Roam stops playing music

  • 4 May 2021
  • 1 reply

Hi my Roam arrived today. I have other Sonos speakers so pretty familiar with the set up etc. However, my roam keeps stopping playing the music from Apple Music after a few seconds to a minute in. This happened on WiFi and Bluetooth mode. When it does this, my iPhone tells me the music is still playing but no sound is coming from the roam or my phone. I’m with Talktalk and the router doesn’t show an internet problem. I can’t figure it out. On occasion, the speaker just turns off (no leds on at all). Then when I switch it back on, the playlist is wiped. It’s fully charged and does this when plugged in and when running off battery. Is it a duff and I need a replacement? 

1 reply

The only way Sonos can advise you if it is a defective speaker is if you submit a diagnostic, and either call them with that number, or post the number here. 

Before doing so, I would recommend a full factory reset of the device, just to see if that ‘fixes’ the problem.