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  • 14 December 2017
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Hi all

I am about to upgrade my system but am unsure what to get. I have a stereo pair of Play 5's (gen1) and am considering getting a sub. Would it be better doing this or selling the Play 5's (gen1) and replacing with Play 5's (gen2). This will be a one off upgrade so if I went with the Play 5's (gen2) a sub would not be bought. What do you think would give the best sound?


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3 replies

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Hi, mourneviewace. I'm glad you asked but this is the kind of question that has no one correct answer. I can offer my own opinion, however. I would personally rather have 2 x Gen 2's over 2 Gen 1's and a SUB. There's a few reasons for this: I'm not necessarily a bass-junkie and live in a flat... More the point, the PLAY:5 Gen 2's are more expressive in the mid-range, which I find to be more important. Again, this is all personal perspective and YMMV. I'd be interested to read what others have to say.
Not an easy question; and one does not have to be a bass junkie to appreciate what a Sub brings to the experience and the improvement it will make to the sound from even the old 5 units by taking over bass duties.

Ideally, this is best decided by listening to both at home after getting a Sub and a new 5 pair on returnable basis and letting your ears help you decide on what to keep.
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Many thanks for your replies. After a bit of research it seems both setups would be great without a big difference between them. I have decided to pair a sub with my existing white Play 5's with silver grills which blend in with my room as I see that the new 5's have black grills on the white speakers so don't look as good in my opinion.