Apple Music - we've run into a problem

  • 17 February 2021
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Same thing happening to me and nothing I do helps. I bought the Sonos One for the very purpose of playing my Apple music. I find it difficult to believe Sonos can’t fix the problem. The item is no more than an expensive radio. Waste of money. Will never purchase a Sonos product again. Product is a con.


I’ve had this issue for around 6 months now too, started as soon as I switched back to Apple Music from Tidal.

The problem: For me, the issue is isolated to “Apple Music → My Music → Artists” and “Apple Music → My Music → Albums”. The precise error message is “We’ve run into a problem. Try again.”

SONOS TEAM: this is NOT a wifi issue. This is a software bug that needs to be raised with the appropriate product manager. The fact that Playlists and the Songs are both working perfectly fine makes this glaringly clear to anyone familiar with the Apple Music API that there is bug in the code specific to the Artists and Album routes. This is not an account issue or a broad authentication issue, since every Song in the account can be returned perfectly fine under “Apple Music → My Music → Songs”. Happy to get into more detail with the PM if you want to have them reach out to me.

There’s a few recurring themes and my guess is that they are affecting something in the code for these routes — for example, many of us have changed the country associated with our account. This could be stored incorrectly somewhere and causing an issue.

Really hoping the team at Sonos can step up to the plate and raise this issue to the product manager. It’s really frustrating that this is simply being ignored, as it’s ruining a large part of the Sonos experience for many of us.


While I understand that’s it’s not particularly helpful to resolving the issue, but the interface between Sonos and Apple is not Apple’s API.  Sonos isn’t using any music services API.  They have their own API and music services are required to use the Sonos API, not the other way around. The Sonos hardware simply doesn’t have the resources to use multiple APIs for every music service it works with.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s Apple’s fault.  There could be an issue where the Sonos code isn’t requesting the track listing correctly, though that seems odd that it works for every other track list request for every other music service. I would guess that Apple is returning an error if the country code on the Sonos side doesn’t match the country code it sees for the Apple account.  Makes some sense if the country code restricts what music is available to due contract restrictions.  This could very well be something that Apple doesn’t recognize much as Sonos based requests are not their primary music play requests.  But I am guessing, could be way off.

Either way, Sonos could be looking into it, and trying to work with Apple to fix the problem.  It’s hard to say that you’re working on an issue if you can’t replicate it, don’t know why it’s happening, and likely don’t own the code that needs to be fixed (if it’s a software problem)


only solution I found after speaking to Sonos and apple for hours was to sell all my Sonos speakers and switch to HomePods - so frustrating and not worth trying to fix an issue that never should have existed 

Come on, Sonos team-something to show you care about this. Or can I get a refund on my £3000+ worth of Sonos kit to buy something that works??????

I've been having the same problem. Sonos app says my Apple Music account needs to be reauthorized, but when I click the link, nothing happens. I called Sonos for help but got none. Some sort of software glitch, they said. So my speakers are now useless, as I used them mainly with Apple Music. 

My neighbor is having the same issue after the recent Sonos update. When we tries to add the service, she logs in to Apple Music and she gets “We’ve run into a problem. Try Again.” Very frustrating for her (and me, since I talked her into buying Sonos speakers).

Same problem here, I only got the problem with My Music → Artists and Album overview. Tried everything, restart my Boost, Speakers….log out ..log in with Apple  Music, all of it doesn’t helped, looks like a bug from Sonos side.