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  • 3 December 2020
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I’ve had universally good experiences of SONOS...up until now.  I’ve just bought a Move and I cannot get it to connect.  There are other threads that hint at this but none of the workarounds seem to work. I go to add the speaker in the iOS app, it recognises it, goes through the setup and then tells me I will need to connect via iOS accessory setup.  There is a button in the app that says “Go to accessory setup” which doesn’t work.  Others have posted a workaround - minimise the app, go to ios settings, wifi, and select the Move - this starts but ultimately produces an error and fails.  I have tried my iphone and ipad.  My wife’s ipad is still on iOS 14.2 and gets further through this workaround than my phone or ipad but still ends in an error.

I’ve spoken twice to technical support and couldn’t get any further than the advice to try and find a friend or neighbour to borrow an Android phone from for a couple of minutes to set up the speaker with!

This seems to be a known issue with sonos vs apple WAC.  Support couldn’t give any idea as to when it might be resolved.  Until then, I have a £300 paperweight!  How about just adding back the functionality to the desktop app to manage devices; at least then I’d have a non-iOS option.  

Does anyone have a fix for this?


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3 replies

Figured it out for myself.  Connect the move via a USB-C cable to a laptop (Move also needs to be on the charging ring for power).  Follow the instructions to add the Move via the Sonos app on iPhone.  Once added, USB-C cable can be disabled.

Have to say, I’m really disappointed none of the 3 tech-support people I spoke to/on-line chatted with had any idea that that this might be a solution; I suspect it’s an alternative for all sorts of connectivity and setup issues with the Move.

daveac, thanks for your post. Just got my Move and trying to add to my S1 network. Can you explain your solution a little more? Does connecting to the laptop enable the Sonos app to get through the accessory setup fail. Is there anything you need to do from the laptop, or just go through the Sonos app setup and it will get past the accessory setup issue? Thanks, much appreciated. Agree, I’ve had a good experience with Sonos up to this point.

I was able to connect by using an Android device, but what a pain in the neck.  Once on the wi-fi network, I am able to control fine with iOS devices.

Hopefully it doesn’t go wrong again with the next update…