Lost surround and sub ( after update ?)

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You didn't do anything but your router almost certainly refreshed IP address leases overnight.  Your router probably got a bit confused when rebooting speakers as part of the update

You can remove the risk of this happening again by reserving IP addresses for your Sonos speakers in your router's DHCP settings (if it lets you)

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Thanks for your answers

All my Sonos devices are in 14.6

I went to bed yesterday with no sub and surround, It’s working this morning whithout doing anything.

I’ ll see if it happens again, and check the arc wifi side

The Sonos Surrounds and Sub usually connect direct to the ‘bonded’ Sonos Arc over a 5Ghz ad-hoc wireless connection, rather than to your WiFi - So perhaps see if power-cycling the Arc resolves the issue, rather than the Surrounds/Sub and just ensure the WiFi adapter has not been disabled on your Arc - see this LINK.


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Did you just update the app or run the update on all the speakers?

What version is shown in about my system?