Music stuttering

  • 21 April 2024
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Here is my diagnosis number **************

I have stuttering issues since I have connected my Sonos Move to my setup.
I am connect wirelessly with my Playbar, Play3, Move. I have this mostly when I connect with my PC that is connected to my Sonos connect Gen2.

What could be the issue.
The sonos move is sitting right next to my sonos connect and the connect itself is 3m away for my exposed Wifi router.

Internet connection is stable.

I would love to hear your feedback on this.

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3 replies

First, I would call Sonos Support directly to discuss it. Only Sonos Forum moderators frequent this forum, not Sonos support folks, and unfortunately for the rest of us, only Sonos employees can see the contents of a diagnostic.

As another test, I’d also try moving the Sonos Move further away from your Sonos CONNECT, it may be possible that the two devices are interfering in some way with the radio signal. Or is the ‘connect’ you speak about really a BRIDGE or BOOST? Either way, a few feet of separation may be a good test. 

Hey Bruce

Thanks for your answer.
I have trieds to actually get the Move away from the connect.

I have now wired the sonos connect but it doesnt really seem to make a difference …
So the playbar, play3 and move are still wireless.

Might have to do with my router wifi speed. I will soon get a Wifi 6 mesh . Will see if that fixes it.

Also do you know with I put everything in wired mode, and switch off my wifi at home, is there a way that the sonos move can receive its signal through bluetooth in paired mode to play with the rest of the wired system ?

While it’s possible, it is unlikely to have much to do with your WiFi speed. Sonos, when sending music to speakers, doesn’t use a lot of speed/bandwidth. It can be sensitive to things like duplicate IP addresses, or wifi interference .

The Move gen 2 can do Bluetooth and WiFi connections at the same time (I.e. receive a Bluetooth signal and share it with grouped speakers), but the gen 1 can not.