying, please be aware that the queue only appears when opening the app if the app had the Now Playing screen fullscreen-ed when last used. If you keep the Now Playing screen “minimised”, you shouldn’t see the queue when reopening.

I hope this helps.

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I called Sonos. The tech I talked to is unaware of this issue and tried to blame it on Sirius, as that's what I listen to. It's not Sirius. Sonos opens the empty queue and then I minimize it and it opens the current channel playing on Sirius, then I back out of it to get to my channel list and the empty queue pops up yet again, back out of it and then it goes to my channel list. Sonos was of no help. Told me to reboot my router, my extender, my Sonos speakers (all of them), and then finally my phone. Also suggested a factory reset on my phone. Um no…

Very disappointed with their tech help and still annoyed w the app. Also, it's only doing it on my phone and not on computer so he thinks it's my phone. No, it's the app and it needs a fix.

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I have the same issue.

Had an update yesterday and thought it was a fix, but no it's still happening.

I find it incredible that the money we spend on the hardware and then we are treated like the previous poster (EricaF2009). Your App needs fixing now.

So are you saying that if one customer has a problem and no one else has that problem it won't be fixed because not enough people complained?

You are aware of this problem, you can replicate the problem, so fix the problem please.

I'm beginning to lose all faith in Sonos because of this attitude.

We are customers and deserve better from you!


I have the same issue lately, very annoying 

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Hi @ErikaF2009 

I’m very glad to hear you refused to reset your phone! As this is a new issue, it can take some time before news of it reaches everyone in the support team - I have taken steps to accelerate this process.

I located your case and tagged it with the relevant tracking code - regardless of what was said during the call, you have now been counted. Thank you!


Hi @Delboy_1 

So are you saying that if one customer has a problem and no one else has that problem it won't be fixed because not enough people complained?

No, I said the priority would be raised, as it will be with each additional report. I also said I believed it would be fixed regardless.

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Me too. Nothing in queue. I listen to quite a variety of things - SomaFM, Tidal, TuneIn radio stations…

I've only used the queue… Twice? For specific local music playlists for a couple of friend's birthday parties, but not for… A year? Maybe more…

Quite annoying. Only started a month or so ago with an update.

If there was the ability to revert back one
 update I absolutely would…


Please fix!

same issue, very annoying, as is the amount of time spent troubleshooting this and numerous other system issues. don't buy sonos, not worth the headaches

I found something on a different thread that mentioned this happening only when launching from a widget. For me the queue launches every time when loading the app from the widget. If I launch from the app icon, no queue screen shows. Not holding out for a fix to this anytime soon since IOS gets all the love first.

Lol. The only time that iOS got the love first was when they introduced TruePlay, which has been explained ad nauseum as to why it can’t be done on the multitude of different hardware used by the Android OS.

Oh, wait. Sonos also pulled the ability to ‘play from this device’ from iOS first. Forced by Apple to do so.

Every, and I mean every other feature has been released simultaneously on each platform…mostly because the Sonos application is actually running on your speaker, and the ‘controller’ is only a remote control / window into what the application is doing.  

Same problem.   Doesn't matter if I launch from the app or the widget.   It does it on my pixel 7pro, Samsung tab 8 tablet and tab S2 tablet.  Also does not matter where i am streaming from (Usually pandora or Sirrus)I still get the blank queue screen, which I have never used.  It's been happening for about 2 months, quite annoying. 

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Hi @JohnG666 et al

Just to let you know, we now consider this issue resolved with the latest update.

If, after updating, you continue to see this behaviour, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team for assistance.

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I still have this issue on my Android phone which has the up to date software loaded.



Have you submitted a system diagnostic , and called Sonos Support to discuss it? I’m sure they would be interested in the hard data in it, to help them figure out why the fix they released hasn’t fixed your instance. 

Which I see @Corry P has suggested twice to you already. 

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Which I see @Corry P has suggested twice to you already. 


I did that when the issue was reported 9 months ago. As far as I can tell, this issue has never been fixed for me. 

The only reason I came back to this thread was because I couldn’t beleive that such a simple looking display issue could take so long to fix.


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What did Sonos say after looking at your latest diagnostic data?

Are you seeing the issue they fixed or just something similar?

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I haven’t heard anything from Sonos. Other people have though looking at the replies above.


It’s the exact same problem as I originally stated. It’s never been fixed for me


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Hi @JohnG666 

We consider this issue resolved. Therefore, we are no longer making any effort to fix it - why would we?

As you are continuing to see this issue, please get in touch with our technical support team to report as much - you seem to be the only person still reporting that you have this issue, so if you don’t report that you are still affected by it, who will?