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  • 2 September 2018
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30 replies

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Now my other product I'd like to buy would be the Sub. Which leads to my next question. Do I really need a Sub? How much of a difference would it make (in a ceramic floor tile room)?

The sub makes a big difference, and I have ceramic floor tile as well. But as Stuart suggested, buy from Sonos with the return policy so you can return it if it doesn't work for you.

And every sale I've ever seen on Sonos has been a manufacturer sale (with the exception of a gift card or something), meaning that you'll see the same price everywhere, including I'd also be surprised if the price is only good on Black Friday, but don't quote me on that.

Thx melvimbe. I saw that the Sub will be $100 off during BF. Thats why I was thinking about buying it then. And yes I will be purchasing it from I bought all 4 Sonos Play 1 last year from
It's just a lot of $$ for a Sub if your not sure how much of a difference it will make with the already existing Sonos Play 1 speakers. I also have an existing stereo system (with turntable) that I haven't updated in 15+ years (except for the speakers). Maybe next year I will look into purchasing the Amp.
I'm in a dilemma as well. I am trying to get my home theater setup with the TV. Looking into the Samsung 75" inch qLED this black friday but reading a lot about how old this playbar is. Issues with IR remote and Samsung One Remote compatibility. Hopefully the Playbar 2.0 should fix this. I am also looking for a complete grille to cover the playbar from Leon speakers (product called tonecase fit). Anyone has experience with this? This allows for the TV and playbar to look seamless. Should I get the beam for now and wait for Playbar 2.0. My setup will be in a great room.? Any advise appreciated
Thanks. I may go to an audio shop to scope out options for the entire 5.1 package so whatever I buy will have some legs for the next few years.
Here is the link to the grill cover.
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I would suspect there would have to be with HDMI 2.1 and eARC coming out by Bose this September 2018 and Alexa. Come on Sonos, give us the Playbar 2.0 so we don’t end up having to go for the Bose Soundbar 700 on 9/20. Sonos is my preferred brand!!!!!

Unfortunately HDMI 2.1 is getting delayed and will not show up until 2020
You will still find eARC on 2019 TV's though, but no HDMI 2.1
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All of the lipsync problems I've seen are due to issues within the specific TVs, and not really something Sonos would be able to do much about, as there's only so much processing that Sonos does once it receives the signal from the connection.

But yes, in order to support any of the significantly more advanced codecs, they'll certainly have to go away from the optical cable, which just can't handle much beyond Dolby Digital. Which does imply some sort of HDMI connection.

It will be interesting to see if they're interested in the potentially more niche market of high end TV equipment, or prefer to stay in the relatively lucrative larger market. Glad I'm not the CEO making that decision.... make more money by selling fewer devices at a higher price point, or make more money selling more devices at a lower price point? Both of those statements seem to be in slight conflict. One hopes that they could do my mother, and supply me.

Ultimately though eARC cleans up all lipsync issues, doesn't matter who was at fault