No sound from many sky channels

  • 24 November 2022
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Help. Going bonkers have had sonos many years and all been perfect. Recently set up new surround system in another room. Beam and 2 one’s. Plays music and Netflix perfect through tv. Sky, however is a different story. Many occasions have sound and many not. Have reset everything tv. Sky. Sonos   Reconnected sonos to tv many times etc. changed HDMI leads and the best I can get is tv sound on some channels but very few. Have gone through sky set up God knows how many times and all is as it should be. PS5 plays through tv in surround also. Connected by HDMI ARC (have tried optic lead and same result). Has anyone come across the same or have any ideas?   I have spent a week testing trying and changing everything 😬

Any advice would be appreciated 





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9 replies

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So when you can’t hear anything, what does the Sonos app report as the audio format?

So when you can’t hear anything, what does the Sonos app report as the audio format?

Hi. When the sound is playing through the sky it shows Dolby Digital 5.1. Change channel and there is no sound and nothing is displayed


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Looks like your TV is either sending nothing (though the Sonos app should report “silence” in that case) or an unsupported codec. I know zip about Sky, but it doesn’t send audio in DTS or anything does it? (Or Dolby Digital 1.0, which is also not supported).

It’s mind boggling as it’s does send sound on certain channels of sky but not all. If I turn off the sky and just use tv such as Netflix the sound is perfect. Also if I run the ps5 from the tv/sonos the sound again is perfect. Real head scratcher. Thanks for trying to help 😳

Warning: potential complete red herring…

The white arrow next to the time on one screenshot but not the other is to do with location permissions (I think).  Is it consistently present when a channel works and absent when it doesn’t?

I’ll be surprised if this is relevant but it’s a difference between the two screenshots, so I think it has to be eliminated

If my previous post leads nowhere, next question is does the Sky box have an optical out port and do you have the Sonos optical to HDMI-ARC converter?  If so you could take the audio direct from Sky box to Beam as a diagnostic experiment.  This may give clues as to where in the process things are going wrong.

Maybe see if this assists …

Also if the TV has eARC enabled, switch that to Arc too and set the audio to pass-through on the TV sound-out settings.

Well, totally stumped - Tried everything. In a last ditch attempt I swapped the Playbar from my lounge with the beam. Had to reset everything (again) and got the full surround sound in both rooms. Playbar worked where the Beam did not and the Beam is doing just the job in the lounge - I still do not know why or how. Anyway, many thanks for all the advice and help in the process. Cheers. Martin