system disappearing after app 80.04 update

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After updating my system with the latest app (80.04) my system has vanished, including arc and surrounds, every room that had a speaker isn’t showing up. Even when I try and add an existing speaker I get an error. 

after using the previous app for years it has been very stable and these issues popped up right after update, not sure if anyone else is seeing these issues. 


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Can everyone please email Patrick Spence =  and complain, not only about the buggy app release but also that Sonos appears to be staying silent so we have no idea if/when a fix is going to be available.

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I have just spent nearly 3 very frustrating hours trying to help a friend with his Sonos system (just 4 Play:1 speakers) which had curiously suddenly disappeared from the app on his phone. He is not at all techie, the system was playing music and the only way to stop it was to use pause button on speaker or unplug.

I spent AGES trying to connect to his speakers, factory resetting, going through setup, it would see the speaker, connect to the local speaker wifi, fail, ‘try another way’, connect again, fail, try network cable, fail. I rebooted the router, the phone, tried another phone ….

During the process I kept seeing a Sonos Ray and another Sonos speaker which my friend doesn’t own appearing, so I decided to change the SSID and password of his network. I set about factory resetting each speaker in turn and, connecting using an ethernet cable, I was finally able to get three added to his system. Halfway through adding the fourth speaker, the entire system disappeared again. I could not get it back, restarting app/phone etc. didn’t work.

This has to be the awful new app. I just don’t know what else to try. Meanwhile, I can only lend my friend a bluetooth speaker as he lives alone and really misses being able to listen to his music.


System also disappeared with latest app update. Did a factory reset and it ended up worse, as the app can't even locate the Soundbar while in factory reset mode. 

Still waiting for Sonos to fix this!!!! I thought I had it cracked last night. I managed to add my Roam and actually had it playing, then I woke up this morning to find it had disappeared from the App again 🤬🤬🤬

After updating my system with the latest app (80.04) my system has vanished, including arc and surrounds, every room that had a speaker isn’t showing up. Even when I try and add an existing speaker I get an error. 

after using the previous app for years it has been very stable and these issues popped up right after update, not sure if anyone else is seeing these issues. 

How is is possible that this arrogant company doesn’t even find it necessary to apologize here?

They simply deliver constant s*** and have their customers go through it, simply because their software teams are complete morons. Sonos? Hello? Anyone caring at all about this? Or did your CEO also prohibit you to show weakness? Maybe to buy another Yacht from the savings? What bulls*** this is. We should be sueing them. A nice class action lawsuit might actually change something.

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Odd. Just checked on my iPad. It had not been turned off. But I’d agree, it certainly should be ‘on’. 

Save yourself 3 hours on customer support.  When you update the new app, for whatever reason, it turns off your “local network” in your sonos app settings.  It won’t matter how many times you try to connect or reset all your speakers, it won’t connect without this setting turned back on… 




Hi All,


I had the same experience as you all, start the app and no system, no services almost blank. I then closed it and quickly reopened it I got the system, but no services so repeat again. This time everything turned up. But If I let the app sleep in the background, just not use my phone for a bit, I needed to do it all again. So not good but at least not a full reset.

This is not a fix but a stop gap if it works, while the cluster F$#@@# is fixed

I have an android phone for what it’s worth

This worked for me as well - speakers showed up then disappeared when I left the app running in the background when I went out.  Closed it, waited and then followed the above - can now see my speakers.  Not ideal but avoided the factory reset (for now) and can play.  Two other options: use the web app (not great but at least you can listen to music, etc. or use Spotify to play.  Again, not ideal but at least the speakers are accessible.   I’ve given up on my libraries for now - nothing is showing up except my Spotify songs so another hurdle to over come going forward.   Thanks It’s Me Not You for the recommendation. 

That post was written before the software update that seems to have caused many other issues, so there is the potential for other things now, but generally, one should never think of a WiFi in a ‘vacuum’, it can always be affected by outside things. I’ve personally had to deal with a neighbor setting up a new WiFi system stomping on the channel I had been using, as well as an errant microwave, leaking RF when it was operating. We’ve also had, in the past several weeks, a large solar storm, which can affect any electrical device, including WiFi routers/systems. And now, there appears to be some issues in Sonos’ own software, which makes things even more difficult to pin down. 

If you have the time, currently, the best option remains to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it. When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your network and Sonos system.


I suspect this isn’t an app problem, but more likely a network issue, as the app can’t connect to the speakers to show you what is going on.

There are two possibilities that spring to mind, the first being wifi interference . It might be worth reading through that FAQ and checking for some potential solutions there. 

