Can't activate voice match on Sonos Beam

  • 18 May 2022
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Hi all,


I'm trying to activate voice match to my Sonos Beam unsuccessfully. 


It used to work before but it is not working anymore. Any commands issued by my wife google thinks came from me.


I've deleted my home and started from scratch and I was able to see the Beam as a supported device for Personal information. However, only my google mini shows as a device for voice match.


Anyone had a similar problem and was able to fix this?






EDIT: Managed to fix it. I clicked on Add device with Voice Match. However, I was getting a weird error "No WiFi connection" as I was definitely connected to my WiFi. I decided to spam the Try again button and after a few tries the Sonos Beam was recognised.


Don't know what is wrong with my account to constantly pop up the no WiFi message, but spamming the try again button did the trick over here.



5 replies

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Hi @rennanguisard 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’m glad you found a solution - as Voice Match is Google’s feature, we can only help so much. It’s strange that you got those “Not connected to WiFi” error messages - I can only recommend reporting them to Google.

Thanks for updating your post too.

You solved the problem, for which I couldn't find a solution to through google forums for hours! Thank you

You solved the problem, for which I couldn't find a solution to through google forums for hours! Thank you

Happy it helped you. 

I was googling this for a long time and found no solution. 


Another tip I can give for another issue I had recently.


I have created our "Home" in Google home and my wife joined it. The tip above was working for my wife, but not for me. 

If she activated the voice control, the Beam would only recognise her voice.

In my account, I could not find the Sonos, even clicking the try again button multiple times.


The way to solve it was to remove personal results from my devices. 

When I reactivated it, Google asked if it could activate voice control on the Sonos Beam.


I later readded my wife and used the tip in my first post to activate voice control for her.


Ok, this is interesting. We have the exact opposite at the moment: I’ve realized that my Sonos was only working with my voice. My wife is in our Google Home, and she can’t activate voice match on her side on the Sonos. On my Google Home app, I was able to add the Sonos to Voice Match by clicking try again many times. It doesn’t work on hers.

On my wife's phone, I tried your second trick and removed personal results from all devices and turned it back on again. Nothing changed. 

  • When you say “I later readded my wife”, at what point did you remove her from the Home? 
  • Did I miss some steps?

Other things:

  • Are both of your phones set in English?
  • Do you both have Android phones?

Thanks for all the help!

When I was unable to add voice match to my phone I tried removing my wife from my Home. I'm not sure if this helped or not.


Then I was able to add voice match by using the personal results tip above.

In my account the Sonos was added inside the Home:



I then re-shared my home with my wife, but she could not see the "Living Room" speaker above.

So, I did the original trick of pressing the try again button multiple times and I was able to activate the voice match for her.


My phone is set to English and my wife's to Portuguese

Both are android phones.


Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try to help if I can.