Google Assistant not understanding rooms?

I have two different rooms set up in the Sonos app (Living Room and Game Room). I see this reflected in the Google Home app. However, whenever I ask google to do anything for the Game Room (e.g. “Play music in Game Room”, “Set Game Room sonos volume to 30%”, etc.) it always executes for the living room.

Is there a way to get the assistant to understand the different rooms?


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Same problem here.

I have read some old post but the settings menu have changed now on Sonos S2 operating system.  (Settings>Room Settings>Voice Services>Assistant Settings and be sure the default audio is selected for each room. -→ this is not relevant in Sonos S2)


Please link. up with the google team to fix it. 

See below the screenshot. My sonos is called living room located in the living room. C

Google assistant suggested / replies that there is not device called living room. 

How come???




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I see the speaker name is the same as the room name. You could try changing the name of the speaker. To see if that helps... 

Renamed to *Living room speaker*

Same issue. Not recognised 

I eventually solved this by unlinking my Sonos account in the Google Home app and re-linking it.