Cant get Sonos One to play Spotify Using Google Assistant

Just bought a Sonos one. I have Spotify Premium as my Default Provider in Google Home, it works on the 3 other google minis I have. But Sonos one keeps saying I am sorry I cant help with that, or I dont know how to do that.

If I change my default music service to Google Play Music it works perfectly ( still got a couple of days remaining on current subscription).

I have unlinked and relinked spotify on google home and the sonos app but nothing seems to work, anyone had a similar issue?

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I have since called Sonos and they are aware of the problem. There is a connection issue between Sonos and Spotify in Australia and NZ. If you call Technical Support they will log your issue and send you a notification once the bug is fixed. At least we know there is an issue. They expect a quick fix on this thank goodness.
After disappointing experiences with Alexa on my Sonos One (usually says the Spotify service is unavailable) I now have Google Assistant telling me essentially the same thing (sorry, I can't help with that).

We waited months, years for some people, for Sonos to add Google Assistant as promised, the excuse for the extended delay being "we need to get it right", and it isn't right! Not good enough Sonos!

I'm just hoping this is a temporary implementation glitch that gets fixed quickly!
Hey anicol55
You're not alone - I am also having this issue. I saw a previous thread from someone overseas who found a fix by tinkering with language settings to make sure all matched (English - US) and it seemed to work for them but not for others. I am also not keen to change all of my settings to US including accent for the Google Assistant.

I can't seem to troubleshoot this issue either. Google Play Music works fine but Spotify unfortunately not.
I've had the same issue and it was driving me mad not being able to resolve it. But it appears as though it's a service problem rather than anything we can do to sort it out. shows Google Assistant down for Spotify in Australia.

Hopefully it's sorted soon.
bought a new Sonos one the other day. Having the same issue with Spotify, when asking to play Spotify “sorry, I’m not sure how to help with that yet”. Everything is linked up to the same account, other commands work fine, it’s only spotify that seems to have an error.
Same here, just rebooted it and seems to be working

Hi...what did you do to reboot? Uninstall and reinstall or something else?

Hi...what did you do to reboot? Uninstall and reinstall or something else?

Rebooting Sonos means you just remove power, then plug it back in. Same for the Google devices. No need to uninstall/install anything.
Ok that’s easy, thanks. I will give it a try.
Adding my voice to the ever growing number of people for whom this is happening....disappointing that the best Sonos can do ATM is a weblink with a 'partially degraded service' indicator...
Same deal here in Victoria, Australia. Purchased 2 Play One's with the discount deal over the weekend.
As above doesn't recoginse my Spotify Premium account. Setup a trial Google Play account and got it working.
Really not good enough. These aren't cheap devices.
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Hi all

There is a temporary outage that could be causing this, please monitor this page:
Rebooted and no dice. Pretty laughable that this still isn't fixed in over a week. It's a music speaker that no longer plays music.
For sure. For a premium product you’d expect premium software support.

Maybe try updating your sonos app (new update for iOS came out overnight in Australia), make sure your sonos app and google assistant are signed into the same Spotify account and then reauthorize your Spotify account from within the sonos app.
I received and email from Sonos explaining they are still working on a fix.

I did not receive the Sonos app update overnight.1

Do you have yours working @soundslave?
I received and email from Sonos explaining they are still working on a fix.

I did not receive the Sonos app update overnight.1

Do you have yours working @soundslave?

I do 🤔

I received and email from Sonos explaining they are still working on a fix.

I did not receive the Sonos app update overnight.1

Do you have yours working @soundslave?
I do 🤔

Haha. Now I don’t. A couple of artists seem to take voice commands but nothing else does.
It appears to have randomly started working for me tonight with no other changes other than updating the app when I was at work today. Playing most artists on command, others require "on Spotify" on the end. I assume as the artist name isn't immediately recognised as music.
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Does it work if you specify Spotify in the command?

eg “Hey Google, play some music from Spotify”
No, tried that
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Just to confirm, you are in a country that supports it?

US , Australia, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

is the Sonos, google assistant and Spotify all in the same country too?
Yes in Australia. Works fine if Google Play Music is my default music service. It plays fine on Sonos one and my google home minis. If I make Spotify Premium my default music service the google minis dont miss a beat and stream from Spotify but the Sonos One wont play. Says " Sorry not sure how to help with that" or "Sorry I can't help with that yet". If I ask it to play a song from Google Play Music specifically it works. Its just Spotify on Sonos one. If I ask the minis to play from a specific music service regardless of default it works.
Yeah I tried the language thing, set it all to English US, but it does not fix it at all. If I cant fix it I will have to go back to google play music and get rid of my Spotify premium which is a shame. Glad I am not alone.
Same issue here. Have been mucking around with it for a couple of days now with no luck. Guess we sit back and wait...
Same issue here. I was using Alexa whilst eagerly awaiting the addition of the Google Assistant.

Once the assistant arrived I enabled it and set it up with my Spotify premium account. The assistant itself was working great but the Spotify integration sucked. Same issue as you guys describe above. I did manage to get it to work by reauthorising my spotify account once setup which worked for a while and then got the same can't help you problem which I constantly had to reauthorise.

If you open the Sonos app and go into Settings -> My Music Services and then tap on your Spotify account you get the "Reauthorise Account" option. Try that and it may work for you.

My main issue is that Sonos/Google Assistant only seem to be able to use the one Spotify Premium account and the two have to match on both the Sonos App/Sonos One and the account that you have your Spotify App logged in as.

Alexa doesn't have this problem which is great as I have a dedicated Spotify account setup for my Sonos One (which the family access) which doesn't mess up my personal Spotify account and playlist/history, etc.

Have switched back to Alexa while this is being sorted out.
Same issue here.... Sigh. I'm in Australia too. I was excited to set up Google assistant.