Fix for Error 'Sorry Something Went Wrong' when attempting to play music using Google Assistant

  • 17 April 2022
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I had a problem with Google Assistant on my Sonos One and Beam. I was unable to play Pandora Music on my Sonos by saying ‘Hey Google….’.  My Sonos App was working and if I used the App, I could play my music.  However, If I said, ‘Hey Google, Play Beatles Radio on Pandora’, the reply would be, ‘Sure, Playing Beatles Radio on Pandora’.  This was immediately followed by, ‘Sorry, Something Went Wrong’.  Previously, I had no issues.  Now, every time I tried, I got the same reply.  So, I did the following:

Restart Google Wi-Fi Network

Factory reset of Google Wi-Fi Network

Re-installed all of my Sonos products

Re-installed Google Assistant on my Sonos products

I repeated the following several times over a period of 2 weeks.

I contacted the Chat function of Sonos and they had me uninstall and reinstall Google Assistant.  Google Assistant worked fine, with the exception of the request to play Music. I was given a ticket number and told to call the following day (I chatted on Sunday, the technicians work Monday-Friday)

Finally, I tried deleting Pandora Radio from Sonos.  I reinstalled Pandora.  That worked!!! I don’t know why it started to act up in the first place, but not it works fine.  I hope this helps for those who may have a similar problem!



2 replies

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Hi @number5of8,


Thanks for sharing the steps you took as well as the solution! This should prove useful for anyone who may be experiencing similar issues. 

Let us know if we can help with anything else 🙂

I have the same issue with YouTube Music using Google Assistant, but unfortunately uninstalling both GA and YTM hasn’t worked.

Pretty disappointed with Sonos, expected the technology to be reliable.