Audio actions in routines are currently not supported on this device.

  • 5 December 2018
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78 replies

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I tried Google Assistant on Sonos and the results aren't any better than Alexa (it's actually worse in most cases). Asking Google Assistant to change TV volume takes like 10-15 seconds to complete (no joke). Google Assistant can turn off my TV, but it can't turn it on. But hey, at least I can change Google Assistant's voice to British or Australian, which is fun but hardly a selling point. Routines and other Google Assistant functionality simply doesn't work at all. Alexa is the better option on Sonos, even though it's seriously hobbled. Maybe Polk or Bose or Visio will figure this out and force Sonos to play catch-up (or I'll just upgrade to the inevitable Amazon-branded soundbar, probably coming out this holiday season!)
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Initially it was working fine. Now it only supports weather …… Sonos and Amazon should work together to fix this otherwise we should stop buying Sonos products with Alexa altogether now. After 1 year, the situation is still the same.  

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@Jean C.  Sonos.. any update? 

How annoying, came here looking for answers, leaving feeling dejected about the money I foolishly spent

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Looking on the bright side, I have managed to stop two other people wasting their money on Sonos. Their poor support does have an impact on new sales. 

Can’t believe this still isn’t fixed when it’s so easy. They’re clearly prioritising development over resolving technical debt. 

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Hi both

Amazon have two standards: Alexa devices and Alexa Enabled devices - Non Amazon products are always Alexa Enabled devices and have a slightly reduced level of functionality, as do Amazon's own Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. It has nothing to do with 'Sonos having no intention of fixing their Alexa integration.' Drop-in is an example of a function currently only supported on Alexa devices.

With regards to the OP's issue, I suspect that you may have duplicate device names within your Alexa Set-up, please check your Alexa App>Smart Home>Devices. The Sonos One can initiate Routines without issue, I do it all the time but with a limitation, as for all Alexa Enabled devices, that you can't initiate a Routine that plays an Audio output on a device.
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I have the same problem. It was working fine but now they (amazon or sonos) changed something in the updates this month and I get that message now. very poor on both company's side. THIS WAS WORKING and I have changed no settings

You are experiencing the joys of cloud computing... Functionality is now split between the Sonos App, Sonos Skill, and Alexa - and in some cases music service organisations as well. Sonos will develop some aspects independently of Amazon and likewise, Amazon will do the same where competitive pressures apply. I suggest that you Disable the Sonos skill in the Alexa App and then Enable again.
Thanks for all the replies, great community here :)
I don't have a Beam and I live in the UK. The thing thats driving me mad is that it worked fine just a few weeks ago.
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I agree that the Alexa integration needs to be much better, I’m very disappointed with that experience. I’d also love to be able to use it to group rooms to play music too but it doesn’t look like any progress is being made with that either.

Does support monitor this thread? It’s a year old with numerous requests for help from Sonos and not a peep from them. It makes me nervous about continuing down the SONOS path or recommending to friends.

I'm sure they do monitor this thread, they clearly just don't respect their client base - after all they have our money now don't they? Typical American company - treat u like royalty until they have ur cash, then treat u like scum. 

This bug is the one thing deterring me from going all in on sonos, I want their system as their sound quality is great, but routines is a key feature I need. If this isn't solved by Christmas, I guess I will be going with just echo+ and echo studio speakers...
So, I’m not crazy. This is a problem other people are still facing with no solution? Because I’m experiencing it with my brand new Sonos Ones (Gen 2) and it’s annoying AF.

Im also hoping for a solution to this. Just seems like a bug, or caused by a combination of scenarios that I can’t figure out. I’ve disconnected and re-set-up everything but still the same error message, despite it then proceeding to run the command as normal. I’ll send a support request to Alexa and Sonos.

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Hello there, thank you for reaching out to the Sonos Community with your concerns about your Alexa routines. While routines are not fully supported within Sonos at this time we are aware of this and are continuing to work with Amazon to improve features and expand functionality. Please keep an eye out on the "Announcements" forum for any updates on expanding feature support for our supported voice services.            

