playbase sound not coming through connected surrounds

  • 13 February 2022
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I’ve read a lot of other posts and fixed up and tried different methods but can't get sound out from my connected surrounds using the Playbase.

I have a playbase connected with an optical cable to the TV with two play 1’s and a sub gen 3.

The TV is set to DD sound out and can see in the app I'm receiving DD 5.1.

I've connected the Ones and Sub in the app. I get the Chimes that it's connected. 

When I go to play anything TV, Netflix, Spotify no sound comes out of the Ones or Sub. I can pause the Playbase though through the Ones. 

When I try trueplay it doesn't work as it says one of the speakers can't be found. 

If I disconnect and set up the sub with the ones as a group without the Playbase just to play music they work fine. This leads me to think it is something to do with the Playbase and not transferring in surround. 

Lastly I have done a factory reset on the Playbase and reset my router. 

Other issues along these lines seem to have been with the Playbase connected by ethernet. Mine is connected over wifi and works fine. Just not when you try with surround. 




6 replies

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If you’ve bonded the Sub and the One’s to the Playbase you should have a 5.1 system. But the surrounds are only going to play sounds when there are “surround” effects. Go to Settings/System and you should see “Lounge (+Sub+LS+RS)” or whatever your roomname is.  
If the app says a 5.1 program is playing, that should be all you need to do. Make sure you’re watching a scene with surround effects. You could try increasing the Surround Audio volume and Sub Audio volume too, whilst testing. When streaming music to that room you should also hear music from the surrounds.

If none of that works, I’d suggest generating a Diagnostics report and contacting Sonos support.  

thanks for the reply Nik

i’ve tested many sources from netflix and disney+ plus spotify and get no sound from any of them.

As Trueplay returns an error that it can’t find a speaker would suggest its not working but i know individually on their own all speakers work fine.

As a separate question for my own understanding. Assuming it is working correctly and the source programme is not 5.1 i’m assuming you would still get sound from all speakers but it would just be in stereo?

i’ll raise a diganostic with Sonos

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If it’s a stereo 2.0 program there will only be sound from the Playbase’s speakers. That’s why I suggested streaming some music to the room - that should play through the surrounds as well as the Playbase. 

What do you see in Settings/System for that room? Is it “+LS+RS” or is there a “?” in there? It might be the Playbase’s wifi card is faulty and that’s stopping it sending to the surrounds. 

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If it’s a stereo 2.0 program there will only be sound from the Playbase’s speakers.

Not necessarily. For most stereo sources on TV, the Sonos speakers will perform an audio up-mix of the stereo signal to create a simulated surround sound. This means you’ll still hear most audio out of the Playbase, but the rear left and right speakers will play what is determined to be ambient audio. I’m watching the Super Bowl in stereo and I hear audio from my surround speakers.

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For all stereo programs, @GuitarSuperstar? I assume you’re watching BBC1-HD rather than standard BBC1? 

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For all stereo programs, @GuitarSuperstar? I assume you’re watching BBC1-HD rather than standard BBC1? 

I’m streaming the Super Bowl with stereo audio on NBC through the Spectrum cable app on my Roku Ultra.

Most of the content I play with stereo PCM audio, whether it’s streaming network TV, YouTube videos, or movies/shows on streaming apps, I can hear audio from my surround speakers. Sonos does a pretty good job up-mixing the stereo audio.