Netflix free account not working

  • 3 March 2021
  • 2 replies

I have an amazon fire toshiba tv. tv is wirelessly streaming.

comcast is service provider. 

running hdmi from tv to beam, wireless sub and two play 1’s

amazon prime video and music play in surround

amazon music played through Sonos app plays in surround  

netflix 5.1 shows only play through the beam and the sub  

it’s driving me crazy  

Any idea what I can try?

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2 replies

Where does Netflix offer free subscriptions? However, presumably offering audio only in Stereo, that’s why it comes from the Beam and Sub. What does the Sonos app say under ‘System → About my System’ (scroll down to the Beam next to ‘Audio Input’)?

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@Jamesloara What specific content are you watching on Netflix? Are you using the TV’s internal Netflix app? Do you hear any audio at all coming out of your Play:1s when streaming on Netflix?