The other is a potential duplicate IP address issue, which can be caused when the Sonos installs new software, and there’s an issue in the router. In order to reload everything, which ‘may’ fix this, unplug all of your Sonos devices from power. While they’re unplugged, reboot your router. Give the router a couple of minutes to reload everything before plugging back in your Sonos devices. Wait another couple of minutes for them to load and connect before testing again. If this indeed fixes the issue, I’d recommend setting up reserved IP addresses in your router, the instructions should be in the router’s manual, unfortunately many systems handle it slightly differently. But it is ‘good housekeeping’ for your network, and shouldn’t cause any issues. And it helps keep the router ‘straight’, so it doesn’t fall back into this state.

But there is always the possibility that I’ve misdiagnosed the issue. Certainly no harm would come from either suggestion, but if the issues persist, I would call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

Why would anyone have wifi interference all of the sudden? The system stopped working after working for weeks.

I found this on another thread… I’ll give it a go when I get home. *fingers crossed*

Well…. That didn’t work!!!!! 😖

My whole system disappeared when I installed the new app. Tried numerous resets and reboots all to no avail until I saw a comment about disconnecting Boost. As soon as I tried that, hey, everything is being picked up again. I’ve got two play ones and two play threes. Fingers crossed it keeps working. 

I found this on another thread… I’ll give it a go when I get home. *fingers crossed*

As a software tester I can see that it has failed most of its non-functional aspects.

portability, usability, reliability etc.. 

If Sonos was a bank they would be in terrible trouble now due to damage to their reputation and cost of losses. 

Sonos needs to fix and test their software.

I can run the existing products from Spotify or from my Windows Sonos app.

Why do they spend so little testing with their app updates?

It shouldn’t be on the public to do Sonos’ testing for them.

For now, I’m just going to uninstall my Android Sonos app until they fix it.  The products seem to work fine through other means, so no point in me spending so much time trying to get their failed software to work.

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Reply to @Philip.S I was a software developer for 15 years so I have some idea of what I am doing too.

The update is the First Prize winner for catastrophic updates. As far as I am concerned they have destroyed the system.

Another thing I experience is It seems volume response is very slow when I attempt to change the volume. TuneIn radio seems to be gone, but some of the Favorites I saved are showing under Sonos Favorites. They have a player at bottom of screen and if you want a new source it is on top. I can’t seem to figure out how exactly to get what I want to hear to play because either there is no reaction to Play or no reaction to Stop until the system finally decides to cooperate!

I can not at this time see my own server Music Library with all my music files (on my tablet or phone, but OK on PC which may not be updated as the SONOS icon is still gold). I don’t see any way to use my music library in the apps on devices.

I wrote the CEO about this update and asked if they could give me the previous version back (it seems you have found it and I will give it a try). No reply of course from the CEO.

Whoever is responsible for this update needs to find other employment!

I certainly hope they move themselves on this and either send out a release that fixes the large amount of issues or at least rolls back to the previous fine working version.



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IOS apps cannot be rolled back

This seems very similar to what I had happen too, but I haven’t gone through the hassle of rebuilding the system yet; it’s currently mostly functional through the Sonos App on my MacBook, so I’m just trying to ride it out until Sonos gets their act together and rolls back this update or gets it fixed.


Does anyone know how to revert to previous iOS version? Lots of places to find the android download but can’t see an iOS one yet.

Would love to sell my system on eBay but after this I fear I would not get much for it 

Reply to @Harvsh I think the controller app update is a car crash. Having spent my career in software support/maintenance I cannot believe they allowed this new release. It just doesn't work. I've finally got my system up and running again by deleting the updated version and then downloading and installing a legacy version…

Good luck! And don't forget to disable automatic updates!

I’m at my wits’ end with the new app.  I am only a little tech-savvy and am unable to add my system or get the radio.  Every time I try to add my speakers, the product either can’t be seen or something goes wrong and I am asked to try again.  I feel like there’s no way out! There is a 55min wait for an adviser on the phone so I am now trying to find out how to return the whole system and find something that will actually work for me.

Same problem here!!! I changed my router and managed to add my Beam and Play 1’s. Just about to add my Roam, when the App updated. Went through the motions of adding the Roam only for it to disappear!!! Tried about a dozen times before I gave up. 😡😡

Thankyou, that is good to know. Let’s hope they roll back soon.

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Thousands of customers are having the same issue. Join the lawsuit


Am having the same issue. System lost after app update. Never been impressed with Sonos. I rue the day I opted for this system. All I want to do is listen to some music but with Sonos it is never simple. Staggered at the amount of time you have to update the system before you can do anything.