Paired One SL Stops Working

My sonos system was originally comprised of two One SL speakers and an Arc.  Four months ago, I bought two additional One SL speakers and installed them as “paired” in the same room.  The system worked great for months, no issues.  In the last few weeks, when I am select my paired one speakers, the music plays for a while and then randomly stops.  When I look at my phone, it is as if the music is paused, and when I go to re-select the paired speakers, they don’t show up.  Not until I unplug both of the paired speakers, and sometimes event the internet router, will they show up again.  This only seems to happen with my paired speakers.


Does anyone know why this would be happening?  It’s strange that the system worked fine for months, and in the last few weeks, this has become an issue.  I primarily use the Spotify app for music, but when the paired speakers drop out of appearance, they are not viewable in the sonos app either.


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The issue is in your network. Have you made any changes such as new router or converted to a mesh network.

It could be as simple as a firmware update for your router and/or device that the Sonos app is installed on. It could be WiFi interference.

Tell us about your network. 

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Since WiFi and the 2.4 GHz band are shared resources something you or a neighbor added may change the environment enough to be a problem.

Some network issues can be traced back to DHCP, the way to avoid them is to assign static/reserved IP addresses to your Sonos from the router’s DHCP page. Since this is quick and easy I often suggest doing it followed by a Sonos and router reboot as step one.

I have not made any changes to my internet network or router.  It is a stock AT&T fiber box that was installed years ago.  The speakers are located close to the box.

If the problem is with my network, then why does this issue of having the music stop playing only affect my paired speakers?  All of my other sonos speakers work fine and don’t have this issue.  I would think a network issue would affect all speakers.

Not necessarily. As @Stanley_4  points out, it could be wifi interference, either from a device in your home, or a neighbor who has made a change, which could affect only certain speakers. Or, as @AjTrek1 suggests, it could be as simple as duplicate IP address issues with just those speakers on your router, which would be resolved by assigning reserved IP addresses across the board.

Also, while you may not have made changes to your router, rest assured that AT&T does regularly, by pushing updates to it behind your back. I’ve experienced issues with both my TV sets and my NAS, due to updates pushed to them, essentially without any intervention on my part. But just because I didn’t do something didn’t mean something wasn’t done. 

Got it, thank you.  I will try to assign reserved IP’s to the speakers.  Is there an article you could point me to of how to do this?  Or explain how I get that implemented?

Not offhand, each router does it slightly differently. I’d be reading the manual for your specific router for instruction, they’d be there. 

Ok, I was able to go into my router’s setting and assign fixed allocation IP addresses to each of my Sonos speakers.  Is this all I need to do, or do I also need to change a setting on my Sonos app on my phone?  See below, the top 5 devices are the speakers.


Well, that is a start, and there is nothing you need to change in the controller, that’s a network, not a Sonos change. This addresses one of the possibilities mentioned by the previous posters, but isn’t a fix for all potential network issues. It all depends on what is affecting your system. 

Ok, I will give this a few days and see if it resolves the issue.  I’ll circle back if I experience the same issue even with the static IPs.  Thanks, all!

Well, that didn’t take long.  Same issue happened after assigning fixed IPs to the speakers.  The music cutoff mid song on my paired speakers, then those two speakers don’t show up in my system.  All other speakers still show.  What should I try next to resolve this?

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OK… thanks for the update…

Did you purchase the speakers new or used?

If used they may be defective. Sometimes defects take time to be visible. If so I’d say the NIC is failing.

Regardless, be they purchased used or new I suggest this….

Within 10 minutes of the next occurrence run a diagnostic and record the reference ID in your next post. Then call Sonos tech support and have them pull up the reference ID and discuss with them the findings.

They were purchased new.  How do I run the diagnostic?  Is that on the ap?

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Open the App > Settings > Support  > Submit Diagnostic