Sonos and Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

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Does Catalina 15.1 help with this at all?  The release notes say it improves the migration of iTunes Libraries to Music/TV/etc, so there is some sort of change there.

Thanks to you all for the helpful posts!

One thing though, and wonder if anyone else has the same issue: all music in my library syncs to Sonos, but still not the playlists, and also not any songs I have downloaded via Apple Music. I used to buy songs on iTunes, they are all there, but since I switched to Apple Music subscription, all the songs are downloaded on my NAS, they appear in my library in the Music app, but will not appear in Sonos library. I notice they are all M4P format, whereas iTunes bought music was M4A format…

Anyone has the same issue, and is there a solution to this?

New issue for me with Sonos and Catalina:  All of my playlists are now duplicated in Sonos after updating the library.  Help!  I guess better to have two than none, but….


in that case remove all (xml) library files in the iTunes directory except the ‘iTunes Library.xml’ and update the Sonos music library (‘Manage’ menu, ‘Update Music Library Now’).

Interesting. Since this isn't an officially released product, and just the Gold Master, it is entirely possible that Sonos doesn't yet support this new file type. Which implies an upcoming controller update, I would guess.

Thanks for flagging this for the Sonos guys to take a look at. I'd certainly hope that there's some group in Sonos already looking at it.

Looks like 10.6 has solved the issue with Catalina and updating the Music Library.  I think it is now safe for others to update.

Thank you SONOS all is forgiven.

Really ? 

If you have upgraded to Catalina, there is no iTunes directory. There is no iTunes. 

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Did you have any problems with Album Artwork or Sonos permissions in Catalina when you updated or did everything work normally as it should? Thanks.


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I expect the same thing. It appears that in Catalina it asks for permission to access external drives. Perhaps this is a new "feature" that might be tripping things up. Thanks for your help.

I’m sorry to be persistent but this Is important. Are you categorically saying that when I update my macOS to Catalina from Mojave, (as it is at present with everything working well with my iTunes library playing perfectly in the Sonos app, including imported iTunes playlists), nothing will change, with my library and imported iTunes playlists operating just as they have always done?

if you are saying this why do people like pomm4tous still say they have problems?

no answer? Hopefully cause it’s the weekend and not for other....


Hi Martin

My file structure on my NAS drive looks like this:

<external drive name>/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music

This is different from my original post - can't remember why I changed it.

In ‘Music’ is all the music by artist.

In iTunes I have a file  ‘iTunes Music Library.xml’

This file is created by Music app by ‘File - Library - Export Library’.  This will export the playlists.

Then update Music index in Sonos app.  So far this is working for me.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Roger...can I just check - do you have the library on the hard drive as well (like me)? Or is yours pointing at your NAS? As I said, it created the Xml file without issue when I set the location of the music library to be my default music location, but when I re-tried pointing at the NAS, the Xml wasn’t generated. I suspect the location of the iTunes folder isn’t correct, even though IMO it matches the structure on my local HD.

Think it will be quicker for me to recreate the playlists directly in Sonos rather than going through all this pain!

Appreciate your response though



Not sure I was as much help as I was an echo chamber for you, but in either case, you're most welcome. I'll keep my eyes peeled to see if Sonos wants to respond to this here, or maybe just wait until this goes "official".

And frankly, it would be interesting to me to see if it does require a code change of the controller, or if it's just a .xml or .json file that would get downloaded in the background, without a full code update.
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Thanks Ryan. Might want to get the word out to the community as it just dropped this morning 🙂
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 have been emailing SONOS for a considerable time and today I have received the following message regarding SONOS App version 10.6.  I am, however, concerned with updating to Catalina.


Hi Richard,

I've checked on this and we have already released a solution for this in our latest update which utilizes Apple's new file library system.

With best regards,

Marc M.
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You need to inform your online support people that the app does not work with Catalina.  I purchased a Sonos system and they were great about helping me set it up.  Support guy told me about the app for mac and then we hung up.  He said it would work with Catalina?  This thread has been active for two weeks now, when will Sonos fix the issue?

All worked fine and Artwork is shown in the SONOS App. However, lately I have experienced issues with Album Artwork of songs that I purchased on the iTunes store. I am still investigating if this is due to the fact that songs may not be downloaded automatically onto my MacBook and as such an Apple Music issue or a synchronisation issue with the SONOS App.

Hi Martin

I only have one copy of my library and that is on the NAS drive.  My NAS drive is an Apple  Time Capsule so I don’t know if this makes a difference.

Having found the right incantations to make my system work I find that it is ok.  Every time I amend a playlist I just export the library as I described and do an update on Sonos and I then have all my playlists in Sonos.

The other feature I found with Sonos was, for me, a wired connection between Sonos and my network was a lot more reliable.

Good luck


So according to this thread the problem has been fixed.

but the fix is not documented in the release notes (users are told to ignore this cause there are excuses)

But the sonos help staff have no knowledge of the problem and no knowledge of the supposed fix

but nobody here is saying that their Sonos, including playlists, podcasts, index updates, music library access etc etc works again with catalina

shame, used to be a good product. Now it’s junk. 

probably time for Sonos to just delete this thread and move on like nothing happened


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I know Christmas has come and gone but has anything been resolved since the post of Ryan S seven days ago. I would like to think so!!

By jove.... time to go update my Macs. Even if it doesn't deal with Sonos yet, I mostly use either Alexa or iOS devices to control anyway.
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Note to Ryan S

Regarding the statement below:

If you go into Finder and look at your folder structure for your username followed by “Music”, what else is listed there? You should have a folder called “iTunes” there, followed by the artists. If you don’t have that iTunes folder, you can add it by making a new folder by clicking on File > New Folder and then moving the files into it.

The structure should look like:

which files did you mean to move into the new iTunes folder?


Granted Sonos Library Full Disk access in Settings > Security & Privacy
Granted Sonos Full disk access in Settings > Security & Privacy

Sonos now plays my own library and Sonos created playlists again

Sounds like an idea - I can do the Sonos part. But where on Earth is SonosLibraryServer found so that I can get it there, pray tell? :)

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@madseno, those are in your Mac Settings under Security and Privacy. You can find some screenshots in this thread a few pages back.

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There’s currently a fix in Sonos version 10.6. The fix has the Sonos app create the music library.xml file for playlists that is needed for the Sonos app to read and import your playlists. 

If you wanted to try to do this manually, this video shows how to make the XML manually, however the Sonos app for Mac will now do this automatically when you create a music share, and when you update your music index. Your Sonos app would need permissions to write on the computer, so you may need to adjust permissions as well.

I’ll check on your ticket with the team to make sure it’s in the right hands, but as I mentioned above, this should be fixed now.



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Surely it is time for all this confusion to end and Sonos give concise details and instructions on how to get the Sonos app. working correctly with Catalina and with imported iTunes playlists showing correctly. It appears that the Sonos technical people are not convinced by their apparent updates.

Hi. All music is on my NAS, including the downloads of all music I have from Apple Music. With Catalina I had similar issues to some of the writers here, but succeeded in pointing Music to the right subfolder on my NAS and have all copies of songs moved there. Only one issue left (besides the xlms playlist issue...): sonos does not see or read all the downloaded apple music songs as they are in M4P format which Sonos apparently cannot read... what now? Anyone has the same issue?
thx in advance for any input.