Unable to set Sonos Era 100 as Alexa-enabled device in room/group using Alexa app

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Today I’ve upgraded my two Sonos Ones with Sonos Era 100s. After adding Alexa to the speakers, I tried to go into the Alexa app to associate them with their respective rooms. I’m able to add them as the room speaker, but I am unable to set them as the Alexa device for that room (allowing for room-specific commands like “Alexa, turn off the lights”, etc).

What’s weird is my Era 100s will show up under the Echo & Alexa devices section in the Alexa app, but they do not show up under Alexa-enabled devices when editing a room/group (see attached screenshots).

I’ve reached out to Alexa support and they were largely unhelpful, they claimed that from their resources Alexa isn’t supported on the Sonos Era 100 (maybe their documentation hasn’t been updated since this is a brand new product?). So they left the conversation there even after showing them that Sonos clearly states Alexa built-in support for the Era 100.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Seems like a bug in the Alexa app, and their support team is unwilling to report the issue up their chain.


Corry P 10 months ago

Hi Everyone

If you are still experiencing this issue (which we believed had stopped happening outside of Germany) please submit a support diagnostic and post the given number along with a screenshot of the Alexa app showing a lack of Era units under “Alexa-enabled Devices”, as above. Thank you.

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I can confirm that the problem is resolved for me too now.

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I’m having this exact problem today with my brand new Sonos Roam 2.

Looking for clarification:

Is this yet another variation of the above bug that many of us fought for several years on ERA 100?

Is it really fixed for the ERA 100?  (I gave up trying over 6 months ago and haven’t dared tried to use my ERA 100’s in this way as no time to experiment)

Is this perhaps a stupid limitation artificially imposed on the Sonos Roam 2 because it is battery-powered?  (I have it on a Sonos overpriced charging base and was hoping to use it in a bedroom to control the lights by adding it to a an Alexa group like I do with everything else).