Unable to play X - and the song is not encoded correctly

I was getting this error from time to time, but now I'm getting it on 3/4 of songs... Seems random, as sometimes a song that was working fine would refuse to play and start showing this error (or vice versa). 

My music source is YouTube Music. I've tried rebooting the speaker, reinstalling te app, rebooting the Wi-Fi router, etc. Also tried using an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. Nothing seems to work. 

Diagnostic number : 1167656549

Screenshot :

Thanks in advance! 



Best answer by Annazel S 22 January 2021, 22:23

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Same issue here - like the hell.  Spent way too much on these 10+ speakers for it not to work.  Have zero problems with any other devices - always Sonos over the past year.