Disable touch control sound effects

  • 16 February 2022
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There appears to be no setting to disable sound effects for touch controls on the Move so when adjusting the volume of the output, you get a disturbing beep for each tap. The volume of the beep is tied to the volume of the device so the louder the volume, the louder the beep which is distracting given that it plays over the intended audio.  

There are a couple of closed posts on this topic from >1y ago (indicating that this also affects other products than the Move) with an answer that says Sonos will refer it to their engineers.


Sonos, can something be done about this seemingly pointless (to me) function to at least handover control of it to the user?

10 replies

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Hi @danielmc45 

Thanks for your post, and for your idea!

I’ve marked this thread as a feature request, so it will be seen by the relevant teams for consideration.

I honestly can’t believe anyone in the audio business thinks having horrible beeps and lights coming out of devices is a good idea. McIntosh nails it by having a soft beautiful display worthy of being looked at. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks that speakers should only make sounds that the user requests. I’m sending mine back and looking for another manufacturer that gets it.

Users should not have to “request” that speakers only make sounds that the user initiates. If I worked for Sonos I’d be embarrassed.

I acctaully like that products do make sounds when pressing buttons when I press them as a blind user it makes things easier to know if something has changed on the device. IMO most other manufactures will have UI sounds like that. I am Looking at the likes of Amazon’s own devices who do the same thing and have no way to turn off the sounds their when adjusting the volume.

It’s certainly a preference, some people will like/need it, others prefer not to have it. No matter which way Sonos goes, there would be complaints. 

Give users an option, and you will have no complaints. (I would certainly turn them off.)

please add fonction to remove those horrible sonores effect when up or down volume. sound are bigger than music. 


please upgrade.



“…as that sound depends on the volume of the speaker.”

Dumbest response I’ve heard.

The VOLUME depends on the volume of the speaker. At least give the option to silence the dumb sounds. 

To date, there exists no way of disabling this feature


you can get round it by controlling volume from the Sonos App. The unit doesn’t beep when you do it that way.


+1 for being able to disable this (to me) ugly and useless beep.