Audio actions in routines are currently not supported on this device

  • 5 December 2018
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Does support monitor this thread? It’s a year old with numerous requests for help from Sonos and not a peep from them. It makes me nervous about continuing down the SONOS path or recommending to friends.

I'm sure they do monitor this thread, they clearly just don't respect their client base - after all they have our money now don't they? Typical American company - treat u like royalty until they have ur cash, then treat u like scum. 

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I think this issue might've been resolved as of tonight. We have a "good night" voice routine that we use from the Beam in our bedroom. Wed got used to sarcastically chanting "Audio routines are not supported..." and then suddenly tonight, the routine just ran without a fuss.

I suppose so Jammalam, very discouraging.

I think this issue might've been resolved as of tonight. We have a "good night" voice routine that we use from the Beam in our bedroom. Wed got used to sarcastically chanting "Audio routines are not supported..." and then suddenly tonight, the routine just ran without a fuss.
Could you please add an audio action to your routine and see if the error message comes back again or not? It seems that the error message happens only if you add an audio action to your routine.
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I wish I had never bought the Sonos One. Dot + a Play works much better, especially with the Group "default speaker" thing.

Just FYI, Alexa-enabled speakers can now be assigned as the "preferred speaker" in a room, and also, more recently, the Alexa app was updated to allow these devices to be assigned to a specific room and therefore make Alexa room-aware. So, for example, I can say to the Sonos Beam in my living room, "Alexa, turn on the lights," and Alexa knows to only turn on the lights in my living room. Likewise I can say to the Sonos One in my bedroom, "Alexa, turn off the lights" and Alexa knows to only turn off the lights in the bedroom. This functionality was previously only available to actual Echo products, but was added to Alexa-enabled speakers... eventually. Yes, these devices are still missing some functionality when compared to actual Echo products (like drop-in and messaging) but I just wanted to chime in that there has been SOME progress on this front, and I'm happy to see it.
Hi. (Apologies if this has been mentioned or noticed or discussed already.) I noticed something odd while looking at Alexa Routines involving Audio Actions.

Currently I have a Beam connected to two ones for home theatre, (I also have several Philips Hue bulbs)

Prior to having the Hue bulbs I could say “Alexa, GoodNight” to which she would reply using a random phrase. Exploring the Alexa iOS app I found the Routines page.

There I noticed, listed under ‘Featured’ was the default preprogrammed Goodnight Routine... WHEN: Alexa, Goodnight,
ALEXA: Say A Random Phrase From Good Night FROM: The Device You Speak To.

Everything was fine and worked.
UNTIL, I got the Hue bulbs and connected everything up.

I thought I’d be clever and edit the original default preprogrammed Goodnight routine from the featured routines page. So all I did was in the action All Hue Lights - Turn Off.
Suddenly Alexa found the cursed “Audio Actions In Routines Not Supported” message!
Aha! I thought, in my amended routine, the audio action was listed before the lights off action, swap them and save the day.... but no. No matter the order of the actions Alexa gives an Audio reply saying she can’t give audio replies.

I realise that so far this is nothing new to this thread and conversation.

However, it strikes me as VERY VERY odd that the Alexa app comes with a featured preprogrammed routine, AND that routine is specifically an Audio Action routine. THAT WORKS with Sonos!!

To me this makes no sense. Pre-existing Audio Action Routine ~ works with Sonos. Add to that Routine ~ Audio Action doesn’t work but added action does??
Was the featured Goodnight routine, that comes with the app, not a true routine and just a command? Or does integrating more smart devices cause the problem? What’s the logic here?
This bug is the one thing deterring me from going all in on sonos, I want their system as their sound quality is great, but routines is a key feature I need. If this isn't solved by Christmas, I guess I will be going with just echo+ and echo studio speakers...
I have smart plugs from different companies and apps. In each I had a scene called good night. The Alexa routine turned each scene on, and gave the error. I renamed one of the scenes to bed time 1, and now the Goid Night Alexa routine does not give the message any longer.

My good morning routine included similar goid morning routines, I renamed one. I still got the message. My good morning routine included play weather on the device I speak to. I changed the weather to output to an Alexa device and my messages have now cleared.
So, I’m not crazy. This is a problem other people are still facing with no solution? Because I’m experiencing it with my brand new Sonos Ones (Gen 2) and it’s annoying AF.

Sonos does not (yet) officially support Alexa Routines with their devices as part of the routine itself, though you can launch some routines for light/plug control etc. We will have to wait and see if “the powers that be” decide to go onto to do this, but presumably Sonos have higher priorities with Google Voice Assistant being announced for next week in the U.S.
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Have you tried looking at the audio routines subset and deleted or erase whatever is there (it could be a hit of the space bar or simply Alexa "thinks" something is there) doesnt hurt to try.

I have the opposite problem... I did place an audio routine - and it executes it - after saying "this device does not support audio..." lol..bugs in the system... I love the sound, though

I have been getting the same error so came looking for answers. Can’t believe this post is 1 year old

and still no solution to this issue. 

another half-a$$ed Sonos adventure. Won’t be recommending Sonos to anyone until they fix Alexa and Google Assistant deficiencies. 

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Sonos team, any update? 

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Don’t hold your breath!

As stated in many other posts, Sonos great sound, very poor support!

 Sonos continuously release products that apart from the great sound quality, fall over miserably in all other area’s including the app!

Sonos, how about you FINISH one project 100% before starting another!

It seems that Sonos know that people have invested $1000’s in their products and know we will put up with their crap support coz we don’t want to fork out thousands more for an alternative. 

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Most Sonos users want to be able to build Alexa routines and make use of the Alexa Says action, which translates to fixing the “Audio actions in routines are currently not supported on this device” error message.   When will Sonos One support audio actions?   Is Sonos Support reading these posts?  How often are software patches pushed to this product set?  Weekly, Quarterly, Yearly?  Please give us something to hope for.


I have sank over 2k into my SONOS system. I've had this problem from the beginning. I only get the message when there's an audio action as part of the routine. Alexa still executes the routine and even does the audio action after she tells you it's not supported. I researched this issue when I first started 2 years ago and I'm disappointed that this thread is exactly where I left it with more people complaining of the problem that's still unresolved.

I have well over 100 connected smart home devices in my home and this issue is the most persistent (because there's a SONOS in every room talking back to me telling me it's not going to do something). Just remove that response! Literally, the speaker saying nothing is preferable.