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Don’t hold your breath!

As stated in many other posts, Sonos great sound, very poor support!

 Sonos continuously release products that apart from the great sound quality, fall over miserably in all other area’s including the app!

Sonos, how about you FINISH one project 100% before starting another!

It seems that Sonos know that people have invested $1000’s in their products and know we will put up with their crap support coz we don’t want to fork out thousands more for an alternative. 

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Most Sonos users want to be able to build Alexa routines and make use of the Alexa Says action, which translates to fixing the “Audio actions in routines are currently not supported on this device” error message.   When will Sonos One support audio actions?   Is Sonos Support reading these posts?  How often are software patches pushed to this product set?  Weekly, Quarterly, Yearly?  Please give us something to hope for.


I have sank over 2k into my SONOS system. I've had this problem from the beginning. I only get the message when there's an audio action as part of the routine. Alexa still executes the routine and even does the audio action after she tells you it's not supported. I researched this issue when I first started 2 years ago and I'm disappointed that this thread is exactly where I left it with more people complaining of the problem that's still unresolved.

I have well over 100 connected smart home devices in my home and this issue is the most persistent (because there's a SONOS in every room talking back to me telling me it's not going to do something). Just remove that response! Literally, the speaker saying nothing is preferable.

There are SOO many responses to this issue, I will just skip the line. 

Issue: Alexa-enabled device added to a group and the group is part of a routine, or called by name. 

Example: I have a group called Bedroom. My Sonos Beam was added to the bedroom group (logical.) If I call a route on ‘bedroom,’ or initiate a command for ‘bedroom,’ the response is, “This device does not support routines...” 

FIX: Take the Sonos Beam out of the Alexa devices, ‘Bedroom group.’ 

I can now issue commands on the ‘Bedroom Group,’ and call routines without the error message. 


I had the same issue with the 'Goodnight' routine, I was able to fix this by removing 'Say a random phrase from goodnight'. It appears that any verbal response from Alexa isn't supported, so just remove it and the annoying error message should disappear and you will just get an 'Okay' in response to your request.

Just FYI I have the routine turning multiple lights on & off and turning the Tv off. 

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The fact that it’s been one year with this issue is what blows my mind.

such a big company and have no regard for their community.

It either has Alexa or not. They need to stop marketing that it does because it doesn’t.

i can’t market a whole house for sale and sell you half a house.

Luckily i I bought one, I’ll return it tomorrow because waiting for the “brilliant” engineers to fix it has already taken a year.

I feel for anyone whos spent a lot of money with Sonos.

I'm not aware of any marketing information from Sonos that states they will support all Alexa functionality. The stated primary goal of Sonos is to enable the control of music via Voice Control. All reviews that I have read by 3rd party organisations state that Alexa functionality is not 100%.

I have also paused purchasing further speakers and am considering jumping ship to another brand now. 


I’m curious, what other brand has Alexa built-in and fully supports Alexa Routines?

I thought I had it fixed after removing and remaking the routines but it only fixed it for one execution of the action...then it started preceding the actions with the warning again. I too am looking for a resolution to this anomaly. 

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I have set up a Routine in the Alexa app which is a set of commands for the phrase "Alexa, Goodnight" in which two lights are switched off in the same room. I have also tried to add a command to siwtch the audio off from a Sonos One to which the command is issued in the same room but unfortunately, the device does not show up in the list of Smart Home devices. A Sonos Beam in another room does appear in the list.

Is there any reason why the Sonos One doesn't appear and the Beam does? After all the Beam and One are just "Alexa Enabled" devices....
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I have also paused purchasing further speakers and am considering jumping ship to another brand now. 


I’m curious, what other brand has Alexa built-in and fully supports Alexa Routines?

I’d likely switch to Apple / Siri

I’d likely switch to Apple / Siri


Really?  By all accounts, the HomePod is a bust, and like other Apple busts, will probably be wiped from the historical record.