Move 2 vs 2 Moves

  • 27 September 2023
  • 2 replies

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Does anyone have thoughts on the acoustic differences between the Move 2 and having 2 of the Move 1s setup in stereo?




2 replies

That’s a bit vague.  The move 2 has to tweeters and is therefore capable of playing a stereo imagine on is  own (at least over a certain frequency range), but does not provide the physical separation you want from stereo.  The original Move is just 1 tweeter, mono, on it’s own.  You get stereo with a pair of them, but whether that’s better than a Move 2 on it’s own depends on the actual placement of a pair of Moves.

In general though, I’d say in order of best to worst..

1- Pair of Move 2s

2 - Pair of Moves

3 - Single Move 2

4 - Single Move 

All of these have auto trueplay. I personally have just a single Move and and very happy with it for the use cases I have for it. 

There are also differences in functionality that may have an impact on which is better for you, but that was not the scope of your question.


I just received my move 2 and although it is stereo, in terms of sound it is not a big difference from the previous one, very disappointed with the sound of the move2, I imagined a noticeable difference, so I would prefer two sonos as a stereo pair to the new one sonos move 2