Being flexible with a pair of Ones?

  • 30 December 2020
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I just purchased a Beam for my (modest) home theatre set-up, and I’m quite enjoying the idea of jumping deeper into the Sonos ecosystem. I’m debating purchasing a pair of Ones to improve my experience of music while roaming through the apartment (i.e. by placing one in bedroom and one in kitchen). But, this feels a bit too luxurious for my annual income, so I’m looking for some extra value-added. Would it be possible to use this pair of speakers in a modular fashion? I.e. during the day, they could be set-up in different rooms, but at night (or when needed), they could shift into position as rear speakers in a home theatre surround sound system (albeit without the Sub)? Would this kind of a flexible/modular system be simple enough to maneuver through the app? Or is the process of identifying speakers as part of a surround system a bit more time-intensive / cumbersome than I’m imagining? (And, more specifically: is it possible to set-up surround rears without having a Sub as part of the system?).

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3 replies

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Turning speakers from separate mono speakers into a surround set up requires quite a lot of steps - and you lose Trueplay with every change. I’d wait for a good deal coming up or maybe try the (cheaper) Ikea Symfonisks for surrounds.

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One quick follow-up:  when pairing two Sonos speakers together, would the One and the One SL be considered “equivalents”? Or can a One only be paired with another One?

They’re equivalents. Can be grouped, paired, used as surrounds, the whole nine yards.